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  1. Ebeeson0502

    Rock Auto 03/04 Caliper Rebuild Kit

    BNIB Rebuild kit for brake calipers from Rock Auto. free photo upload post images $15 Shipped
  2. Ebeeson0502

    LFP Hubcentric 3/8 Spacers

    Bought these used from a member here, never got around to doing what I wanted with them so passing them on. image hosting 10mb limit $65 Shipped
  3. Ebeeson0502

    Maximum Motorsports Open Ended Lug Nuts

    BNIB images hosting $25 Shipped!
  4. Ebeeson0502

    MIL Eliminators from AM

    Brand new, never used MIL Eliminators from American Muscle upload gif $30 Shipped
  5. Ebeeson0502

    Anchor Room 99-04 Sidemarker tint

    Brand new Anchor Room Side marker tint for 99-04 Mustangs. jpg images $10 Shipped
  6. Ebeeson0502

    Black Fender Emblems and SVT emblem.

    Brand new, never used. 2 flat black cobra fender emblems and a flat back SVT trunk emblem. $25 Shipped. uploading pictures
  7. Ebeeson0502

    2003/2004 2 piece Colgan Bra

    Cars been gone for a year now, just selling some left over parts! Selling a black 2 piece Colgan Bra for 03/04 cobras. Its in great condition! Looking for $120 shipped.
  8. Ebeeson0502

    XXR 531's 18x9.5/18x11

    Selling my BNIB XXR 531's. I ending up selling my car and never got around to putting these on. Looking for $500, I'm located in the SFV in Chatsworth, CA. I am not looking to ship ATM.
  9. Ebeeson0502

    Bunch of Items for sale in the SFV(03/04 Cobra)

    Sold the Cobra, looking to liquidate the extra items I have. Id rather not ship anything if possible. Thanks!
  10. Ebeeson0502

    New Custom Cobra Wheels!

    Getting them mounted Friday!!!
  11. Ebeeson0502

    Texas 224R(Comp Cam) for LSX Looking for $350 plus PP fees and shipping. Will trade for cobra related items, not really looking for anything in particular but let me know what you got! Retails for $399...
  12. Ebeeson0502

    Instructions for colgan bra??

    Anybody happen to have a scan or pictures of how to install a colgan bra??? Thanks!!!
  13. Ebeeson0502

    WTS Razer Mouse/Keyboard and Astro A50

    Sold my gaming computer, looking to sell the rest of my stuff. I have a black widow ultimate keyboard, razer ouroboros mouse and Astro A50 Wireless headset (Astro A50) (Razer Ouroboros Mouse)...
  14. Ebeeson0502

    WTB bra for cobra

    Looking to buy a bra for my cobra, will be making a long trip soon and Id like some added protection. If anybody has an old ford one lying around id be interested or maybe even a colgan bra. Thanks!
  15. Ebeeson0502

    Great deal on Gopro 4 silver Website says out of stock online and not in stores, but when I pulled the exact same thing up on my phone it said it was...
  16. Ebeeson0502

    Opinions on these 26 Spline Input shafts?

    Opinions on these 26 Spline Input shafts? (20 In stock!) Been watching the horrible shortage and just happened to randomly check out ebay and found these. Decent prices considering what they've been selling for. Am I missing something here or is this a good opportunity? They have a lot of...
  17. Ebeeson0502

    Great Sale on Protein Powder! They had a sale yesterday for 30% off with the code 30OFF. I tried the code today and it still works then i randomly tried 40OFF and that works as well. Dunno how long it will last for sure. So 40% off some pretty tasty protein powder is a sweet deal! 40% off...
  18. Ebeeson0502

    Max Advanced Brakes?

    Has anybody had any dealings with this company? They are out of Canada I happened across a rotor/brake package for 03/04 cobra for $141 which is crazy cheap. Any opinions on this...
  19. Ebeeson0502

    Need SVTP's help. Friend has fallen on hard times! I've never posted something like this before but seeing my friend go through what he's going through is pretty awful. I've seen SVTP come together on things like this and help spread the word to help people out. I set up a funds jar at work and after a...
  20. Ebeeson0502

    Movie - Rage. Mustang chase scene filming error!

    I was just watching Rage on Netflix, and he appears to be driving a 40th anniversary mustang chasing some bad dudes but when changing scenes the car magically becomes a newer model on the inside shots once then back to stock in other shots. Interesting little mess up imo All taken from the...
  21. Ebeeson0502

    Ebay find, Comp Orange Maisto Cobra Not mine but I figured id share this with you guys, I know somebody here might like to have it!
  22. Ebeeson0502

    Finally got a Terminator!

    I finally got back into a mustang this past Saturday, it will be my third mustang. First was a 2002 GT, then a 99 Cobra, now a 2003 Cobra! Bought it from a member on here from KS, drove 7 hours to go get it. Very stand up guy and great communication the whole way through. This was my 99, just...
  23. Ebeeson0502

    A dogs last day on earth Pretty sad imo
  24. Ebeeson0502

    WTB F1A Cobra

    Looking to get into another cobra soon. Id really like to find an F1A if possible, will entertain whipple and KB as well. Id prefer a VERT. Torch Red, White, Blue, Silver and might possibly entertain black if really clean. I know its a long shot finding a F1A vert, but its worth a...
  25. Ebeeson0502

    Another horrible ebay find! Its not bad as most, but that exhaust is beyond ****ing stupid