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  1. kingnut

    Feeler: swap my recaros for your stock seats.

    delete thread i already have 2 buyers if i decide to sell.
  2. kingnut

    I kept wondering why the bird food just disappears
  3. kingnut

    FS: 20" Vossen CV2's with tires. Fayetteville, NC

  4. kingnut

    kingnut's no cut tablet mod 2011-2014 mustangs

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> links to all the products and parts used are in the description.
  5. kingnut

    15GT going sink 12/13 boss values?

    Better engine, suspension, lighter, and more interior options for way less money. I think boss owners just got screwed by ford.
  6. kingnut

    SYNC I want to punch you in the throat

    Bluetooth audio. Then the bitch asks me what number I want to dial. I said bluetooth audio. You said phonebook right... Is there a better way to get bluetooth audio? A physical shortcut or should I scream "butternut squash and truffles"? Shit drives me nuts.
  7. kingnut

    the future of PC's for cars is here.

    Video,Audio Information Solutions for Toyota and Lexus (iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android, USB, XM/Sirius SAT Radio, Video integration) Vais Technologies has made an adapter for that lets your plug and play your android smart phone on to...
  8. kingnut

    FS: Brand new BC Coilover (Springs Only) 7K Front/5K Rear

    sold. please delete
  9. kingnut

    bassani axle backs 2014 GT

    I love the sound of these. but can someone chime in about any drone issues these have. Also do they stick out on the 13-14 GT rear bumper?
  10. kingnut

    whiteline UCA and rear end humm

    i installed my whiteline UCA last wednesday. i set it to factory specs until i could research how to set the pinion angle correctly. i have put maybe 100 miles on the car since. i can hear a humm when im on the gas at higher speeds. which i would guess is the stress on my gears. are my gears...
  11. kingnut

    Stock brembo wheels, tires, and factory TPMS only 90 miles PERFECT condition. in NC

    sold with car. please delete thread.
  12. kingnut

    sneak peak of my 2014 GB GT

  13. kingnut

    buying a Shed. need opinions

    I need a shed to store my motorcycle, push lawn mower, and other misc shit. I know Lowes, home depot, and Costco carry a bunch of different preassembled ones. I dont care if its wood or plastic as long as it is a good quality shed and will last. I probably prefer plastic because of the lack of...
  14. kingnut

    2013 Shelby Focus ST for $40K

    Originally 252HP and $40K. Now said to be right at 300HP but not confirmed... still 40K. Also FWD. this car should be priced at $29,990 and no more. 2013 Shelby Focus ST, the maddest puppy in town: Motoramic Drives | Motoramic - Yahoo! Autos Shelby American Inc. - 2012 GT350 Ford... discuss
  15. kingnut

    285/35/20 Toyo R888 on 20x9.0

    has anyone seen this fitment? i know the least wide toyo recommends in 9.5". im thinking of putting these on the front because im definitely putting the 315/30/20 R888's out back. will it work or is it gonna look like to much tire?
  16. kingnut

    about to special order a 2014 GT Premium. need some info.

    Car specs 2014 GT premium GB, Track pack, Recaro's. 1: what is the delete code for the dimples in the front bumper? i have seen it before and i cant find it. i want to make sure the guy who orders at the dealer includes this code. 2: im aiming for $36,500 OTD. in NC the taxes are 3%. so...
  17. kingnut

    buying another hot tub

    i guess for the simple reason of being able to say "hey want to come back to my place, i got a hot tub." i already owned a jacuzzi top of the line hot tub ($9000) back in 2005. im looking for something good for $3000. there is a good amount of options out there. what kind of hot tub do you guys...
  18. kingnut

    2013 factory fog lights relocated to lower grill?

    is it possible? has anyone done or seen this?
  19. kingnut

    the most ghetto/redneck shit i have seen in a while - WTF Hotel Lobby Fight cliffs: fat guy gets into a fight with smaller mexican guy. then fat guy gets into a fight with 3 women and catches an ass beating.
  20. kingnut

    cant stop using [email protected]@@@@@@@@!

    every time i eat i have to use a placker to clean my teeth. i keep flossing with it til my gums bleed, then i break the placker floss, and get another new one. and make my gums bleed some more. anyone else have this problem?