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  1. DaBigBone

    Something new

    Beautiful car. Great choice on the color too.
  2. DaBigBone

    Godzilla vs. Kong – Official Trailer

    Looking forward to this one! Plan on seeing it tonight after I get off work.
  3. DaBigBone

    Goodbye SRT, Hello ...... Turbo S

    Congrats! I'm sure that is a blast to drive.
  4. DaBigBone

    New truck search is on...

    Wow! Glad you're doing ok.
  5. DaBigBone

    2020 GT500 2020 F250

    Nice setup! Good choice on colors too lol
  6. DaBigBone

    WTB 13-14 Hood and Front Bumper

    Looking for a 13-14 hood and front bumper in good condition. Really prefer Sterling Grey. Let me know what you have!
  7. DaBigBone

    forged short-block, what did you guys do?

    I plan on going the 15+ route this fall when the season is over. For what it's worth, I had an MMR setup in a previous car and had no issues with it. Ran 22psi through it for about 12k miles and never a hiccup.
  8. DaBigBone

    New heads / cam / longtubes for my Viper

    Love it! Sounds amazing
  9. DaBigBone

    General pics of my 2014 GT (wheels and tires)

    Love those wheels. Been wanting to switch up my setup and I think that might have persuaded me.
  10. DaBigBone

    On3 single

    Leaning towards this kit a lot. Glad to hear the positive reviews. I had one of their single kits way back in the day on my 2v so I've been a little skeptical
  11. DaBigBone

    Spy Shots—’19 LHD Ranger Raptor Caught Testing Stateside

    I like it. Agree with others on the size though. One thing I like about my 09 ranger is how small and easy to drive it is.
  12. DaBigBone

    New ride!

    absolutely gorgeous. Grats!
  13. DaBigBone

    Spy Shots—2019 Ford Ranger XLT

    Glad to see them bringing back the ranger but I hate how big all these "midsize" trucks are.
  14. DaBigBone

    procharged c5 vs procharged camaro ss vs procharged ss

    SS can move. I realllly like those things
  15. DaBigBone

    New Car.

    Grats! Love those things. Definitely the color I'd go with too
  16. DaBigBone

    Stock Demon on the Dyno: 724 RWHP

    Badass! Dodge is killing it lately. I've been dying for a Charger/Challenger but my fiancee says the wedding is more important
  17. DaBigBone

    Your top 5 ways to make it lighter?

    They need a trickle charger just like a lead battery. $30 off amazon and it works like a charm on my 5lb anti gravity battery
  18. DaBigBone

    spec stage 2 clutch

    I had one on my old 2V car. Not a coyote but I liked it. Never had any issues and took all the abuse I could throw at it
  19. DaBigBone

    Driveshaft, which to choose

    DSS here. 0 issues to date.
  20. DaBigBone

    Just bought my dream car...

    Congrats! Probably the color I'd go with if I could ever afford it
  21. DaBigBone

    Saving weight: Antigravity battery + Morris Engineering

    Not at all. I honestly feel no difference with it removed.
  22. DaBigBone

    For the Raptor Lovers

    Love it! That thing is killer
  23. DaBigBone

    Exhaust Gains

    Long tubes pick up a lot on boosted cars. I'd imagine somewhere in the 40+ hp range
  24. DaBigBone

    Kooks 1 5/8 headers before and after

    Curious to see the results! My car is about to be very similar to yours mods wise
  25. DaBigBone

    Cobra Jet + Procharger

    Awesome numbers for only 9psi. Debating going this route as well