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  1. Alwaysready

    Billet flow idler color ?

    hey when ya order the idler and pulley combo and you specify a color does the aluminum bracket come that color too? on lethals site it shows a black pulley and a black idler bracket. i want a clear pulley will the bracket come black? or clear? and if billet flows all come black no matter...
  2. Alwaysready

    need new front skinnies front runners thoughts

    well i sold off my old skinnies that were weld pro star copies im trying to stay away from the pro stars and draglites etc.. i was looking at some new Weld RTS in 15" or 17" that are nice narrowing up a new 17" fr500s to match my rears ?? or the Billet specialties streetlites 15"...
  3. Alwaysready

    WTB: Skinnies for the Cobra

    I have spacers so 15" wheels are fine with or with out tires.. let me know what you have w pics n price shipped to 60481 unless your in chicagoland area Thanks
  4. Alwaysready

    Saved Big $$ at Lethal.....

    lol ya just bought the Fiore quadrant and firewall adjuster and saved enough with discount code to go buy a couple double cheesburgers and a coke at Mcdonalds :banana: hopefully ill get it before friday since its fedex..
  5. Alwaysready

    Time to step up, lookin to add 100 hp..

    ok had the car for a bit and run it at the track a bunch been runnin 12.6 - 12.8 consistently.. not looking at guttin the car even though it could loose some weight.. 3800 full tank with driver seems heavy LOL. im still a newb to termi's (used to blown foxes) so give me a recipe (parts list)...
  6. Alwaysready

    at High rpms doesnt want to shift.. Help..

    alrighty i ran the car (03 cobra w 25,000 miles on it assuming stock clutch) at the track for NMRA TS all my test passes and my "qualifying passes" went flawless even though the heat killed me.. i was playing with launch rpm etc.. finally last pass i left at 5000 (BTW hooked and went 1.79...
  7. Alwaysready

    Steeda Triax shifter with Forged Handle

    its used its in good condition 110.00 shipped obo As you would come to expect from the Steeda Tri-Ax, all of the patented features that have made our other Tri-Ax® shifters the top selling shifter in the market are also part of the Tremec T56 model. From the ergonomically comfortable...
  8. Alwaysready

    B&M 45045 Mustang Cobra 2003 2004 Pro Ripper Shifter

    it is used for maybe 3000 miles i have box, bolts, directions, stickers $125.00 shipped questions email me for fastest response [email protected] These B&M Pro Ripper shifters feature shorter stick travel, which allows quicker shifting. Adjustability of the stick allows you to fit...
  9. Alwaysready

    WTB : Gas Pedal lol

    I was banging gears and don't know what happened but the Gas pedal broke off. Maybe I'm just too hard on the skinny plastic pedal If you have one Shoot me a price shipped to 60481 using paypal I just need the plastic pedal not the whole steel assembly But if your selling it as a unit let...
  10. Alwaysready

    launching 315 Mickey thompson tire help

    taking the car to the track soon just curious what the recommended pressure should be.. i used to run nittos at 14psi or so not sure bout the mickeys other tips appreciated. do they like alot of heat or just a short burnout? thanks guys
  11. Alwaysready

    need ARP part number for 3" front studs

    i tried the summit site and it didnt help much i have some skinnies and i need spacers and studs for the front i know the rear part number is 100-7703 from what ive read just cant find anywhere that says the front i did find someone saying something about drilling it out and using studs...
  12. Alwaysready

    best way to bypass ( kill )traction control? lol

    i came off the expressway onto a 4 lane road and jumped on it and sure enought the damn traction control kicked in and i thought i was going to be eating the steering wheel for lunch lol..:fm: i searched around but only saw posts from a few years ago i see there is a black box 2 on ebay and i...