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  1. fulanititoo8198

    WTB Forgestar F14's 18x10.5 or 18x11 Rear set only

    Already have the fronts, prefer piano black, but if priced right I will take any color and refinish them myself. Located in Florida. Only need the rear 2 in 18x10.5 or 18x11 with the appropriate offset for 11-14 Mustang. Thanks
  2. fulanititoo8198

    Weld RTS 15x10 Powdercoated with MT 295/55/15

    (2) 15x10 Weld RTS (perfect cond) Powdercoated Black (Paid 80.00 per wheel) (2) Mounted 295/55/15 MT SS Have some life left, but not much as seen the center is pretty worn down. I ran them at too high of PSI so center wore quicker. (2) Original Weld Center Caps Sold
  3. fulanititoo8198

    Quick relocating advice Hired in Southern, FL

    Trying my luck looking for some advice, took a position in Margate, Florida and I have 1 week to move to the area. Any areas to avoid or look for? So far I'm surprised at the rental prices for Florida. Looking for a single family home or town home to rent while I get settled. I can't find much...
  4. fulanititoo8198

    Flowmaster Outlaws

    Used, they are in great shape. They look and sound great. Thanks SOLD TY
  5. fulanititoo8198

    05-14 Strange 10 Way Adjustable Rear Shocks, New. FL

    New, never installed. Went a different route before I could use them. Local only, willing to meet. I am located in Volusia county Florida. Part number# STR-S6008LM SOLD, TY
  6. fulanititoo8198

    Xtian's Street CPR MT82 Stock Motor build From Paxton to Turbo

    Xtian's Street CPR MT82 Stock Motor build From Paxton to Turbo Pics! Excuse the long thread, this project has been gonig for over a year :eek: My goals with the car are pretty simple. Good street manners and over 135mph traps. I ditched the Paxton in order to get my powerband back, not...
  7. fulanititoo8198

    FS NJ Used Mcleod RXT Clutch

    650.00 Firm at this time. Mcleod RXT Twin Disc Clutch See pictures clutch worked perfectly prior to removal. Removed to switch to turbo and get trans built due to a synchronizer issue. Went with a full face clutch this time around. Thanks!
  8. fulanititoo8198

    Need SUV buying advice under 25k/MPG/ Tow the coyote.

    Looking for suggestions to help narrow down an SUV. Always owned Sedans and sports car so don't know jack about SUVs and in a bit of a hunch for time. Thanks in advance. I'll admit I haven't seen an SUV towing a 11-14 Mustang only trucks. Top prioritiies Under 25k Good MPG Warranty 2012 and...
  9. fulanititoo8198

    Very weird issue with widebands on single Coyote

    SCT My set up is a single turbo with two 02 sensor bungs in the downpipe. One is for the OEM (passenger side) wideband sensor and the other for my AEM wideband sensor. The oem driver wideband is unplugged/not used and turned off in the tune. The issue is in livelink at wide open...
  10. fulanititoo8198

    Opinions on Mt82 issue

    I have 24k on the MT82 so far it's been an awesome trans with 100's of drag passes, drag radial launches, etc. Changed over to an RXT with Alum flywheel at around due to clutch slip and within approx 2000 miles i started having an issue. At first it shifted perfect now it will only shift from...
  11. fulanititoo8198

    WTB Weld RTS 15x10 Rears only with or without tires

    Local preferred, able to drive a bit to pick up or meet loc Central NJ. Don't care if polished or black. 2013 GT Fitment. Thanks
  12. fulanititoo8198

    Paxton Cold Air Intake Setup Steeda Intake and AEM Filter

    Powder coated black intake with black AEM dry filter (under 2k on the filter). Biggest filter that will fit in the engine bay with this configuration. For use with Paxton or Vortech I wasn't happy with the JLT and this setup is much nicer. The intake is a Steeda that I cut to fit. It's Powder...
  13. fulanititoo8198

    FS JBA Off Road X Pipe NJ

    Used, comes with SS band clamps. Loc: NJ, Local only. Not shipping. Willing to meet within reason. 20.00 Deposit to meet. Price lowered 150 Firm, Paypal add 3 %. Link to product Thanks
  14. fulanititoo8198

