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    good deal?

    ok so im military and I just moved here to germany. I sold my 2011 5.0 before I left because I wanted a boss 302. Ive always heard great things about military car sales on base here, the best being that it is TAX FREE! I went today to get a price, 2013 boss 302, recaro package $46,000 out the...
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    WTS Borla s-type axle back

    Switching to a different setup. Has a small patch on one pipe. Sounds great. Don't really know what they are worth so make on offer I just need them sold since I'm moving to Germany in 2 weeks and want to sell the car. 2108370534 Call or txt
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    2011 stock grille with fogs

    $100 shipped OBO!
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    Steeda CAI

    Got it in a package deal and kept my JLT. $350 shipped OBO Call or txt 2108370534 Thanks Will
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    Unlocked sct x3

    Unlocked sct x3. The guy j got it from Said it has bama tunes on it but I already had one. Came in a package deal. $250 shipped Call or txt 2108370534
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    Nitrous express boss 302 intake plate kit

    I have a nitrous express plate kit with 10lb bottle the fits the boss 302 intake manifold. Comes with a nitrous express window switch and the bottle is full. I'll take what I have in it $700 shipped. Call or txt 2108370534. Thanks Will
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    I have a few parts that have been upgraded so I need to sell them. BBR O/R x-pipe $250 shipped JLT CAI (seal came off) $190 shipped Stock base wheels and tires $300 + shipping stock base springs $50 shipped SCT x3 tuner $240 shipped call or text for pics and questions 2108370534
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    2011 silver 5.0 base auto with LOTS of upgrades

    2011 Mustang GT base auto, silver on black with 17k miles. PLEASE CALL WILLIAM @ (210) 837-0534 currently the car is for sale in little rock Arkansas but if not sold by Tuesday I will be bringing it to San Antonio. Military orders to Germany is the only thing forcing the sale of this car. mods...
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    Jlt cai

    selling my JLT cai on my 2011 gt with boss intake manifold. $200 obo shipped! brand new intake tube less than 100 mi on it. 4,000 mi on filter. The ribber seal at the top came off.
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    stock base wheels and tires

    small rash on one wheel, tires are a little less than 50% with about 10000 mi on them. $300 plus shipping call or txt will at 2108370534
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    stock springs

    I have stock springs of a 2011 base gt and a 2011 premium gt w/ brembo. will let them go for best offer. shipping from 72176
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    BBR O/R X-pipe

    Bolts up to stock manifolds. switched to long tubes and catted x-pipe for germany. will take $200 + shipping OBO or you can pick it up in memphis TN next weekend or little rock arkansas any other time.
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    flow master axle back

    this kit was on the car when i bought it. sounds awesome just needed to quiet it down for germany. Has all the hangers and both tips. came off a 2011 5.0 and has about 5,000 mi on them. $200 + shipping O.B.O.
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    Blow by racing o/r x-pipe

    Switching to long tubes on my car so this x-pipe is for sale. It bolts up to stock manifolds. Sells for $289 new will take $240 Obo. Has about 6,000 mi on it.
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    Blower cams in NA

    Ok so we decided to keep the car. 2011 5.0. I'm getting long tubes and catted x since I'm moving to Germany in 2 months. I have boss 302 intake, JLT cai, 4.10 gears and SCT. I'm going to change the cams and eventually a supercharger when I have the money. Since I plan on getting a blower later...
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    Wtb: drop springs

    Looking to get some springs for my 2011 gt base. Prefer h&r or stedda but for the right price I'm open to any. Shoot me a txt with what you got 2108370534 Thanks
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    2011 Silver 5.0

    For sale is my 2011 5.0 with 15,600mi Auto tranny. I have orders to Germany so I must sell her :(. This car is 100% flawless and extremely well maintained. Went to the track 1 time and it ran a 10.42 in the 1000ft before the lower control arms and good tunes. mods are boss 302 intake...
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    WTB: 2004 comp orange vert

    im currently deployed with the USAF and looking to get a toy for when I get home. can arrange for friend or wife to pick up. looking for one in good condition with less than 50k miles. thanks will