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    another new z06 gets snake bitten

    well several months ago i came across one of the new z06 vettes parked in a lot and waited for the owner to come out and see if he wanted to play or not and tonight i had one wait on me to finish eating at a local sonic.he parked behind me in a parking lot and waited till i was leaving and as i...
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    first run with a c6z06.the outcome was shocking

    well after finally getting the cobra out for it's first bath since oct last year and getting to actually drive it around some tonight i came across a c6 z06 parked in a lot by a sports bar.well i decided it would be cool to just sit across the road from it and watch it leave since i've not seen...
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    shelby pace car on tv

    there is a nice looking yellow with black striped shelby handling the pace car duties for the champ car race being shown on nbc right's nice to see one getting some national tv viewing:rockon:
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    polished bf diff cover decided to sell my bf diff cover since i'am moving soon and could use the funds for some housing items.i never installed this on my cobra and it has been sitting wrapped in bubble wrap...
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    new best track times after 1 yr absence

    finally made it back to the track as the last time i ran the cobra on one was oct last year.on my 2nd pass i got a descent 1.86 sixty foot and went 7.640 @ 95.95 thru the 1/8 and finished with a 11.739 @121.63 mph which improved upon my best from last year of 3rd run ended up being the...
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    Wow My 1st Sport Bike Race

    i got my cobra out to do some driving around sat afternoon and was on newburgh rd going east coming up to the first traffic light just before the I-164 overpass,i was in 3rd gear doing 35 mph and was not paying attention to my rearview mirror.i then heard a sport bike rev and i look back and see...
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    polish stainless steel??????

    i'am wanting to polish my bassani exhaust some,just where it bends at the irs to where the chrome starts on the 4" tips so it really glistens.anybody know what kind of material would work best to polish it up to a nice shine??? i have seen a local 03 owner do this to his and it looks awesome...
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    arp bolts for diff cover???

    can anybody direct me to what arp part# is needed to replace the factory diff cover bolts.i already looked on there site and the only thing listed for something like that is for the chevy 10 and 12 bolt diff covers,otherwise one needs to know the exact size and thread count from the bottom of...
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    arp part# for diff cover bolts

    does anybody know what the part# is for arp's diff cover bolts for our irs.i see they sell a 5 pack of stainless steel bolts in 5/16 size with 18 and 20 threads,but it would be helpfull if somebody already knew which one's we need so i would not have to take one of mine out and measure it.
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    new bests times today with rr2.60

    i took a trip down to bowling green today to see if i could improve upon my times from several months ago before the track closes for the season.i was hoping for mid 11's @120+ but anything in the 11's would be ok since my last time there all i could muster was a 12.2.i made three runs here are...
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    gates green stripe belt vs non green stripe differences

    does anybody know what the difference is between a gates micro-v green stripe belt and a gates micro-v non green stripe belt???? also who has the best price on the gates green stripe belt.
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    bf coil cover pics

    can anybody who has received the billetflow coil covers with the 32v terminator engraved on it post a pic of them??? the only ones i have seen so far have the motor city club engraved on them.
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    1st track time's with rr2.60

    first off let me say that i had a great time at bowling green saturday and the weather was perfect.elmo it was good meeting you congrats on your 11.7 pass:beer: i made 5 passes in all with a 1-1.5 hr cooldown between runs except for run 3 it was a hotlap in a different lane. run#1 right...
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    what mods needed for a 91-96 300zx to hang

    i remember the 91-96 model year nissan 300zx twin turbo cars had 300 rated hp with the manual tranny,but what kind of mods would one need to hang with a 03-04 cobra with a 2.80 or smaller pulley,x-pipe,catback,tb,cai,chip,??? also anyone remember what there factory boost was???
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    rr2.60 dyno results are in

    i was hoping for more rwhp but oh well the torque is nice.the temp was 83.76 degrees in the shop and the barometer was sitting at 29.51 in-hg.i managed to lay down 455 rwhp 499 rwtq after a 40 min cooldown from driving 110 miles to them numbers are sae.i really like my a/f ratio it's much better...
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    rr2.60 dyno today.what will it do!!!!

    i finally have a dyno session setup for this morning to check my power level and a/f since installing the rr2.60 pulley and jlt cai,temp should be around 70 degrees which is only 5 degrees lower than when i dynoed the 457rwhp 488rwtq last fall so it will be a fair comparison.i'am using the same...
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    boost cooler guinea pigs out there

    anybody going to try the boost cooler that was written up in the june issue of mm&ff?????? i just wonder how effective this would be vs the giggle juice,but from a cost standpoint it looks to be a cheaper alternative.
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    paint code?

    can somebody tell me what the paint code is for torch red. i tried looking inside the door but did not see it listed.
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    rr2.60 pics

    ok here it goes.i will put the link down where you can view the photos if all goes well.the pics may not be the best but it does show the size nicely,i tried to get a close up showing the 2.60 engraving but the pic came out blury grrrrrrrrrrr as did a few others.enjoy:-D...
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    yippie rr2.60 pulley is now on and!!!!!

    i'am seeing 15lbs of boost in 90 degree heat today using my gates 745 belt which is right where i thought it would be which makes me happy i got the full 1lb of boost i was looking for.all in all it was not a bad job taking the factory snout off and installing my new snout that was lathed for...
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    rr2.60 pulleys are in wohoooooooo

    well i received my rr2.60 pulleys and lathed snout a few min ago and they look awesome :rockon: i don't have pics yet because i will be polishing them first,hopefully i can post some pics of them later this week depending on how long my local guy takes to polish them up for me:burnout:
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    is good customer service asking to much????

    is good customer service from reichard asking to much???? as most of you know i'am having reichard racing make me two 2.60 pulleys and lathe my snout down .200 so it fits correctly but so far it's been all talk and no action for the past 3 weeks.i will do a timeline rundown on what's been...
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    places that sell a eaton m112 snout?

    does anybody know of places that sell our eaton blower snout assembly besides having to go directly thru a ford dealership to order one or the one pauls high performance sells????????
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    anybody running the reichard 2.60 pulley

    as the title states is there anybody running a reichard 2.60 upper ultra grip pulley????????? i have it from a good source there are a few out there and i would like to know how it performs:burnout: :burnout:
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    need ideas on a nagging noise

    i will keep this simple.ever since having my h&r sport springs and herman shocks installed my car has made a irritating thump noise from the passenger rear end area.i put it on ramps today to see if i could find it and found nothing wrong,everything has proper clearance and is tightned down.all...