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  1. Turbin8r

    FOR SALE: 2003 Turbo Ultimate Street Cobra

    I've decided to sell my dream car after 2.5 years and 400 miles of driving. Between other projects/work and the birth of my son, I have no free time to enjoy the car and think the funds will be better placed elsewhere. I've got far more than asking invested as you'd imagine so my loss is your...
  2. Turbin8r

    Automatic Center Console Cleanup

    I decided to clean up my center console. My old setup had a B&M pro stick bolted directly to the tunnel and the center console/shifter bezel was considerably hacked up. I decided to purchase a new shifter (black) and a bolt in pedestal from Tig Vision in black. I also purchased a good used cobra...
  3. Turbin8r

    New Member, Legendary Terminator

    Good afternoon and Happy 4th Everyone! I've been a long-time lurker, but never a registered user until today. I have owned my cobra for 2.5 years as of tomorrow and have put 398 miles on it in that time. Here are the details: 2003 Black Cobra 47117 Miles Built 4R70W w/all options (MVB, TB...