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  1. JAYSVT06

    Stock MAF for sale! 90mm

    I have a stock MAF for sale off my cobra, low miles, nothing wrong with it, only reason for selling is I went with a bigger SCT maf. 55 shipped takes it! Thanks
  2. JAYSVT06

    3.0 Whipple Pulley for sale, 75 shipped!

    I have a 3.0 whipple pulley I no longer need, I went to a 2.75 pulley. 75 shipped takes it! it was 149.99 new to that's half price. Thanks text 606-923-5316 or message me on here.
  3. JAYSVT06

    FS: Fuel Stuff, Whipple 3.0 Pulley, KB 40 AMP BAP, MAF 90MM, Dual fuel driver moduals

    Fuel Hat & Pumps SOLD I have a kenne bell boost a pump- SOLD Whipple Pulley I no longer need, 75.00 shipped Stock cobra 90MM maf, make an offer, works fine just went with a sct maf instead. Twin Fuel pump driver moduals, brackets and the wiring todo a dfpdm setup,SOLD You can text or...
  4. JAYSVT06

    WTS: 63lb fuel injectors with adaptors, like new! Ev1 & EV6 both.

    I have a set of almost brand new 63lb fuel injectors off my 2003 cobra, they only have 1200 miles on them, nothing wrong with them, just upgraded to a bigger set so I can run e85. They have adapters with them, so you can plug into ev1 or ev6. id like to get 205 shipped, thanks u can pm me or...
  5. JAYSVT06

    Can I do E85 on this returnless setup i have? Info inside

    I posted this in the terminator section but this is probably the better desired area. How much can the stock line handle and hat? So I ran into a few other terminator guys, and they were running E85 on whipples with a fore hat on gt pumps and upgraded line with 80lb injectors, and a boost a...
  6. JAYSVT06

    Can I do E85 on this returnless setup i have? Info inside

    So I ran into a few other terminator guys, and they were running E85 on whipples with a fore hat on gt pumps and upgraded line with 80lb injectors, and a boost a pump. My question is, can I do the same but with a stock modified hat and stock line? My goal is to hit around 700 rear hp. My...
  7. JAYSVT06

    Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter for sale! Basically brand new!

    I have a pro 5.0 Short throw shifter, doesn't even have 1,000 miles on it, nothing at all wrong with it. Will include all bolts & hardware needed to install it. Will ship it usps mail and package it well with a tracking confirmation. Only reason for selling is I would like to try out a few...
  8. JAYSVT06

    E-85 just arrived in my town, whats best options for me go with my setup

    E-85 just got put in down the road from me finally!, Id love to switch and turn up the boost, but I don't have a return style fuel system, but I seen others running E85 on a similar setup as mine.what would be the least expensive and best route to go, I have the following Stock modified...
  9. JAYSVT06

    Installed flsfc n painted completely underneath! anyone done this to theres? pics!!

    Installed sum full length subframe connectors today,help of my dad & his friend with a mig welder, and decided to clean it all underneath n just paint it all!I done this bout 5 years ago n went over it again so it would all match. my buddy owns a shop with a lift so i could use it all day today...
  10. JAYSVT06

    stage 2 or 3 comp cams work on stock piston?

    Anyone tried or have stage 2 or 3 cams snd did the valves hit the piston? Can this be done on s factory longblock with no valve reliefs Or is it all on how you set and degree the cams if the valve will hit the piston or not also can these be installed with engine in car Thanks to anyone...
  11. JAYSVT06

    Couple questions, cam users step in plz, replacing a leaking timing cover gasket etc.

    Stage 3or2 comp cams & valve springs be installed engine in car? Stock pistons So this winter I'm gonna fix my leaking timing cover, its a super small leak doesn't hardly even drip, but it annoys me, with that being said Im gonna have the valve covers off and the timing cover. My questions are...
  12. JAYSVT06

    Custom cobra banner with vehicle # and yr

    I spoke with the guy that made the other COBRA BANNER, and got him to put in the vehicle # and the yr of the car, I just received it and thought it was awesome and a fair price!:beer: mine is a vertical banner, 2x4 feet n length! its nice and a great addition to garage. This is also the exact...
  13. JAYSVT06

    finished my UPR k, pacesetter headers, coilovers, cc plates.

