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  1. Coiled03

    Router suggestions

    I finally told Comcast/Xfinity to **** off yesterday, and cut the cord. At the same time, I signed up for fiberoptic internet. As part of all this, I can no longer use the cable modem/router combination I was using because it uses co-ax cable, whereas the fiberoptic modem doesn't. So, I'm...
  2. Coiled03

    Spotify users, I need some help.

    I don't know if I'm just dumb, or this is something that can't be done......or both. I'm a Spotify premium subscriber. I have all my local songs in my Spotify library. I created a playlist containing all local files. I also downloaded that playlist to my phone. The issue I'm having is that...
  3. Coiled03

    Recommend a VPN

    Just ordered a fire TV stick, and thought it'd be a good time to get a VPN. Do any of you have any strong feelings about which one to use? I tried NordVPN once before and I felt like it was choking my internet speeds, plus the setup seemed complex, though maybe that was just user error. I've...
  4. Coiled03

    Condensation/water in the clothes dryer. WTF?

    Anybody ever had this happen? I bought a new clothes dryer maybe 2 - 3 weeks ago. I had a new vent line to the wall installed as well. Ever since, I've noticed sometimes when I open the door to put in a load of clothes, there's condensation. Sometimes, it's bad enough to form a small puddle...
  5. Coiled03

    Any kayakers in here?

    I'll be doing a calm water kayak tour of the Colorado River around Vegas in late September. I'm woefully uninformed on what kind of equipment to wear, or bring, and could use some guidance I've been told to bring a small waterproof bag for my phone (duh). Probably need to take a hat and...
  6. Coiled03

    Dipstick popping out?

    Got the oil changed in my 3.5L EB at the dealer today. Don't judge me lol. Anyhow, I'm driving home on the highway, look in the rear view mirror and realize I'm blowing blue smoke everywhere. It seemed to stop, so I drove it the rest of the way home about another 5 or 10 minutes. I realized...
  7. Coiled03

    Hand held vacuums for cleaning vehicles....what do you recommend?

    Looking to get a small hand held vacuum for cleaning the inside of my vehicle. Do you guys have any suggestions? The last one I had was a Black & Decker dust buster if that tells you how long its been. I suppose if the prices are comparable, I'd also consider a full size shop vac. But, I...
  8. Coiled03

    Star Trek: Picard

    Yep...I'm all in for this.
  9. Coiled03

    If fire could be sent through the internet

    SVTP would be burned to the ground after this:
  10. Coiled03

    2018 F150 compass not working

    I noticed this morning the in-dash compass on my 2018 F150 isn't working. No matter what direction I'm headed, it says "W". I can't find a reset procedure, anywhere. I think the reason is because it's getting data from the GPS unit, then passing that to the dash display. Is there any way to...
  11. Coiled03

    Your favorite authors?

    I like to read......a lot. However, the length of the the list of authors I like to read probably doesn't reflect my appetite. In the spirit of trying to find some new material, tell me who your favorite authors are, and your favorite book from each. Maybe all us bookworms can pick up a few...
  12. Coiled03

    2018 F150 stability/traction control question

    2018 F150 3.5L 4x4 is the vehicle in question. So, I just about wrecked this morning on an icy bridge. I was accelerating onto the highway, and the real wheels broke loose. I was expecting the traction control to kick in, as I've never so much as touched the off button on the dash. However...
  13. Coiled03

    Anybody every tried or something similar?

    Did you learn anything interesting? I've thought about doing it, just to see if where I think my family is from is true. I've also thought about getting a kit for my parents. But I'm not sure what I, or they, would potentially learn is worth the price. Just wondering if anyone has any really...
  14. Coiled03

    Good Porsche forums?

    What are the best Porsche forums you guys know about? I'm sure there's nothing as good as SVTP, but still, there have to be some decent ones. My dad is always amazed when I tell him about all the things I learn about here. He always says, "I should find one of those forums", lol. I know he...
  15. Coiled03

    Issues with Sync 3 and playlists

    We all love Sync 3, right? For the most part, I do. But one thing I really don't like is the fact that it won't recognize playlists I've created on my phone. I use VLC player as my audio player on my phone, and I've created a few playlists with it. But, when I connect my phone (doesn't...
  16. Coiled03

    Anybody ever tried one of these....

    Rado Car High Pressure Cleaning Tool Saw a video on YouTube about it. Seemed crazy. Could you just make something similar from a few items at Lowe's, or HD?
  17. Coiled03

    2018 twin panel moonroof leaks

    So, I went through an automatic car was the other day just to get the summer bugs off my truck. The shade on the twin panel moon roof was open, and I noticed a bit of a leak between the two panels when the high pressure rinse went by. I've been reading, and some people will say this is normal...
  18. Coiled03

    Wheel cleaners

    So, WTF? Is there a such thing as a spray on, rinse off wheel and tire cleaner that actually works on brake dust, etc.? I went through a bottle of mothers, and I swear, each time I tried it, it disappointed me. There was always residual brake dust on the wheels, or the tires didn't get clean.
  19. Coiled03

    Oil change intervals

    My 2018 F150 3.5L EB truck is coming up on 2K miles, so it got me to thinking, it might be time for an oil change soon. But, I looked at the owners' manual, and it says the first recommended change is at 10K miles! Can that be right? Is anyone actually following that schedule? If not, what...
  20. Coiled03

    Auto climate control and SYNC 3

    For anyone who has auto climate control in their Ford vehicle, I've got a question. I though I read somewhere that if climate control is set to auto, the outside temperature determines whether or not it starts with A/C on, or not. Specifically, I thought I read 72 degrees F is the threshold...
  21. Coiled03

    Window cleaning.

    Probably a stupid question, but here goes.... Is there any EASY way to tell if your windows are truly clean, and streak free? It seems like whenever I clean my windows and I think I'm done, if I look at them in just the right light, I'll find streaks, smears, etc. It's almost like trying to...
  22. Coiled03

    FORScan mods

    Mods feel free to move if you see fit. Just thought this would get more visibility in RS. Thread to discuss all things related to FORScan. Here's a link to massive thread discussing it: FORScan - software to enable/disable features in your truck - Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck...
  23. Coiled03

    Window tint experts, step in please.

    Does anyone know with certainty whether or not factory privacy glass offers any UV protection, or heat rejection? I'm going to tint the windows on my new truck. My original plan was to just do the front two windows and match the transparency as close to the factory rears as possible. Now, I'm...
  24. Coiled03

    Recommendations for washing buckets?

    I've been out of the game of giving a crap about my car for awhile, now. Haven't had one worth taking care of for years. Anyhow, I'm trying to get back into it, and need to get some basics. I'm looking for two buckets with grit guards. So far, the only ones I've seen are Chemical Guys, and...
  25. Coiled03

    Anyone with a 2.7L EB F150 regret not getting the 3.5?

    So, I'm looking at EB F150s, and I've been pretty focused on a 3.5L, or 5.0, preferably the 3.5 cuz dat torque. But, I rarely tow anything, if ever, so I wonder if I'm unnecessarily limiting my options. Is the 2.7L noticeably weaker/slower when not towing? Anybody who has a 2.7L regret not...