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    VMP Gen2 TVS Coyote F-150 Install & Test

    Driving a truck has always been my favorite daily drive...this article has me seriously thiking about buying a new f150 instead of a mustang. VMP, will you continue to develop your stage 2 and 3 for trucks in the future? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Coyote motor in 91 lariat in calif

    I want to put a new motor in a 90s ford f150 lariat but I'm in california. Will I be able to get it passed smog? If we use a coyote motor?
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    Buying car sight unseen tips

    For those that have purchased a car on the other side of the country, sight unseen, what did you do on the transactional end to get the deal done and feel comfortable about it. I can't just send a check and wait the shipper to deliver. I suppose it is possible to find an attorney, or another...
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    whipple install on f-150 in sacramento

    Lookin for a competent shop (in or near sacramento) to install a whipple on my 07 f-150.. any suggestions??