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    Tire question for 04 cobra

    bridgestone 71r bfgoodrich rival s thats what all the fast guys are running

    2013 GT - Auto-X upgrade - tires or suspension?

    I would drive the car how it is. Get a baseline. Figure out what really needs to improve . Personally in stock trim my car would understeer then snap over steer. It has been a long journey getting it to handle but its sticks now. Get ready to spend some coin if you're gonna go all in. I have...

    Buying a used Ecoboost or Coyote F150

    It has been a while since I posted in svtp. I currently own an 05 F150 4x4 with a 5.4 with 177,000 miles. Its a beast ! I have towed , haul and put it through the ringer. I have been wanting a crew cab for a while. The extended cab is just not practical in parking lots and it is a tight area...

    One legging it....

    I've been autocrossing my car since day one , I notice that while turning in a tight diameter ( full lock left or right) the inside wheel will either spin or chatter like lock and slip , especially when it's wet. It happens while driving normally as well. My car only has 11k and I was thinking...

    BF Goodrich

    So I am in need of tires and I want to do the bf Goodrich rivals , but I don't see them on your website . Can you guys obtain that tire? Or special order it ? I bought my last set if nittos from you guys the service was outstanding ... Thanks for your time

    Coyote auto x video

    Hey guys I've been dealing with this thing left to right . I feel that I'm just starting to get it figured out. In stock form the car would push then snap oversteer , it was hard to get it to rotate . I feel it's starting to unwind finally but there's is still much room for improvement , both...

    Wanted 5.0 coyote engine

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy a used coyote engine preferably off a 2013 or 2014. My buddy blew a rod through his block and looking to get his 2013 coyote back on the road . Please pm me price and mileage willing to travel within California . Thanks for looking

    Can you trim a fiberglass seat

    Haven't been in here in a while . I recently purchase a race tech seat 4000 wx fia approved till 2015 real nice seat I got it used for $500 I know they retail for 900+ . I want to use it on my car so I went to test fit it and it's too wide at the bottom part where the lower bottom seat bolsters...

    need a little more low end torque

    So in the never ending battle to reduce times at an autocross or open track I really would like to up the low end torque on my car. It really seems to wake up at 3,000 rpm but below that its somewhat lazy. Its a pain in that ass at an autocross. Right off the line it seems like there isn't much...

    What are your s197 spring rates

    In the never ending quest to reduce lap times I would like to up the spring rate on my car . I believe my current spring rate is 350 up front and 250 rear .what spring combos are you guys running on your s197 I am thinking of doing a bigger front adjustable sway bar as well . Thanks in advance

    For those with aftermarket Upper control arms

    In the never ending efforts to make my car handle better I came up with the thought that an upper control arm would be a good idea and cheaper than any other mod on the rear suspension . My question is what upper control arm do you guys recommend I am thinking about getting the steeda or roush...

    Watts link guys come on in!!!!!

    So lately I have been looking into getting a watts link for my car. The car handles awesome the cornering exit entry is very's the higher speed transitions that I wanna adress . So thus I feel a watts link will cure that since I hear high speed stability is greatly improved . I am...

    car is in the dealer.......

    lately while cruising at 55-70 mph I can hear a whining noise from the rear axle. no matter what throttle input decel or accel it makes a rotational noise . brought the car into a dealership near my job and they told me it was a 2 day turn around. Go to check on the status today and find they...

    RS3 hancoks

    I would like a quote on Hancooks RS3 275/35R19... I would need 4 of them .. Thanks for your time

    LG1 seats for sale

    I have a pair of black on black cloth LG1 seats for sale they are the LG1 slims fit up to a 38 waist I had them on the car for two weeks pm me if you want Pics driver side seat has 5th slot for race harness ... These seats are reclineable

    Torque arm on a 2011-2014 5.0

    So I am thinking of upgrading my suspension my car handles awesome but at the autocross during quick slaloms I still have that rear end is sliding feeling .I want more rear end grip I am thinking a torque arm is the way to go, however I can't find no applications for a newer mustang I want...

    Corbeau LG1 seats

    Bought a set of corbeau LG1 seats for my 2014 GT nice seat reclining and it's black on black currently installed on the car only had them for a month so far . Reason for selling is because I want a tad taller seat local sale only willing to trade for another corbeau race seat pm me if interested...

    My experience with tps Motorsports

    I've been wanting to get seats for my base model GT and came upon a thread with mike promoting the seats after numerous emails and time I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a set of black corbeau Lg1's great seat and mike has been involved in the entire process . The customer service has...

    Corbeau lg1 seats ordered need some advice on airbag light

    So I ordered my seats the recaros are way too much and my base seats sucks no side support at all. I ordered the corbeau lg1 reclineable seats and brackets but I am wondering about the air bag light. I was thinking about making my own resistor kit but I don't know what the resistance is supposed...

    Just got my aed tune!!!

    So I bought my 2014 mustang 5.0 6 speed manual with brembo package . It has been a work in progress since I bought it. I decided to ditch the cats and install an off road x pipe on my 1200 mile coyote . knowing I'll need a tune I decided to go with aed. Only engine mod I have is an off road jba...

    Kooks or GT500's ??

    I am beginning to mod my car and of course the axle back has to go. I am in between the kooks axle back and the GT500 they will going on in conjunction with a jba off road x pipe. I really like the deep modern muscle sound of the kook's but I also like the lopey sound and tone of the GT500's I...

    2014 track pack brembo wheels 500 miles

    Of my 2014 5.0 only have 500 miles on them tires are included wheels are immaculate . Tps sensors not included located in northern california provide email or phone number for pictures Asking $1,000

    E85 tune.. Is it worth it?

    So I have had my ,2014 5.0 for 56 days know and already spent 6k on it , time to make another dumb financial move lol. The car has close to 1,000 miles on it I figure its broken in already. I am going the o/r x pipe and cai route and tune from aed. I started thinking about going E 85 there's a...

    Will they clear the 275???

    So I purchased my black beauty around 2 months ago it's a 2014 5.0 with 6 speed manual and brembo's I just ordered my first hefty and most expensive mod, my coil overs . I'm getting the eibach R2 coil overs with mm cc plates. My question is would they clear the 275/35R19 I have 19x9.5 sve drifts...

    Thanks for the great service

    Spoke with Bruce over the chat box online great customer and quick processing . Order a set of Nitto Nt05 275/35R19 to santa Clara California . Thanks for great customer service can't wait to get the tires on my new wheels!