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    WTB: Boosted 2015+ Mustang GT Premium

    Auto trans only. No black or silver exterior. Orange exterior preferred.
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    Miata spits flames

    Got a little exhaust video of the homo hooptie today & she spits flames on the 1-2 shift. The little engine that could! Wish I did this at night now. Still want to get an in car video for blower whine & so you can pack a lunch to watch the needle move.
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    C8 Corvette spy shots & video

    Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Spy Photos - New 2018 C8 Corvette Photos
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    Shelby will roll out 10 new limited-edition ’67 Mustang GT500 Super Snakes

    Shelby will roll out 10 new limited-edition ’67 Mustang GT500 Super Snakes
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    Update your W-4!

    Free W-4 Withholding Calculator by TurboTax Don't forget to make sure you don't need to update it with the new tax laws. Looks like I need to.
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    Have $700k under your mattress?

    You can lease this awesome machine Got Crazy Cash? Lease a Pagani Huayra for Only $25,339 a Month
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    Post awesome song lyrics here

    Can anybody find me somebody to love? Each morning I get up I die a little Can barely stand on my feet (take a look at yourself) Take a look in the mirror and cry Lord, what you're doing to me I have spent all my years in believing you But I just can't get no relief, Lord! Somebody, somebody...
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    Dodge Demon fed up with ZL1 & McLaren gapping...

    So they have now gone incognito!
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    ZL1 lease quote

    Itchy trigger finger on buying a new toy made me reach out to get lease quotes on a ZL1 since we know the Hellcat can be leased for $500 a month. The attached is what I got. The other dealers couldn't/wouldn't quote because they either had none on the lot or no allocation. Keep in mind, I only...
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    Classic car shops in Toms River, NJ area?

    A friend is looking to get some work done on a couple cars & Coastal Classics is backed up. Any other reputable shops he should call?
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    Celebrities that are likely bad in bed

    We all find certain celebs attractive and want to tag them, but let's talk about who we think might be a bad lay. I find Sandra Bullock & Emma Stone very attractive, but I can see Sandra being not all that good in bed.
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    Recommend a good auto paint shop

    In the KOP, PA area please.
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    We may as well give up

    Survey from last year, but yea.... Listening to Adam Carolla's podcast today, there was a survey on millennials & most cannot change a tire or even open the hood to their car. WTF?!
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    Remington files for bankruptcy
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    Help me choose my next car...

    UPDATE 5/28/18: Did some more driving today. First, a 2017 F-Type w/the blown 6 banger b/c no local V8 S. It'd take some getting used to looking out the small rear window & those blindspots, oof. I was very impressed with the interior. Even the headliner was leather. Had power adjustable side...
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    Picked up John Cena's Ford GT

    Added these 2 gems to my collection today. I might be nuts.
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    What state to move to?

    There's really nothing keeping me in PA & I hate cold weather. With the housing market bs, I'm thinking take another stab at looking into getting the hell out & go somewhere else with better weather & lower COL. I've been applying to jobs in South FL for years (I have close friends that live...
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    FS: 2006 Mazdaspeed6 Grand Touring AWD Turbo

    2006 Mazdaspeed6 Grand Touring Velocity Red Mica over Black leather 6 speed manual trans & AWD Navigation 88k miles Heated seats & keyless go I'm the 2nd owner and have had it since 2013. Clean title in hand. It has been rock solid reliable. Drive it anywhere. Oil always changed with Rotella...
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    I will take two
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    The housing market

    Is it just my area or everywhere with limited supply of homes for sale driving up prices to stupid levels? Hell, the new apartments being built in my area cost more to rent than a mortgage on a modest home. WTF?! Are we due for another crash or do us buyers just need to wait it out till supply...
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    More power for the 2019 Miata?

    Might get bumped to 181. Needs 200+ IMO, but some is better than none. Maybe stop modding my NA & wait for used 2019s to hit the market....
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    Bah, just toss that wing on...

    Is it just me or do too many new cars have wings that look like an afterthought? The C7 ZR1, the 6th Gen ZL1 1LE & now the Civic Si after seeing it in person today. I guess Dodge is the only one that got it right with the Viper.
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    Please enter for laughs...

    I should have started this years ago as many gems are lost forever, but better late than never! I decided to start a blog showcasing the LOLs of my recent experiences online dating. Interactions, meetings and genius profiles that I come across. I just started it yesterday so nonsense will be...
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    Transgender boy Mack Beggs wins Texas state girls' wrestling title
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    So I'm scrolling through a dating site...

    & came across this profile. I could not help myself[emoji23] [emoji23] Punchline in post #2... Sent from my [device_name] using the mobile app