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  1. SYMach1

    New svt center caps

  2. SYMach1

    New svt center caps

    Brand new, still wrap over the caps svt center caps 75 shipped
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    what should my RWHP Be and 1/4 Time

    Was 17.5, something is wrong if your only seeing 14.5 with a 2.76/4lb combo
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    what should my RWHP Be and 1/4 Time

    I went 10.78@128 on that set up on 93
  5. SYMach1

    F/s PNR WELD Trunk Mount Ice Box

    Brand new, never been installed pnr weld trunk moung ice box with rule 2,000 pump, its a 5 gallon with a clear lid, has two 1 inch bungs welded to it and one 1/2 bung welded for the drain. $225 shipped
  6. SYMach1

    AFS 18" Chrome 18x9 / 18x10.5

    Wheels are in great shape, no curb rash on them, no pitting that i can find, pm me i can send you any up close pics or if wanting more pics. Tires are nitto invos 275/35/18 and 295/35/18 have 1,000 miles on them. Comes with svt center caps. $1500 pick up only, not looking to ship these at this time
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    Aeroforce interceptor guage w/Pod

    Selling my aeroforce single interceptor guage with svt logo, back ground is blue, comes with steering wheel pod $200 shipped
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    WTB 94-98 or 99-04 SRA

    As the title states, seeing if anyone has or knows of a 94-98 or 99-04 SRA housing laying around, looking to build one over the winter, thanks for the help
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    PB on TVS/IRS/6SPD

    Went to a local track rental a few weeks ago...Race weight is 3720lbs, still running stock half shafts with about 75 passes on them. Mods- TVS w/GT500 TB on 20lbs on C85 1.51 60FT [email protected] 1/8 [email protected] 1/4
  10. SYMach1

    Closer to 9's

    Went to a private rental today, had probems hooking today, so on the best pass I walked it out vs my normal side step of the clutch. Car weighted at 3730lbs with me in it today. Best pass below, still running 26's, hope to get into the 9s in the spring on them. 1.514 Sixty [email protected]...
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    E85/TVS/IRS Track results

    Went to the track today to test out the new e85 combo with the 3.0/4lb, still on stock half shafts and race weight is 3720lb
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    Dyno results - E85/TVS

    Finished up my e85 swap, went up to evolution and used there mustang dyno and had lund do the tuning results were 736hp/721tq on 20lbs and 17 degrees of timing on C85... hope to hit the track within the next 2 weeks with the new combo. Very pleased on the tvs/e85 combo to say the least. Basic...
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    Tvs 3.2 pulley

    As the title states, reason for sellings switched to a 3.0 pulley. 50 dollars shipped
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    F/s 18 inch afs chrome cobra reps

    Selling my 18 inch afs wheels, tires are new have less then 150 miles on them there nitto invos 275/35/18 fronts and 295/35/18 rears, wheels have no rash or anything on them. 1400 with svt center caps
  15. SYMach1

    F/S AFS 18inch Cobra reps

    Selling my 18 inch afs wheels, tires are new have less then 150 miles on them there nitto invos 275/35/18 fronts and 295/35/18 rears, wheels have no rash or anything on them. 1400 with svt center caps or 1300 with out center caps
  16. SYMach1

    More Track Times In...Tvs/Irs/6spd

    Current combo is 3.2/4lb 18lbs-19lbs on fuse 110 race fuel, race weight is 3710lbs, stockshafts still. Will be going out one last time in oct air before switching to the 3.0 pulley 1.56 Sixty 6.72@107mph 1/8th 10.41@136mph 1/4th
  17. SYMach1

    F/s Steeda springs

    Pulled these springs off my car, they have 25k miles on them...looking for $100 shipped
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    TVS/IRS/6 SPEED...Round 2

    Ran a 10.53 a few weeks ago at NMRA, went to a TNT today to see if theyre was anything left in it. This at a 3700lb race weight, TVS on a 3.2/4lb combo running 19lbs. Still stock IRS with bushings. Made three passes all within a few hundreds of each other today...Here is the my best pass. The...
  19. SYMach1

    My TVS/IRS results from the GT500/Terminator Shootout

    This was the first outing on the TVS setup...Basic run down weighted in at 3700lbs this weekend, TVS on 19.5lbs running fuse race fuel (one of the few not on E85 this weekend lol) still IRS/6 speed car. Best run of the 5 I had this weekend. I think playing with the shift points and some better...
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    F/s Torco

    I bought a case of torco and i have three left that i dont need...i bought lil over a month ago...$40 dollars for all three of them
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    F/S MM Roll Bar

    Brand new never installed MM Roll Bar with swing outs and welded harness bar NHRA legal, comes with all the nuts and bolts needed, its powder coated raven black(textured), I just changed my mind, thats the reason for selling it...$450 Pm if your interested and want pics Ill text them to you
  22. SYMach1

    My TVS dyno numers...

    Got the TVS on the dyno friday, put down 659hp/611tq on 20lbs on pump gas, ran outa time to get my race gas tune on the dyno, but cant wait to hit the track in the spring in the quest for 9s IRS. Big thanks go out to TRBO VNM for the install help, and lund for tuning Basic run down on the mods...
  23. SYMach1

    F/s Posi ported blower w/ plenum and tb

    Im selling my posi ported blower with ported stock tb and ported plenum if anyone in maca is interested before i post it in the the F/S secton on SVTP. Comes with a 2.76 upper billetflow pulley blower was installed at 30k and now my car has 35.5k...$900 for everything, will separate if...
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    New PB w/ Posi port/IRS

    Ran a new personal best today in the posi port, car weight was 3680lb today only major weight savings I have is RTS wheels. Basic break down on my set it up is 2.76/4lb ported TB with headers, suspension setup is FTBR bushings and still have front sway attached aswell. Prob do a TVS now that did...
  25. SYMach1

    Oem 03 cobra wheels with et streets

    Selling my pair of oem cobra wheels with et streets they have 10 passes on them no street miles(trailer my car to the track) polished inner barrels, no curb rash mint condition wheels, comes with svt center caps $400 obo local pickup