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  1. Stevo151

    WTB 03/04 Cobra for under/around $21k

    Well I guess I should start the search for another Cobra now! I'm looking for something under 75k miles but would prefer under 60k. Hopefully something on the west coast since I'm in Seattle, WA. I'm not too sure how far I want to travel at the moment but it all depends on the car I guess. Not...
  2. Stevo151

    Cobra vs CTSV

    So I was cruising with my cousin in his S2K last night and we were pulling off the freeway and at the light I noticed a really clean looking white CTSV (2nd Gen). As the light turned green we were slowly going behind some minimal traffic and I heard him taking the rpm's up higher and higher...
  3. Stevo151

    Anyone wanna hook me up with a sig?

    Just wondering if anyone would be able to do a sig for me with my username in it maybe, Idk just something different then my current one lol. Thanks in advance! Here are some pics to choose from Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Stevo151

    03 SB Cobra Rollers, Pics and Fly By's

    Well I thought I'd share some random pics/vids of the cobra. Rollers were taken by a local guy named Boris Sakharov the other day. Anyways here they are (hopefully the quality isn't bad), the M3 is my brothers car and we thought it was kinda cool having us both in a couple rollers together. Let...
  5. Stevo151

    Belt Squeak?

    So it's slowly gotten worse since I've bought the car (less then a month ago) and the squeal/squeak has gotten pretty annoying now.. Is this my belt or pulleys or what do I need to fix?
  6. Stevo151

    My 03 Sonic Blue Cobra

    Well I thought I'd go ahead and share with SVTP my my recent purchase. I picked up this Sonic Blue Cobra last Monday and let's just say I couldn't be happier with it! I sold my 2000 Mustang GT about 6 months ago and ever since then I've been on the lookout for the right car. Sonic blue has...
  7. Stevo151

    WTB 3rd Brake Light

    Looking to buy a 3rd brake light for my Cobra. Mine is cracked/broken off at the corner and I thought I'd see if someone has one laying around before I bought a new one for $230.. Thanks!
  8. Stevo151

    WTB H&R Super Sports

    Looking to buy some H&R Super Sports for my 2000 Mustang GT. new or used doesn't matter. I've got Sports right now and want more of a drop. Let me know if you got some for sale! Thanks
  9. Stevo151

    Few pics & vid of the GT

    Well its been awhile since I've posted some pics of the GT, I'm waiting till Xmas to get a nice photo editing software again so right now these are just plain and simple with no edits lol. I got a quick exhaust vid for the first time though thanks to my girls Canon T2i. Anyways heres a couple...
  10. Stevo151

    Rod knock, what to do?

    Okay so I just heard back from the shop that my GT does in fact have a rod knock in the #8 and they told me my best bet is go for a used motor. I just want to hear from people who've gone through this problem before. What kind of money did you end up putting into it? Did you go with a used...
  11. Stevo151

    Engine noise, help please

    Okay so I need some help figuring out where this noise is coming from and what's causing the problem. Someone said it could be a rod. Anyways what do you guys think? It only makes it once warmed up and anywhere from between the rpm's of like 2000-3000 and under light throttle. If anyone has idea...
  12. Stevo151

    ADV.1 SVT Raptor

    Saw this sexy thing posted on ADV.1's facebook and man does it look killer! do want! :rockon::beer: Full set here: ADV.1 Gallery
  13. Stevo151

    More pics of the GT (Spoiler moved back)

    So i know i tend to post a lot of my car and im sorry if others hate it or get annoyed of my posts but i just thought id post this up lol... nothing fancy or anything, just moved the wing back about 1 1/2 inches id say and man does it make a big difference, looks soooo much better now! anyways...
  14. Stevo151

    Decent scenery/weather = decent pics of GT

    had some okay weather felt like going for a little cruise through the backroads and decided to snap a few pics of the GT. let me know what you guys think :beer:
  15. Stevo151

    Anyone heard of these springs?

    Just curious if anyone has heard of these springs, good or bad? Any reviews or comments? I saw a 2011+ 5.0 with these and the stance after these were freaking perfect and I heard the ride quality wasn't bad at all. Anyways what do you guys think? There cheap as hell which worries me... Lol...
  16. Stevo151

    Sig Needed Please

    just need a new sig after the new wheels/headlights. anyone wanna do one for me? Just have my screen name on it and edit it however you want/looks good to you thanks, Stephen :beer: By Stevo151 at 2012-03-19
  17. Stevo151

    Mustang burnout at TX2K12 Arrested

    Pretty stupid if you ask me... Sorry for not embedding I'm on my phone...
  18. Stevo151

    H&R Super Sports Wanted

    Lookin for some super sports. Thought I'd try here before paying $240 for them... Lol
  19. Stevo151

    New wheels for the GT

    Just got these put on today! Im thinking some new springs are in need (was told these are sports), like some super sports so i can get it lower then it is. anyways the wheels are 03 machined cobra deep dish 17x9/10.5 with Nitto NT555's 275's up front and 315's out back! i really like em and...
  20. Stevo151

    New Wheels (*Teaser*)

    Ok so after just over 2 weeks now i finally got the wheels! Let me just start off by saying cruizinconcepts is awesome, their customer service is amazing and they are really nice people! Specially Walker who i talked to and ordered the wheels from on the phone. Anyways here are the wheels...
  21. Stevo151

    Clutch Question

    I'm sure its a noob question but im in need of a new clutch and i just wanted some input on different clutches and what not. so what do you guys prefer? whats cheap but reliable? i was thinking of maybe an exedy clutch or what else? thanks in advance :beer:
  22. Stevo151

    03 Cobra Deep Dish Wheels Poll

    Ok so im going to be getting new tires and well i thought since my 18's are so messed up and dirty id get some new wheels and im wanting to get the 03 cobra deep dish wheels in chrome or anthracite/machine. the whole wheel and tire package is right around $1200 where as just tires for my 18's...
  23. Stevo151

    Carrera GT Cutting Through Traffic

    this guy has some balls... Carrera GT - How to drive a Supercar - YouTube
  24. Stevo151

    Yoga Pants Anthem!!!

    Yoga Pants FTMFW!!! :rockon: :eek: :rockon: yd1aqy7wkqU&sns
  25. Stevo151

    Couple Pics I Took From Todays Hike

    well I went for a hike this morning and stopped by the lake and snapped a couple pics and thought id share... any helpful criticism is welcome! Pics were taken at Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend, WA :coolman: By stevo151 at 2011-06-25 By stevo151 at 2011-06-25 By stevo151 at 2011-06-25 By...