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  1. StrayBullitt

    M122 w/vmp 2.5", SCT X4, VMP Puller, ice tank, JLT123, Pmas 120

    Guys up for sale some parts below all in great condition, I just installed a Whipple so everything below needs to go so I can finish up the project. You can make offers. I would make a trade for a set of 52# or 56# injectors if you want to make a trade offer. You can call me or text...
  2. StrayBullitt

    GT500 Parts for sale, yo. VMP Gen2 NSR's ect.

    Hate to do this, but I would like to free this $ up for a project. My car gets beat by A10 GT's, but whatev. Everything is in great shape, I bought most all from here and from good previous owners in my opinion. The NSR's came from a good friend of mine. They were in his car for about 6 months...
  3. StrayBullitt

    Moving a Storage Shed.

    Fellas I was wondering if any of you have ever relocated or re-positioned a storage shed on your property and if so how you went about it. I have an 8X12 that I want to move it one space over so to be able to park next to it... hopefully not destroy it in the process. Any tips or ideas would...
  4. StrayBullitt

    Budget 2v Project

    What's up guys, I am Thinking about saving this car. I have been missing my Bullitt and so been low key watching for a cheap 2v to come along for a project for awhile.. Was thinking about picking this pos up as it is about as cheap as I have ever found, it's also really ugly so makes for a...
  5. StrayBullitt

    Kenne Bell Supercharged my Son's Mustang

    ;).. She Rips now ! :D
  6. StrayBullitt

    Dash reflection

    Probably the only thing that really bugs me about this Car, but the Dash glare/reflection in the windshield is the worst I think I've ever noticed on any car I've owned. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if anything can be done. Feeling like it's mostly the upward angle of the dash...
  7. StrayBullitt

    10th Anniversary shifter boot and 5 speed shift Knob. Seat belt guides.

    Shifter Boot sold nib 5 speed 10th style knob $100 obo. I Also have a pair of Coupe seatbelt guides in good shape. $30 shipped. obo. Let me know if interested. Thanks !
  8. StrayBullitt

    So,.. I upgraded...

    I Just thought I would drop in this section and say hello.. and introduce my new car. After 3 years and 30,000 miles on my 01 Bullitt I was going along and doing just fine until my buddy picked up an 08 GT500 with a 2.3 TVS a couple months ago. After he took me for one drive, I was completely...
  9. StrayBullitt

    Interior clean up ideas/pics.

    Would like to see your interior shots guys, I am looking for inspiration on cleaning mine up or making it look better, I guess without buying or trying to find too many new pieces. Would really like to see any detail oriented things you have done on the inside and care to share. Also...
  10. StrayBullitt

    OEM Bullitt Exhaust.

    Up for grabs.. Rare OEM Bullitt cat back.. factory 'tuned' mufflers and nice looking rolled tips. 36,000 miles and in very good condition. $200 picked up. Also have OEM Bullitt cat back with mufflers deleted. Exhaust is cut, but can easily be coupled again or welded, sounds pretty good for...
  11. StrayBullitt

    F/S Nitrous Accessories and Hurst Roll Control.

    Hi, up for sale are some left over Nitrous parts that I did not use. Everything is new, unused and in the original package. OBO on all. Hurst Roll control part # 174 5000 $80 shipped NOS nitrous throttle/rpm window switch part # 15982NOS $100 shipped Edelbrock purge kit part number 72178...
  12. StrayBullitt

    Vortech V2 with n/a street-strip cams ?

    Hi Guys, I'm a newb to Superchargers, I've never owned one before and so I have a couple questions about a setup.. I am curious as to what you guys would say about putting a Vortech V2 S trim I believe it is on my motor with these cam specs.. The thing is I have this kit on a project car...
  13. StrayBullitt

    Project 2000 GT for sale.

    I've decided to let one of my projects go. This is a 2000 GT with 115,000 miles on it and an 86,000 mile Engine installed. I bought this car as a major project and to practice paint and body work. I had plans for a clean stock daily driver with only appearance mods. It had a blown motor and...
  14. StrayBullitt

    101 Octane.

    So there is a station near me that sells Trick 101 octane from the pump and I am looking for any experience (or opinions even) with a race gas tune on a decently built N/A car. I don't expect any huge gains, but if the car could gain maybe 10-15 hp and some torque throughout the rpm range, I...