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    Wtb supercharged Mach 1

    Looking for a supercharged Mach 1. Really want blue, orange.... But any color would be ok except black and grey. Built motor a plus but not needed. The less suspension mods the better. Now looking for a 20k car. Mainly a stock Mach with a P1 or eaton swap.
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    Wtb rebuilt/salvage title cobra or cobra swapped mustang.

    I'm looking to buy a rebuilt/salvage cobra. Looking for one still wrecked or one that has been rebuilt. For this I'm looking to pay a discounted price obviously. I have bought 3/4 cars over the Internet and one from this site even. Let me know what you have for sale.
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    Wtb 2007-2009 GT500 with rebuilt title.

    I'm selling my 2003 Mach 1 and want to upgrade to a 2007-2009 gt500. Not picky on colors, just a coupe, the more stock the better. Wanting to spend less then what I can get one with a clean title. Looking for one with a rebuilt title and hopefully some pics of before and after. I'm...
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    Wtb cobra take out 39lb injectors

    Looking for a set of stock 39lb injectors from a 03/04 cobra
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    Wtb supercharged or cammed mach 1

    Got a loan out for a procharged 04 mach 1. Seller backed out last min. Loan is approved for 30 days. Looking for a supercharged or cammed mach 1. Low miles the better! Text me if you have anything 609-367-3222
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    Wtb wrecked or blown motor/trans mach 1

    I always wanted another mach 1 so I'm looking for one either hit or has a blown motor/trans.. Located in NJ. Not looking for a stripped car just one that's got problems
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    Wtb 03/04 cobra swapped classic mustang.

    Wasn't really sure where to post this as its a weird request. Anyway if its wrong sorry and please have a mod move it. Looking for a 65-70 classic mustang swapped with a 03/04 cobra drivetrain. Seen one for sale on here awhile back so figured I'd post here.
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    Wtb rebuilt title or a hit clear title cobra.

    I'm looking for a hit or rebuilt title cobra. Me and my father do body work and I would love to save a cobra from being parted out and rather fixed. I would consider one that was hit and fixed already if the price is right. Let me know if you have a hit cobra or a rebuilt cobra. I have been...
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    2003 TR Mach 1 on eBay $10,000 no reserve!!!

    My TR Mach 1 is on eBay for $10,000 no reserve!! One bid and you take her home. alot of pics and close ups etc... And everything done to the car. Item number is 120962932836
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    2003 TR 5 speed Mach 1. $11,000

    I have a TR mach 1 5 speed. Has 82,xxx miles on the body an tranny. At 46,xxx ford put a warranty motor in for the famous head tick. Mods- 4.10 gears, intake spacer, jlt rai, o/f prochamber, Mac catback, speed works n2o kit. This car is super clean! Has a clean car fax! Minor wear...
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    How to made low 11 second terminator dd?

    What do you need to make a 03/04 cobra a low 11 second daily driver? I assume power wise a Ported eaton running 13lbs A cold air intake Midpipe/catback Maybe a throttle body... And injectors Suspension wise IRS brace and mm bushing kit Drop the front sway bar Drag radials...
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    WTB cammed comp orange coupe around mid august.

    I'm selling my Mach one on eBay and will be in the market for a comp orange coupe.... I'm looking for something With 50k or less... T56 still Still have IRS Huge plus is anyone has a cammed comp orange. Im used to old 60s muscle cars can't beat a cammed up sound. Please PM me so I...
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    2003 TR Mach 1 NJ. 12,750!!! Steal it!

    Pm your email for pics. I don't know how to upload them. 2003 TR Mach 1. Clean NJ 5 speed Have a 2003 TR Mach 1. This car is clean for it's age. I have been daily driven this car for 3 years. I bought the car 100% stock with 32k... It now has 82k(40k on motor) on it. It's a 5 speed and...
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    Anyone know of a dealer/etc with cobra want to trade my Mach 1 in for one....

    I'm in NJ... Willing to travel to Delaware,pennslivinia, etc... I have my 2003 Mach one.. 82,000 miles... (only 49K on a ford replaced reman motor) Only owe $4000 on my car... Looking for a 03/04 cobra to trade it in on... Just seeing if anyone knows of any around the area for around...
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    Wtb stock eaton...

    Looking for a stock working eaton... Please post up price shipped to 08088... Will paypal tonight !!!! if someone has one sitting around... I'm getting this to fit on a 5.0 in a 1968 mustang... So I just need a stock one in working condition... Thanks
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    Beat a pullied cobra in my old junk...

    So kinda a long story so I'll just get to the good stuff... Theres this kid I know who has a 03 cobra that suppodsly rules the streets... It has long tubes and full exhaust... Running 14lbs...cold air etc... Well I really don't get along with him... As I'm a "redneck mechanic" as he puts...
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    Trick flow high port heads ported!!

    Have a set of trick flow high ports. Ported. They flow 317/224 at .600... They have scropion custom roller rockers on them. The have titanium retainers. Springs good to 675 lift. Stock 2.02 valves. They are aluminum versions. Port work was $850.... Heads were $1500 new... Then I got the...
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    Looking for lowering spring for Mach 1

    Looking for a set of lowering springs from my Mach 1.. First choice would be hr ss springs but let me know what you have.... Tired of 4x4 wheel gap in front haha. Also the rear is a solid rear not IRS
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    Need tires bad!!! 17"

    So I knew I needed tires soon on all 4 corners but didn't realize I needed em this bad.... Pulled into a parking spot today... Got out with wheel still turned and bam... Metal showing through front tires... So I am looking for at least 2 like new tires or 4 like new tires.... Or a set of...
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    Wtb cams!!! For c heads comp 106100 Or like it.

    Have money in hand. Looking to buy a nice used/not using just taking up space set of cams for my Mach 1... Here is what I'm looking for in order of what I want... Or just send me what you have.. Comp 106100 Crower stage 3 Shm stage 2 Comp 106400 Crower stage 2 Fr500 Pm me or send me...
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    Coil on plug black valve covers, set of B heads more stuff...

    Have coil on plug set of black valve covers....make offer plus shipping Also have a set of "B" heads. Asking $200 or Bo plus shipping Stock rods n pistons $75 plus shipping I want it gone make offers....
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    Wtb bigs and littles...

    Looking for a set of bigs and littles... Don't have to be perfect... Just good tread.. Prostars or knock offs.... Um good tread... That's about all... Need it to fit a 03 Mach 1...
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    Complete 97 4v for sale cheap!!! Teskid

    I have a complete with accessories 97 4v out of a mark 8... So it has COP valve covers... It was pulled out of a rear ended car... Only 86k.... It's complete including engine wiring harness and all.. It a teskid block also.... Would like to sell local (nj) or buyer pays shipping.... The...
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    Anyone want to trade eaton swap for complete 4v?

    Anyone wanna trade eaton swap for complete 4v? Anyone trade eaton swap for complete 4v Anyone wanna trade a complete or nearly complete eaton swap kit for a 4v complete engine with on 86,000 miles... It's a 97 COP mark 8 engine... Complete.... Has teskid block and all... Only 86k miles *
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    Anyone wanna trade eaton swap for complete 4v?

    Anyone trade eaton swap for complete 4v Anyone wanna trade a complete or nearly complete eaton swap kit for a 4v complete engine with on 86,000 miles... It's a 97 COP mark 8 engine... Complete.... Has teskid block and all... Only 86k miles *