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  1. zukman31

    11-14 Radio Install kit and Pioneer Head Unit

    Was wondering if the install kit is still available ? If so please just let me know. I am not on here much so you can text me at 336-847-8270
  2. zukman31

    Forged bottom end parts

    I was getting alot of parts together to build my motor but just found a killer deal on a motor that is already together. I have a 03 block. STD bore in perfect shape. A Kellogg 8 bolt crank turned 10 over and ready to go, perfect shape also. I have a set of SHM Manley forged rods with only 4...
  3. zukman31

    03-04 Cobra Forged Motor Parts

    I was getting alot of parts together to build my motor but just found a killer deal on a motor that`s already together. I have a 03 block. STD bore in perfect shape. A Kellogg 8 bolt crank turned 10 over and ready to go, perfect shape also. I have a set of SHM Manley forged rods with only 4 Dyno...
  4. zukman31

    ISO 99-04 2V Valve Spring kit

    I am looking at putting a set of cams in my car in the next few weeks. Last time I did this I bought a set from Patriot Performance that came as a complete set with springs good to a .550 lift, also had retainers, locks and seals. I cant find them for sale anymore, not sure if they went out of...
  5. zukman31

    BMR Doub Adj. Upper Control Arms

    I have for sale a new set of BMR 99-04 Upper Adjustable Control Arms with Spherical Bearings. They were bolted on a car to set up the rear end then taken back off. Still look new and perfect. There $309.00 from Lethal Performance and Im wanting to get $185.00 out of them but I will take best...
  6. zukman31

    79-04 UPR Double Adjustable Urethane Upper Control Arms

    I have a new set of UPR Adjustable upper control arms for sale. UPR`s part number is 2001-02. They are still in the UPR box. New they were $169.00. Would like to get $100.00 plus the cost of shipping. I cant post pictures so if you want to see them send me a text to 336-847-8270 and I will get...
  7. zukman31

    02 Roush Trunk Spoiler and Side Skirts w Exh.

    I am doing some changing around on my 02 Mineral Gray Roush GT. I have the trunk spoiler and side skirts with the exhaust tips. I am going to swap over to the Cobra wing and side skirts. They are all in excellent perfect condition. If you are interested I can send you some pictures through email...
  8. zukman31

    WTB Steering Column Pod.

    I am looking for a steering column single guage pod for a 99-04 Mustang. If anyone has one for sale at a decent price, please just let me know. You can text me at 336-847-8270 Thanks Jimmy
  9. zukman31

    WTB 2001 Computer

    I am looking for a 2001 Lightning computer. If anyone has one or knowes where I can find one PLEASE let me know. Thanks for your time. 336-847-8270
  10. zukman31

    KB Dual Boost A Pump

    I have a brand new KB Dual Boost a pump 20.5 V for a 07-09 Shelby. Never has been used. We were going to use it then switched to a 3 pump set up. Asking $450.00 for it. If you need pictures or any other information, just let me know. Thanks Jimmy 336-847-8270
  11. zukman31

    Race Stars !!!!!!

    We have a like new set of polished Race Star wheels for sale off of our 08 Shelby. In excellent shape. Fronts are 17x4 and the rears are 15x10. They are the unilug design. asking $600.00 and pretty firm on the price. We bought a set of the Black Chrome ones.. If you need pictures just send me a...
  12. zukman31

    Kooks Full Lenths for off a 08 Shelby.

    Kooks Full Lenths off of a 08 Shelby. My brother is selling his Kooks off of his 08 Shelby. They are in like new condition. This headers new are $1000.00 and he will take $700.00 for them. If you are interested just send me a text at 336-847-8270 and I will text you pictures. We also have the...
  13. zukman31

    07 Trailblazer SS LS2 RWD

    OK Guys, Im putting my SS up for sale or trade. I would like to trade it for a 99 up Mustang of equal value. The truck runs and drives out 100 % perfect. Has a small nick on the front pass side bumper cover but I will have that fixed, you cant even see it if I dont point it out. Clean Carfax and...
  14. zukman31

    Needing a set of 2 Valve Long tubes

    Like the title says, Im trying to find a set of Long tubes for my buddies 01 GT. Mainly looking for MACs but will take others if price is right, If you have a set would you please text me a price to 336-847-8270 Thanks alot guys..
  15. zukman31

    Radiator Cap Hissing..

    I was just curious if anyone has ever had this problem. I do not have any over heating problems but when I park my Cobra, I can lift the hood and put my ear to the radiator cap and can hear a slight hiss, Its leaking air. I just put a new tank and new cap on it. I actually took another cap off...
  16. zukman31

    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    I am selling a Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD Touch Screen Double Din head unit that I just took out of my Cobra. It works 100% perfect and has alot of nice features. It plays CDs and DVDs and also has a hook up to connect your Apple ipod or Iphone and you can play it direclty from the unit itself. It has...
  17. zukman31

    WTB ZEX botlle Heater

    I have a Nitroud one now but I want to get the ZEX one to go with the rest of my ZEX kit. I dont care if its used or new. If you have one please send me a PM shipped to 27360. Thanks everyone.
  18. zukman31

    FRPS O-Rings

    I was wondering if anyone has a clue where you can buy the correct size O-rings for the FRPS. I have a ZEX wet kit and the adapter takes 2 of the O-rings also. I have tried to replace with a few differant O-rings and they all break or leak. I got lucky and had an extra FRPS laying around and...
  19. zukman31

    WTB Raptor Shift Light

    Just like the title says. I am looking for a Raptor Shift Light to put in my Cobra. If anyone has one for sale please send me a PM with a price. Thanks
  20. zukman31

    UPR Tru Blue T56 Shifter I have a 6 month old T56 shifter made by UPR. It is an exact copy of a Steeda Tri-Ax. I bought a new transmission for my car and this was with it. Comes with the handle shown in the picture. I am asking $50.00 plus shipping and I will...
  21. zukman31

    WTB Autometer 5728 Nitrous Gauge

    I am looking for a 2 1/16 Autometer Phantom nitrous Pressure gauge. If anyone has one for sale , please just let me know. Shoot me a PM and I`ll respond as soon as I get it. Thanks :beer:
  22. zukman31

    WTB Styling Light Bar For My 03 Cobra

    I am looking for a dark grey color Styling Bar for my 03 Cobra. If anyone has one at a decent price please send me a PM. I do not care if it has a 3rd brake light in it or not. Thanks !!!!!
  23. zukman31

    Mac Pro Chamber

    I currently have a Mac 2 1/2" inch Pro Chamber for Long tubes. I am wanting to sale it and get an X-pipe. Taking offers. Send me a PM and we will go from there. I also have a UPR Blu Thunder T56 shifter and handle. Only 6 months old. Selling it to best offer also. If you need pics send me a...
  24. zukman31

    WTB Nice Set Of Cobra Hood Vents

    I am looking for a set of stock Cobra Hood Vents. If anyone has a set at a good deal please let me know. Thanks everyone...
  25. zukman31

    03 04 Cobra Parts.

    Ive got a Fidanza flywheel, Spec Stage 2+ Clutch and Pressure plate for a 26 spline input shaft. Has less than 3000 miles and not abused one bit. Only reason I took it out was my Transmission went out and the one I put back in was 10 spline. I also have a like new UPR Blu Thunder shifter. Was...