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  1. Colleton

    After all the hype, who here is actually buying?

    If I do it's likely to be several years from now. I don't want to give up my GT350.
  2. Colleton

    GT500 10-12 model buying advice for a novice

    Skip the '10. It had the new body style, but the old '07-'09 engine. The '11/'12 cars are a far better buy as the aluminum block with PTWA cylinder liners debuted in '11. Better steering feel (EPAS debut), suspension and exhaust as well.
  3. Colleton

    We need Ford/SVT to hear our voices... 2020 GT500 manual transmission petition/request/thread

    For not trying you're doing a good job. Aside from not giving my name I did exactly what you asked. Thanks for singling me out, guess you didn't like my opinion, as you didn't admonish the blatant "rule breaking" of those on your side of the argument.
  4. Colleton

    We need Ford/SVT to hear our voices... 2020 GT500 manual transmission petition/request/thread

    I've owned 6 Mustangs, all bought new from a dealership. 5 of the 6 were SVT/FP vehicles. While I prefer a manual transmission, I think the DCT is the right performance move for the new car. You just aren't going to be able to put this level of power to the ground with a manual.
  5. Colleton

    Anyone else frustrated with Ford over the next GT500?

    No, I'm pleased with what I've seen. I owned an '09, an '11, a '13 and finally a '14 GT500. My favs were the '11 and the '14. Wish I'd never sold them. That said... My '15 5.0 GT out handled any of the GT500s and was more fun to drive. My '17 GT350 takes that to another level. The only...
  6. Colleton

    High Oil Consumption

    I'm at ~7,600 miles, ~3K since the last oil change. After checking the oil level, I've used ~3/4 of a quart of oil in 3K miles. JMO, but there is so much fear and rumor mongering going on about these cars, and I hate it. Just check your oil level every 1-2K miles and add oil as necessary...
  7. Colleton

    Noticed GT 350 being sold after short ownership

    I think most of it is people having to have the latest and greatest before moving on to the next thrill. Also, the car doesn't have a lot of torque down low (esp. in comparison to a supercharged GT500), and this makes it hard to really enjoy the car on the street. This is maybe a little rude...
  8. Colleton

    1st Oil Change

    25% of the gauge area between the two holes, so 25% of "still good".
  9. Colleton

    1st Oil Change

    Checked my oil yesterday. After 2900 miles the oil level has gone from 100% to 25% on the dipstick. I don't think that's bad and can live with it. I'll be doing my 1st oil change this weekend if the weather isn't too bad. Checked the FP Oil Catch Can (passenger side) today. It was a few...
  10. Colleton


    A pic of the car after paint correction and Ceramic Pro coat.
  11. Colleton


    Yeah, I've read through his thread several times and there are a few things I would like to do. Right now I think I'm just going to get it tinted.
  12. Colleton


    Ordered the 3M tape and adhesion promoter that I'll need to reinstall the spoiler after I pull it to fully remove the stripes. Now I just need to read through 50 Deep's build thread to see how he did it. I figure that ought to work pretty well.
  13. Colleton


    It depends on the lighting, but it is a darker red than Race Red. In bright sunlight it pretty much glows. It's a very eye catching and beautiful color, IMO. Thanks Don!
  14. Colleton


    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the kind words. It's at a detailer's shop for the next few days having a paint correction performed to remove the swirlies caused by my dealership's 1st Rate "detail" crew, and to have a ceramic finish coating applied. Having it out of my control for a couple of...
  15. Colleton


    De-striped it today. Wasn't hard, took a little over an hour. I am going to eventually have to pull the rear spoiler to get the remaining vinyl up, but it's good for now. I think it looks better. Ruby Red already make the car stand out and I ended up thinking that the stripes were too much...
  16. Colleton

    Boost GT350 ?

    I personally would not do it. It's a NA track car; enjoy it for what it is or maybe trade it in on an RS3. JMO.
  17. Colleton

    How many miles does your GT350 have?

    ~ 1,600 miles after almost 2 months.
  18. Colleton

    My GT350R Initial Impressions

    Congrats man, your cars look great. Once you've had some time behind the wheel I think you're really going to love your R.
  19. Colleton

    Florida gt350 owners

    Crestview here.
  20. Colleton

    GT350 Track Attack

    Assuming this continues into 2017 I'll be going.
  21. Colleton

    H2280 is here!

    My car arrived late this afternoon, a day early. It was too late to process it and get it through PDI, so I'll do the deal early tomorrow afternoon. I did get to sit in it, start it up and generally admire it for a bit. It sounds like an absolute beast, and is beautiful under the coat of...
  22. Colleton

    In Production

    It's in production, getting closer. Hurry uuuuuupppppppp!!!! :)
  23. Colleton

    Good price on a used '12 GT500?

    Dealership has a used '12 GT500 they've taken in trade. Black w/red stripes, SVTPP + Navigation. It has ~ 27K miles, and is in excellent condition, no blemishes, scratches, dings, etc... Other than a K&N intake and filter, it appears to be unmodified. You don't need a tune to run that...
  24. Colleton

    Rolled over 3,000 miles today

    Bought the '15 GT on October 31, 2014 and just rolled over 3K on the odometer today. Not bad, but I do have a Focus that I drive occasionally as a DD, so that helps keep the mileage down. My thoughts after 3,000 miles: I traded in a '14 GT500 to buy the '15 GT. Sounds crazy, doesn't it...
  25. Colleton

    My thoughts after trading my '14 GT500 on a '15 GT

    I'd had enough with the '14. The car just didn't come alive at normal driving speeds (geared for top end speed), felt like a huge boat most of the time (daily highway commute) and it just wasn't worth the expense any longer to me. JMO, but my old '11 GT500 was more fun to drive day to day than...