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  1. cobra_4

    Mustang Week 2021 Video

    Whats up all, been a minute since I really posted on here. Ran into SID down at the beach and he had a bad ass SVTP prototype hat on so I figure I'd better post some so maybe he will send me one :ROFLMAO: So peep the video!
  2. cobra_4

    NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals Atlanta Video

    Bittersweet trip to Atlanta for the last time! Lots of good memories here all the way back to the Fun Ford days! NMRA & NMCA Say Goodbye To Atlanta Dragway
  3. cobra_4

    NMRA World Finals/Holley Ford Fest Video

    My highlight video from Bowling Green a couple of weekends ago, check it out! NMRA World Finals & Holley Ford Fest 2020
  4. cobra_4

    My buddies Roush Running True Street @ NMRA World Finals

    Whats up guys! Been a forever minute since ive been on here and posted. LL’s passing brought me back the other day to say my condolences so i figured before i forgot my password again id contribute a little. Anyway, just wanted to share mine and my buddies trip to the NMRA World Finals last...
  5. cobra_4

    Mustang Week 2017 Video

    Finally getting my Mustang Week video finished up!
  6. cobra_4

    Pigeon Forge Rod Run Fall '17 Event Coverage

    A little late getting this all posted up! Thousand or so photos in all the links! Video to come! I got into town a little late, but did catch a little bit of Shades Of The Past from the weekend before. Monday and...
  7. cobra_4

    Mustang Week 2017 Event Coverage

    I'm a week or so behind getting this posted up, usually I do it somewhat daily, but my laptop crashed at the beach, then I got a new one but didn't have any passwords, so anyway, here they are! Probably take me a few hours to get all the days posted. Video's coming later on as well! (all the...
  8. cobra_4

    '17 Hot Rod Power Tour Videos

    Finally finished up all my video's from the 2017 HRPT. One for each of the seven days! Hope you enjoy them, it was a heck of a trip!
  9. cobra_4

    50th Annual Mountaineer Antique Auto Club Car Show Photos

    For all the photos, click the link below! A few of my favorites below.
  10. cobra_4

    Street Car Takeover Charlotte Photos

    A few pics from Friday night at Twin Peaks, sadly Saturday was "rained out". All the pics at the link! A few favorites.
  11. cobra_4

    National Corvette Museum Photos

    Growing up with a Corvette dad, I'm not sure how I'd never been here before now! Pretty cool place, not as big as I had figured, but cool! Wish I would have gotten to do a plant tour. All the photos. A few of my...
  12. cobra_4

    NHRA Hot Rod Reunion Photos

    Didn't get to spend long in Bowling Green after the Power Tour, but I did get to walk around for a few minutes at the hot Rod Reunion, cool show! Hope to make it back when I have more time! All the photos at the link...
  13. cobra_4

    Hot Rod Power Tour 2017 Photos

    I was able to Long Haul the power tour this year, definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done! I see now why people long haul year after year! I'll definitely be back! Tons of photos at the links below, video coming soon! The Ride West & Registration Friday...
  14. cobra_4

    Rev It Up For The Vet's Car Show Pics & Video

    Some pics and vid from a local show over the weekend. Raises money for local veterans in need, great cause! VIDEO PHOTO LINK
  15. cobra_4

    SC Mayfest 2017 Car Show Photos

    All the photos at the link. A few of my favorites.
  16. cobra_4

    Wanna GO Fast Georgia 1/2 Mile Shootout Video's

    Sponsor Runs Saturday Round 1 Sponsor Runs Saturday Round 2 Sponsor Runs Saturday Round 3
  17. cobra_4

    NHRA Southern Nationals Video

  18. cobra_4

    Wanna Go Fast Georgia Photos

    A few pictures from Saturday at Wanna Go Fast in Clayton, Georgia. Video coming soon! All the pics at the link! A few of my favorites.
  19. cobra_4

    NHRA Southern Nationals Photos Friday

    Didn't get any Nitro shots obviously since it rained it out, but I did get some good Pro Mod stuff. Video of 1st round qualifying coming soon. Lots of stuff from the pits as well. All the photos in the link...
  20. cobra_4

    Goodguys North Carolina Nationals Photos

    Ton's of photos from the Goodguys show in Raleigh a couple weekends ago, check them out! All of my photos are at the link below! A few favorites.
  21. cobra_4

    Cruisin' The Smokies Cherokee Rod Run Video

    A little late, this was in the fall of last year, just getting around to putting the video together. Pretty cool show though!
  22. cobra_4

    Bryant Antique Mall Car Show Photos

    Hit a small show over the weekend, only about 20 cars or so, pretty cool location though, lots of cool automotive and bar related antiques inside. Check it out. All the photos at the link below! A few...
  23. cobra_4

    Spring Rod Run '17 Daily Event Coverage

    Time again for Rod Run in Pigeon Forge! Looks like its gonna be a wet start, but things are supposed to clear up tomorrow, still gonna be a cold one though! Below are Wednesday's photos, stay tuned for daily updates! A...
  24. cobra_4

    NE GA FEB Swap Meet Photos @ Atlanta Dragway

    It was a little cold, but still a pretty decent turnout! Pics below! Everything at the link A few of my favorites.