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  1. ProjectVenom

    Ported SC Eaton Rattle. Help!

    Hey y'all, thank you so much for stopping by and helping me out. Just a few days ago, stopped at a red light, I heard a rattling sound. I pulled over, pop the hood, and the noise seemed to be coming from the SC. To explain the sound better it sounded to me like a 'cat (animal) when it purrs.'...
  2. ProjectVenom

    $180 Eibach Lowering Pro-Kit springs.NEW!

    03-04 Cobra IRS only.NEW NEW NEW in box! asking $180 plus shipping... if local in Los Angeles. can meet. PM, will send pic via phone. serious inquiries please. thanks.
  3. ProjectVenom

    shopping cart rattling on my termi....

    Many have said to change my brake pads to stop the shopping cart rattling noise when I go:over bumps... some have said my calipers are Jacked up. I just don't know what to do. If I change my pads they'll wear down and the problem is still there.. any suggestions??? Thanks!
  4. ProjectVenom

    My termi heating

    recently, I've noticed that my temp needle has been rising up and sitting middle of the gauge, covering the thermometer picture. Usually, it sits just before it, and I've never seen it fluctuate as it does now. However, I turn my car off (when this happens) and its back to normal? What the...
  5. ProjectVenom

    03-04 Cobra Tokico Shocks/ Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

    Brand spanking new Tokico Blue shocks Non-adjustable! and Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs also brand new in the BOX... all parts in boxes. 200 buxs for springs and 200 buxs for shocks. I'm located in los angeles CA. I can deliver local myself... PM me. Thanks all :beer:
  6. ProjectVenom

    Tokico Blues Shocks / Eibach lowering springs

    Tokico blue Non adjustable shocks for 99-04 Stangs and 03-04 Cobra. Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering springs for Cobra... All brand new, still box! Will post pics soon. asking 200 for shocks and 200 for springs.
  7. ProjectVenom

    Eibachs Pro Kit Springs/ Tokico Blue Shocks

    Brand new spanking parts in boxes $200 for the springs and $200 for the socks. Fits all 99-04 stangs to include the terminator.
  8. ProjectVenom

    Tokico Blue's Shocks/ Eibach Pro-Kit Springs FOR SALE

    Tokico Blues Non-Adjustable Shocks Eibach Pro-Kit Springs Brand spanking new parts still in boxes with instructions. Been trying to sell them for a while. Somebody just give me some freaking money for them and take them freaking parts home. All I want is $250 for the shocks and $200 for...
  9. ProjectVenom

    Pointers on 315 Nittos? 2nd time at the track.

    Hey guys, I just bought a set of 315's Drag Radial Nittos. I took it down to the track not too long ago, and my best 60ft was a 1.90 ish and 8.0 at 91mph 1/8 mile. My best on street tires was a hair away from a 1.90 60ft? I'm very new to the racing scene, just wondering if anybody has some...
  10. ProjectVenom

    Eibach Springs/ Tokico shocks 03-04 Cobra FOR SALE- CA

    Eibach Pro-Kit Springs $250 Tokico Blue Shocks Non-Adjustable $280 New pars still in boxes with instructions. If out of state, you pay shipping. If local, I would deliver to your door step! I have Pay Pal! :)
  11. ProjectVenom

    Eibach Springs/ Tokico Shocks FOR SALE

    Eibach Springs Pro-Kit and Tokico Blue's Non- Adjustable shocks for sale. 03-04- Cobra. All new parts in still in boxes with instructions. $280 for the blues and $250 for the springs. Pay shipping if out of state, Ill deliver myslef locally to your door step! :)
  12. ProjectVenom

    Should I drop my Terminator? Help?

    I have a 2003 Cobra. I just bought a set of Eibach Pro Kit springs. I have been told that I should not drop my Termi well, people don't recommend it. I take my car to the track most of the time. What am I looking at if I do drop with a set of Adjustable Tokico shocks, C/C plates, bump steer...