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  1. mustangc

    Michelin Cup 2 for 13-14 GT500

    I need new tires for my 2014 GT500. Stock tire size is 265/40R-19 front and 285/35R-20 rear. According to, I can now (finally!) get Cup 2’s for my car. They are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect (240). I can’t seem to find these on Discount Tires website. Can I get them?
  2. mustangc

    Design “revisions”

    I saw in the Ford Performance Email today an article that talked about the small details they have changed between the time the vehicle was unveiled and when it went into production. Basically, they highlighted three changes. Two of which I hate and the third I can’t notice. 1) Chrome Outline...
  3. mustangc

    Request for TOB, JLT, Bob's... Oil Seperator technology

    We've seen great videos from the oil sep guys on here comparing technology and perfromance of their kits. We've also seen TOB do great technical write-ups of the factory and Ford Racing stuff. The new Ford Racing Parts catalog shows a new Oil-Air separator for the 2015-16 Mustang GT...
  4. mustangc

    JLT Carbon intake tube question, plus a tuning related question

    Anyone who remembers me knows I'm uneasy about the concept of letting anyone outside of Ford tune my GT500. Since Ford Performance Parts has chosen to offer nothing for the Trinity in that respect, I'm limiting my mod list to items that don't require a tune. I'm considering a silencer delete...
  5. mustangc

    Mass Production before official power numbers released?

    I was at the Indiana SAAC Shelby Spring Fling last weekend and Ford brought an early preproduction 2016 Mustang GT black package. We know that Ford has promised to build a very limited quantity of 2015 GT350 and GT350R's. Ford's reluctance to release the official power numbers for this car is...
  6. mustangc

    Trinity 5.8 to live on in S550

    I know this topic belongs in the 2015+ section! but the threads there haven't concentrated on this point! and I think it's relevant to this group. Car and Driver is saying that the Trinity 5.8 we've grown to love will live on, at least initially, in the S550 platform. 2015 Ford Mustang...
  7. mustangc

    2014 Grabber Blue Glass Roof Pictures

    Here are a few pics of my Grabber Blue white stripe, glass roof 2014 Shelby GT500. The lighting isn't optimal and the setting leaves a lot to be desired but I figured I'd post these anyway. I used a good 24MP DSLR Nikon camera, but scaling the images down to fit this (800x600) format lost a...
  8. mustangc

    Grabber Blue production ending early

    My dealer sent me a text last week and said my car was scheduled, to call him for more info. When I called, he said he had double good news. Not only was my car scheduled, but mine was probably going to be the last grabber blue Mustang produced. He explained that a couple weeks ago they had...
  9. mustangc

    Edmunds: Smaller, lighter, includes numbers

    Here is a new story from edmunds that gives some ballpark numbers to the oft heard rumor of weight and size reduction for 2015. 2015 Ford Mustang Goes on a Diet |
  10. mustangc

    Road & Track: Flat Crank 600hp 5.4 NA GT350

    I just read a new article tonight about the 2015 Mustang. In addition to the base 305 hp V6, optional 350 hp 2.3L Ecoboost I4 and 450 hp 5.0 V8, they claimed information about the GT350: a flat crank V8 revving over 7000 rpm, likely displacing 5.4L, and generating nearly 600 hp. My guess is it...
  11. mustangc

    Finally got the Black Swan Reference

    When the commercial for the 2013 Mustang came out, I think TOB highlighted the 'Black Swan' reference near the end of the commercial when the Shelby drove by. I looked around briefly but saw so many interpretations of Black Swan that I couldn't clearly define what the reference was supposed to...
  12. mustangc

    Have we missed something big?

    Anyone else notice that the outboard rear wheel doesn't align very well with the inboard rear wheel? If this is a stick axle car, I would have expected the outboard (driver's side) wheel to have a little more negative camber in order for the axle to line up and connect with the fully extended...
  13. mustangc

    Boss 302 Track Key and Launch Control Demonstration Video

    This is a video of the 2012 Boss 302 using the track key. One of the Ford engineers is demonstrating how the "launch control" works. It is more like a simple 2-stage rev limitor than a dynamic launch control. The best part about it is that it cuts fuel to maintain the launch RPM, (as opposed...
  14. mustangc

    Happy 47th Birthday, Mustang

    I know this is not a Shelby specific post, but I wanted to remind everyone that our wild stallion turned 47 years old today. On April 17th, 1964 the Mustang was officially unveiled at the New York World's Fair. What started out as a secretary's car, an inexpensive, sporty car targeted directly...
  15. mustangc

    Boss 302 $41k, Leguna Seca 48k

    I hear it is old news now (it was on another prominant Mustang site several days ago...), but since it has not been posted yet here I figured I would start the thread. The MSRP, including destination and delivery, for the 2012 Boss 302 is reported to be $40,995. Recaro seats and Torsen...
  16. mustangc

    Coyote in a '96 Mystic

    I'm considering swapping in a Coyote 5.0 into my 1996 Mystic. The easy 400 horsepower would be fun in my car, and I might be able to upgrade to the Ford Racing supercharger kit in the future. Here are my concerns with this motor. If anyone has answers, I'd appreciate your input. Also, feel...
  17. mustangc

    Up to 624 hp with Ford Racing S/C!!!

    I can't believe this isn't being hotly discussed. Maybe it is new news, but Ford Racing's supercharger kits for the 5.0 are being released at 525 hp/470 ft-lb with 7psi and warranty, or for $300 more you can get a 624 hp/536 ft-lb, 9 psi tune. The price is extremely salty at $7200 for the...
  18. mustangc

    2005 5.4 3V missing at WOT

    I have a 2005 5.4 3V that has a horrible miss at WOT. When driving around normally the truck behaves just fine, but when I floor it to pass traffic the engine pulls, then stumbles, then pulls a little, then stumbles some more. The check engine light flashes and the vehicle goes into "limp...
  19. mustangc

    Intercooled Kenne Bell 1996 Cobra

    I posted this in the Kenne Bell Forum but didn't get much response. Perhaps someone here can be more helpful. "I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the fact that all KB kits for the '96-'98 Cobras are non-intercooled. There simply wasn't enough room to drop an '03 Cobra style...
  20. mustangc

    Audio System Opinions in GT500

    When you build and price a 2010 GT500 on Ford's website, if you click the navigation option, both the Shaker 500 and Shaker 1000 options are unavailable. I assume the sound with Navigation is still at Shaker 500 levels, but I don't know. I'd like to hear the opinions of GT500 owners on your...