    Continuation thread of this I just finished this setup, with the following 96-04 upr k member 12-250lb coil over springs, amp performance 03 04 cobra coilovers energy suspension...
  14. JAYSVT06

    My garage setup! garage plastic tile! Post up pics yours all garage setups

    I just enclosed my wood shed, and framed it up. I took white metal roofing and put it on the walls and ceilings. It turned out really nice, and brown metal roofing for the walls. But i found plastic tile pieces and you can custom make your own design, and its really not that expensive. Its...
  15. JAYSVT06

    Found these custom cobra banners on ebay! thought id share!

    I was crusing ebay, and found sumone who makes cobra banners for a great price, and you can have custom colors, so my car is zinc yellow. And he got the correct color. his seller name is " noyola1983" Mustang Banner Cobra | eBay I told him i was so pleased id post pics on here. Also if he...
  16. JAYSVT06

    Cold Air Intake FS: C&L (PICS)

    I have a cold air intake for sale, not even 50 miles on it, ended up trading the car in on a newer car, no longer can use. asking 175shipped to your door with tracking confirmation.
  17. JAYSVT06

    Question on my CC plates (spacers) lots pics!

    I got a caster camber 4 bolt kit off of ebay, it was actually a christmas present. Im currently doing the tubular k member, headers, and full coilovers on my car atm. Question is ive read many different posts n cant find really what i need, these cc plates came with zero instructions, and i know...
  18. JAYSVT06

    UPR coilovers factory struts and bumpstops

    Im about to intall upr coil over kit on my 03 cobra, and 12-250lb spring rate, i want it quiet and no noise, do i use the factory bumpstops and trim them or anything at all with those? ive read on forums of people using them but im not sure on factory bilstein front struts thanks, maximum...
  19. JAYSVT06

    Thought id share, pics of my K member UPR

    Just ordered full upr k member setup, and coilovers, 12-250LB rate, and i bought mm bumpsteer kit, with ebay 4 point caster camber plates and poly motor mounts. Cant wait to get this installed along with my longtube headers! Prob be a few weeks until weather warms up n salt is off the roads...
  20. JAYSVT06

    Anyone got a Engine support bar fs?

    Anyone got a engine support bar there no longer gonna use after doin a k member swap or longtube header install?? and wanna sell it for reasonable price like this one 1000 Lb. Capacity Engine Support Bar
  21. JAYSVT06

    Found pacesetter armor coat for 398 shipped!

    Pacesetter Exhaust Headers - Armor Coat 72C3229 Ordered me a set n they came in today! quite impressed!
  22. JAYSVT06

    Gen 1 Whipple #'s

    Post up your Gen 1 Whipple #'s I'm curious to see what people are making on the gen 1's, post up ur pulley combo, and #'s and basic mods :rockon: I have 2.3 Gen 1 3.0upper stock lower Single blade, twin gt pumps, twin fpdm's exhaust, intake, etc Currently waiting put on dyno, #'s other mods...
  23. JAYSVT06

    Rebuilt my whipple snout!

    I got in contact with JON BOND PERFORMANCE, he is one awesome guy, really nice! hooked me up, i rebuilt my snout myself, needless to say wasn't to bad of a job,my old rear bearing in the snout was really bad, some of the bolts was hard to break loose, and i made a steel plate with 3 holes...
  24. JAYSVT06

    POSI Ported BBK TWIN 65 TB for sale!

    I have basically a brand new BBK TWIN 65mm throttle body i bought last summer, sent it off to POSI, and had it ported, there is way more to port on these than a stock throttle body posi said!, and this one flows like a single blade! tons of air!! It has zero idle issues whatsoever, and hardly...
  25. JAYSVT06

    Polished Whipple Inlet FS:

    I have a polished 2.3 whipple inlet off my whipple, i upgraded my inlet, they will fit 2.3 and 2.9 , both generations! This would look great on a black blower with a chrome snout! It is for the stock throttle body, so if ur tired of having idle issues and wanna go to stock ported or ported BBK...