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  1. black92

    Jetta GTL

    I know 3 people that have them and one has had 3 and a GTI. All love them and wouldn't hesitate recommending them. The newest GLI is pretty slick and the only thing you'd miss is the AWD launches from the Fusion Sport.
  2. black92

    CT5-V Blackwing vs BMW M5 VS Plaid

    Actual lap video if anyone cares:
  3. black92

    Fuel prices near you

    Filled the wife's CR-V up the other day and it was $2.79 for 87. Filled up my car 3 weeks ago and it was $3.89 for 93. Meant to fill my car up today, but I still have a 1/4 tank of gas and that'll last me until next week.
  4. black92

    New daily BMW i8

    Lets see what that Dragy says... :ROFLMAO:
  5. black92

    SQL Experts

    Far from an expert, as I do very basic stuff, but what are your questions? I could try bouncing them off a co-worker or two.
  6. black92

    Anyone familiar with R1 Concepts big brakes?

    Another option to consider: Mustang 94-04 - Kits
  7. black92

    I took delivery of my 2022 Genesis GV-70 compact SUV. I love it!

    Here you go, Bob!
  8. black92

    Back in a mustang...

    While we know what the car can run, where's the dragy results?
  9. black92

    Pontiac Aztek designer Tom Peters designed the C8 Corvette - both ugly IMO

    I think both look great and wouldn't mind either in my driveway (but the Plaid would be most practical). I've posted these before, but with the C8 Vette, you just need a good set of wheels to make it look better, IMO.
  10. black92

    The 2022 Rivian R1T electric pickup is a game-changing truck.

    I think Rivian is going to do great and look forward to the R1S. The R1S ticks all the boxes of what we want, I just can't convince the boss to go for it.
  11. black92

    2000 Cobra R #111 Build Thread

    He mentions in the first post his goal is to break 200mph in the 1/2 mile.
  12. black92

    New driver woes

    Much appreciated! The RLK8-520D4 is what I've been eyeballing and should more than meet my needs. My current set up (only records when motion is detected), I only have the doorbell alert me because I was tired of getting 100+ false notifications a day.
  13. black92

    Looking for opinions on a 2022 Audi S5.

    I think it's going to make the Edge you had seem really, really cheap. Looking forward to your updates!
  14. black92

    New driver woes

    That sucks! Side question, which Reolink system do you have? They are at the top of my list of systems to buy (Annke or Eufy being the other choices).
  15. black92

    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

  16. black92

    New Whip

    I was at the pool the other day and a neighbor appeared to have recently upgraded to one that looks very similar to yours (black and lifted), minus the second forward facing row (has the rear facing seats). Once they build the neighborhood between my in-laws and us, I think I might grab one to...
  17. black92

    1,914 HP NEVERA vs PLAID * The Quickest Production Cars in the World DRAG RACE

    I meant in the sense if I could pick one of the two, I'd pick the Nevera and then sell it to get several other cars that could be bought with the difference in price, because I can't afford the Nevera to begin with. But yes, if one can afford the Nevera, chances are you have quite the...
  18. black92

    1,914 HP NEVERA vs PLAID * The Quickest Production Cars in the World DRAG RACE

    I'd take the Nevera, sell it and buy a Plaid and several other cars.
  19. black92

    Spy Shots: Could This Be a '22 Ford Expedition ST?

    Why not just tune it? I've been running a 93 tune on my MKS for the last five years and that's how it should have come from the factory. You could do a 91 tune (or 93 if it's close by) and it'll rip.
  20. black92

    Enter the NSX...

    Don't guess. Hook the dragy up and report back!
  21. black92

    8k rpm vintage mustangs

    There was a guy on here years ago that had a classic coupe with a 289/302 that was pushing close to 8k rpm. He did pretty well on the street against some decent cars IIRC.
  22. black92

    Ford to Reveal All-Electric F-150 Lightning May 19 with Livestreamed Event at Ford HQ

    If it were true, they'd be doing that right now with Biden.
  23. black92

    Ford to Reveal All-Electric F-150 Lightning May 19 with Livestreamed Event at Ford HQ

    The Mustang Mach E name didn't bother me much, but I really think Ford screwed the pooch if the new Lightning is a regular looking F150 4-door. Would have been better calling it the F150-E or something and leaving the Lightning name for a legit Lightning.
  24. black92

    Tesla Model S Plaid Fastest Production Car Ever [email protected]!!!

    Then the Model X Plaid is for you!