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  1. Screw-Rice

    Xbox Live People

    Just a heads up for those who have or need Live Gold. $40 for 12 months from Microsoft Store right now, bought a few and extended my service to 2021. Buy Xbox Live Gold - Microsoft Store
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    75% Of Parents Helping Their Adult Children Pay Bills

    I've met more than a few in their 20's and 30's who have accounts at Bank of Mommy and Daddy.
  3. Screw-Rice

    Attempted School Bombing In Utah Haven't seen this catch any national attention. Guessing because assault bombs, or bomb control aren't big enough buzzwords.
  4. Screw-Rice

    XFL Return

    Looked and didn't see a thread on this. Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL. Curious if those who don't watch the NFL anymore (like myself) will watch. He promises no kneeling, no politics, no criminals, and giving football back to fans. I figure I'll give it a try and see how it plays...
  5. Screw-Rice

    High Class White Trash

    Nothing like making a point and being proud of yourself for scamming the system. These people need to be outed and shamed. Too bad we know full well nothing will happen to her, because she's depressed...
  6. Screw-Rice

    Shooting In CA, Ended At School

    Not a ton of info yet other than a known felon went on a spree.
  7. Screw-Rice

    Shooting At Tennessee Church Of Christ; One Dead, Six Wounded

    Shooter (Sudan immigrant) was stopped by an usher who made it out to his car to get his gun, and held him until police arrived. Any takers on bets that since it was an immigrant (likely muslim) that...
  8. Screw-Rice

    Laptop and Tablet opinions

    I'm going to be on the hunt for a new laptop and tablet soon and wanted to see what you guys are running. The laptop will be mainly for home and tuning stuff for the car. Tablet will be when I'm out working. Don't really have a budget and no Apple products, I'm a windows/android guy and the...
  9. Screw-Rice

    Bullitt Mustang Found 50 Years After It Vanished From The McQueen Set Guy hit pay dirt with this discovery.
  10. Screw-Rice

    9 Dead, Christmas Market In Germany, Truck Attack

    Off to a great start for the Christmas season, Isis is calling for a Fatwa on all things Christmas earlier and now this. Another truck attack in Germany, amazingly they're saying it's terrorism.
  11. Screw-Rice

    Pay Away Your White Guilt

    What a time to be alive, now we can pay a monthly subscription to a black activist group who gives the money to black women. What does the money go towards...that isn't for you to know. Just pay up and feel the guilt lift away! Can't hate too much, I mean if people are dumb enough to subscribe...
  12. Screw-Rice

    Teens Drive Hours To Steal Hellcats, Then Wreck Them

    Kind of goes with the whole, work your way up on power argument for teens, didn't make it a mile before crashing.
  13. Screw-Rice

    Lil' Wayne Slams Reporter Trying To Push Him On BLM

    And it's hilarious, props to him not caving to the sjw's.
  14. Screw-Rice

    Gun Deaths Vs Ownership

    US averages 112.6 guns per 100 million people, putting us at the top for most guns in the world. Yet despite everything we hear, we don't even get near the top 10 countries for gun violence. The...
  15. Screw-Rice

    I Love Texas Guy tries to rob a smoke shop, clerk returns fire while never putting down his cigarette, lol.
  16. Screw-Rice

    Close Call At F1 Race
  17. Screw-Rice

    Bavaria Hit Again

    Really getting sick of this from here, can't imagine how the German's are feeling. Really hope they take a stand soon. Fortunately no one was killed.
  18. Screw-Rice

    Nest Thermostat

    Any of you guys switch to the Nest or another automated home system? Been kicking the idea around and wanted to get input if it really is saving a decent percentage and maintains your ideal climate.
  19. Screw-Rice

    At Least 60 Dead in France From Terror Attack Europe really needs to clamp down on this instead of it's current happy go lucky approach...
  20. Screw-Rice

    21 Officers Injured, MN Protest Turns Violent

    The kid gloves need to come off, very apparent there is zero respect for law enforcement.
  21. Screw-Rice

    Dhaka Hostage Situation

    Took place a few hours ago and now there's a hostage situation. Despite all 9 saying down with Israel and USA, and allah snackbar. Some officials are ignoring this and saying it's youths and hoping for a peaceful end. Not keeping high hopes on that one...
  22. Screw-Rice

    Possible Active Shooter On Joint Base Andrews

    I say possible because there was active shooter training scheduled today on base, so it's possible it may all be a mixup.
  23. Screw-Rice

    Denver Shooting

    Not a lot of info, but saying 2 dead and they got the shooter, not sure if that's dead or alive. That area has been having a lot of issues lately with homeless becoming aggressive and even video...
  24. Screw-Rice

    Guns Be Bad

    Woman comes home with her kids to find a stranger in the kids room. Guess she should have just told him to go away, bet that would have worked just as well...