    FS Used Lethal Performance Gen2 Over Axle Pipes

    Lethal Performance Mustang 2-3/4" T304 S.S. GEN2 Over Axle Pipe LP-FM4V5011OAP-GEN2 1 Loc: NJ Local only!! Will drive to meet within reason 20.00 deposit required to meet. I've had these for a little over 6 mo. I have them coated in high temp black for corrosion resistance, they are in...
  15. fulanititoo8198

    FS: JPC Tial 50mm BOV Setup & JPC Block Off plate

    Has about 4-5k on it excellent condition comes with everything including the JPC block off plate. Yes it is loud, but I was told it improves signal quality hence why I ran it. BOV is in excellent condition no scratches. Worth mentioning intercooler pipe does have a scrape. Loc: Prefer local NJ...
  16. fulanititoo8198

    Beefcake Racing Torque Booster NJ/FL

    FS : Beefcake Racing Torque Booster NJ/FL Includes: Tial WG, Pipe, Green HD belt, 3.33 Pulley Loc: NJ local preferred. I can ship continental US flat rate of 25.00 with tracking and ins. It has about 2-3k mi on it. Selling because I sold the Paxton. I don't recommend anyone running a Paxton...
  17. fulanititoo8198

    Can you take front cover off Paxton 2200 while on the car?

    Would like to polish or powder my cover on the Paxton Novi 2200 it looks like a few small bolts behind the housing and it should come off pretty easy. Has anyone done this? Looks like it can be done without taking anything else off except the bottom intercooler pipe. Thanks! Borrowed...
  18. fulanititoo8198

    How to get rid of the BUS size steering wheel?

    I've come to realize that my number 1 gripe about the interior is the steering wheel. Does no one else think it is huge?! I would hate to lose the airbag since I drive on the street. Also, is there anyway to change the ratio to a tighter one? A smaller wheel would mean even a higher steering...
  19. fulanititoo8198

    Video: Paxton 5.0 VS GTRs

    I'm pretty tired of Drag Racing so went out to a roll racing event. Definitely not the best videos out there, but glad I got some footage. Most of the cars were 650+ HP with some doing 1200+. Ran my Paxton 5.0 with Tq booster and E85 ( Tested at 80) tune was hitting 3 deg of knock but it ran...
  20. fulanititoo8198

    East Coast Roll Racing Event Pics/Videos TONS

    DSC_7917_1708 by XtnRN, on Flickr DSC_7892_1706 by XtnRN, on Flickr DSC_7864_1705 by XtnRN, on Flickr DSC_7859_1704 by XtnRN, on Flickr DSC_7857_1703 by XtnRN, on Flickr DSC_7853_1702 by XtnRN, on Flickr DSC_7840_1701 by XtnRN, on Flickr DSC_7836_1700 by XtnRN, on Flickr...
  21. fulanititoo8198

    2013 Mustang Base Brake setup ( Calipers, Lines, SHields, Pads,)

    A little under 20k Miles on them they are 13.2 inch rotors. Both Calipers have the G2 Black coating. Excellent condition. I am selling because I upgraded to a GT500 setup. These would be a cool project or addition to an older model stang for cheap. Might even work as a rear brake setup...
  22. fulanititoo8198

    HUGE Thanks to Revolution Automotive! Paxton GT/Tq Booster/93 and E85

    Revolution Automotive *Updated* I have 13 GT 6 Speed with a base Paxton kit and AED remote tune. The car was doing 11.4's at 122-124 on a 275 drag radial at the time. Talked to Terry at Beefcake and picked up a torque booster with the 3.33 pulley and green belt. Shauns AED tune was perfect, but...
  23. fulanititoo8198

    WTB Door Inserts Black

    Want to buy door inserts need the LT and the RT. Black only to fit a 2013 GT. Thanks
  24. fulanititoo8198

    WTB Door Inserts Black

    Want to buy door inserts need the LT and the RT. Black only to fit a 2013 GT. Thanks Accidentally posted in wrong section unable to move.
  25. fulanititoo8198

    Knock/Lean Warning system?

    I'm pushing the upper limits of my stock Coyote and would feel much better if I had a simple buzzer to alert me. Such as an audible tone for knock lets say over 2 deg. and same with Air fuel. You guys have any safe guards like this? I am thinking of using the Aeroforce Gauge and wiring a relay...