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    WTB One 03-04 wheel

    Yeah I know hard to find but worth a shot. Finish is not important but straight and little to no rash please.
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    TCE phase one 2G 13" rear install questions

    Hey guys, Todd is out of town and sugested I give a try on the board here to see what I am doing wrong here. I have apx 1/4" movement on the rear axel in the housing after putting it back together. I used the stock C-clips when I put the axels back in. I know Todd's are slightly wider but...
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    Kenny Brown X factor & 1000# Ruslow springs

    X factor sold No longer produced Kenny Brown X factor. Note these were designed to fit stock 2nd gen Lightnings. It will not clear Moroso trans pans, or Bassani catbacks. I tried on my truck. These were used a very short time and are like new. These were $500.00 delivered here in Az. I...
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    WTB Gen 2 Lower Control Arms

    Looking for a nice set of stockers someone took off to put in some lowering units. Tell me what you have, and what you need for them. Thanks
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    Bassani BX Hi-flow midpipes

    Less than 1000. mi. $350.00 shipped to lower 48 USofA states. Pics from recent car show taken by Tucson Predator aka AZ Erik Scroll down a bit to find.
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    2 piece Drive Shaft loop

    2" x 1/4" flat steel, Tech legal. $50.00 plus shipping Home made. EZ install Pics available if you send me an Email addy.
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    02 rear Bilsteins

    These were off of an 02 Lightning apx. 9000 mi. No rubber washers or nuts. $50.00 plus shipping, Pay pal add 3% Thanks guys.
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    Hotchkis parts F/S

    Hotchkis parts F/S SOLD Bilstein Hotchkis valved front shocks. Shocks SOLD!.Springs SOLD
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    Auto Meter Vac/Boost Guage

    Auto Meter Vac/Boost Guage SOLD Phantom model 5703 New in package with all included install parts $40.00 plus transportation SOLD
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    F.S. D/S loop

    Two piece type with hardware. $50.00 plus shipping I will be out of town till 12-29 I will return all responses then. Thanks.
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    Hey Brit-Lightning

    Watching a TV (telly) show called Top Gear they said that you fellows are paying 7-9 US dollars per gallon of gas. We have allways heard about euro gas being much higher than here. Why is it so high? Is there a boat load of taxes on each gallon or do we just get a frequent buyer discount...
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    Walbro vs ford focus fuel pumps

    Anyone try the ford focus pumps, I have heard a lot of people using the walbros. Comments anyone?