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  1. Double"O"

    New years fun!

    Just spent the afternoon getting ready to piss off the whole valley lol Whay are yalls plans for tonight? Mwuahaha lol
  2. Double"O"

    The James Webb Space Telescope is safely in space!

    The most powerful telescope ever just reached earth orbit a few mins ago!!
  3. Double"O"

    RIP Al Unser Sr lost a legend today RIP Champ
  4. Double"O"

    Good old Aussie V8 holden laying the smack

    Love that sound...and that track is awesome!!!
  5. Double"O"

    Fw190 flying...WW2 acft buffs inside

    Prolly my favorite acft of WW2...totally an awseome machine and it earned its name "butcher bird" Luckily they ran low on drivers and resouces to build more Sure the me109 looked and sounded better as did the spitfire and the mustangs but man the 190 was an evel beast...much smaller but very...
  6. Double"O"

    A years worth of difference.

    Last year i buried my mother and about 6 months after i began to transform the old homestead into what ive always wanted that place to be Here is a pic from this day last year....the house i grew up in Pic from today...almost done Barn/shed from before Today Hopefully my parents are...
  7. Double"O"

    Housing market is still solid in my neck of the woods!

    My house with the market yesterday...i have two showing today, one tomorrow and one sunday...hasnt been on the market 24hrs yet Damn!
  8. Double"O"

    Su-57 flight demo

    Impressive...most impressive
  9. Double"O"

    Pretty cool mew Arron Lewis Song. "Am i the the only one"

    Totally diggin the lyrics!!!
  10. Double"O"

    Top Fuel engineering...really cool vid

    Awesome and super informative TF stuff
  11. Double"O"

    Funny Larry Bird stories

    I always enjoyed watching Bird make people look stupid on the court in the 80s...dude saw the court waaay better than the time however i didnt know how much funny shit he talked lol He would.hjrt some feelings if he were in his prime today like the 80s
  12. Double"O"

    The Double"O" garage / mancave is underway!

    Several years ago i took over the family farm while my parents were still alive, they lived there and paid the taxes until they both passed away ( my dad 2 years ago and my mother back in june). Me intentions all along were to build there...well he we go! Gonna be 40x52, full insulation, heat...
  13. Double"O"

    Turn up your speakers and enjoy some F1

    My dog wasnt as impressed as i was with this vid in Bose Surround lol
  14. Double"O"

    Is the V1 detector still the standard?

    Playing around with getting a radar detector the mighty V1 still the standars or is there something better these days? I see they have a gen 2 out now
  15. Double"O"

    Explosion in Nashville

    What the is goin on? Looks like a helluva a bang...Anfo maybe? Explosion that rocked Nashville on Christmas morning appears to be 'intentional act,' police say
  16. Double"O"

    I'm curious where these gents put their balls...

    232 on a damn bike!!! I remeber the first time i saw a prostock bike race and i said "**** that"...a few dsys later i saw my first nitro harley race and i said "wtf? Who thought of this shit?" was awesome lol
  17. Double"O"

    So i bought a 2003 Viper...sorta

    2003 yamaha Viper that is...124hp of 700cc triple 2 stroke goodness...modded suspension, exhaust and a new and studded track...brought it home the other day...hoping ride her tomorrow Idle
  18. Double"O"

    Tyson vs Jones...tonight

    Boxing Streams Live Live stream
  19. Double"O"

    15+ f150 lightbulb upgrades?

    what are ya guys using? My stockers are fine but after 110k on my 15 screw i want something better. Just looking for a better bulb...plug and play Tks
  20. Double"O"

    Last day of bass fishin for the year

    had a 3 day tourny last week...20 boats. Did ok the first day and got a limit, second day sucked ass with only 1 fish, 3rd day another limit...a good limit (2nd best for the day) but too little too late...ended up 8th overall Day 2 was 23F at the launch time...60mph at that temp ****in hurts...
  21. Double"O"

    Die doggie die

    Took my new Fox Pro call out last night with my 22-250. My second set found this bitch! I had at 2 coming because i could here them singin and then this one came out all perked up and looking for the rabbitt she could hear...all she found was a 50gr hollow point
  22. Double"O"

    Anyone know anything about annuities?

    long story short when my mother passed away a few months ago i found she had 2 annuities. What is the best course of action for me to take? They arent substantial by any means but i dont want to get shafted by the IRS either Tks gents
  23. Double"O"

    Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr!

    Sept 12..hell yes I'm gonna waste my money on this !!!! Mike Tyson returns to boxing in exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr.
  24. Double"O"

    Go outside and check out comet neowise

    Now on the horizon below the big dipper Looks awesome!
  25. Double"O"

    So who is it gonna be?

    Who is gonna be the first on here get the Godzilla crate motor and do a turbo build?