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    1998 mustang cobra turns off when gets hot

    I have a 1998 cobra thats starts and idles fine when cold and then shuts off at idle when gets a little hot. It will stay on if i keep my foot on the gas but when I let off on the gas it will turn off and turn on right away. There are no check engine lights. Have check Anyone have an idea what...
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    2003 ford f150 Harley Davidson

    How much is a 2003 ford harley davidson worth with 90k miles and in good condition?
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    95 cobra PCM and engine harness on a 98 cobra

    If i have a 96 PCM a 96 engine Harness on a 98 cobra and would that give me an issue. Currently my car will start but will shut off. Ive spoken to a guy that deletes PATS and he let me know that my symptoms are not PATS related.
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    1997 cobra starts but them shuts off

    Recently changed the fuel pump and assembly. Only have one key which is the original. The car starts but then immediately shuts off following with the theft blinking light. Any idea on how to fix this issue.
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    How to fix or bipass PATS theft on a 1998 cobra?

    The cranks but wont start and has theft flashing. Anyone know what I can do to fix?
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    How to bypass theft on a 1998 cobra?

    The car cranks but does not start due to theft. Anyone know how to bypass?
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    1998 Mustang Cobra fuel tank

    Replacing a 1998 mustang cobra fuel tank and sending unit? Recommendations on what to upgrade with. Already have the aviator fuel pump.