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  1. SVTDavid

    Amazing driving and riding, sorta funny video

    Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2 - YouTube This car sounds amazing.
  2. SVTDavid

    Tattoo revenge.. epic win

    Tatt-poo for cheating | The Sun |News That really sucks for the girl but that is hilarious.
  3. SVTDavid

    Just got done with my second session

    This is my first tattoo, I posted a while back after my first session a few people said they wanted to see it so here's whats done after my second session. 1 more session and some color. Uploaded with
  4. SVTDavid

    The Perfect Woman

    I literally fell out of my chair and ROFL'd. YouTube- The Perfect Woman :lol:
  5. SVTDavid

    Pic request

    Anyone have any more pictures or some info on this beast? :rockon::rockon:
  6. SVTDavid

    Natures NINJAS!!!

    I got this in an email some are creepy some are funny.
  7. SVTDavid

    LEOs only please

    Last night I was at my friends house having a few beers because it was my birthday. I turned 20 so there is still a 0 tolerance rule on driving with some beers in my system. I was on my way home when I was texting my friend back because he sent me a message saying happy birthday and apparently I...
  8. SVTDavid

    fresh ink

    This is my first tattoo, isn't finished yet I need to go back and get color and shading. Done by Jason Loui at Good Faith Tattoo in Boston. Tell me what you think.
  9. SVTDavid

    Question about Forza 3

    Is there a dragstrip? If so what part in the career do I get to race.
  10. SVTDavid

    Shake Weight for Women

    YouTube- Hilarious Shake Weight Exercise for Women Video :dancenana:
  11. SVTDavid

    Few pics of my friends build

    I am fully aware of the shit pictures I might have been under the influence of something. DSS 4.6 2V SuperMod Long Block w/ ported heads. And for shits and giggles..
  12. SVTDavid

    Me and my friends being oh SO silly

    YouTube- Party in the FIP / Party in the USA / MUSIC VIDEO That day was so fun..:dw:
  13. SVTDavid

    Question for BMW enthusiasts

    I am currently looking at a 1998 BMW 323is Coupe. It has a K&N air filter and a few other bolt ons. I don't know a lot about BMW's I'm more of a mustang guy, but does anyone know the track times for these stock? I don't want to spend $4500 on something that runs 16's. It is the 6 cylinder engine.
  14. SVTDavid

    Whats the best cure for a hangover?

    I am hungover as **** and would like to know what you guys use.
  15. SVTDavid

    Patriots D

  16. SVTDavid

    Crazy stop motion video

    This video is amazing. Epic Stop-Motion Battle -
  17. SVTDavid

    Multitask game

    This game gets ****ing hard. Multitask - Play it on Not Doppler
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    **** kite snowboarding

    YouTube - Magic Malik Bouchenafa snowkite in Algeria -lift accident
  19. SVTDavid

    Ahh..decisions decisions...

    I have been looking for a new toy for sometime and even though it's almost winter I really want a bike. I have narrowed my choices down to... 2007 Kawasaki 0 Miles 2008 Harley 1200 Custom or Low 0 Miles
  20. SVTDavid

    Hot stang!!!

    2000 Ford Mustang - 19" wheels - HOT STANG !!!!! :xpl:
  21. SVTDavid

    I need songs to walk out to

    People who see my posts probably realize I am a mixed martial artist but I need to find good songs to walk out to, any suggestions? I'm trying to make a playlist on my iPod to listen to before my fights all I have so far is Broadcasting by Comeback Kid and Dragula by Rob Zombie. Let me know some...
  22. SVTDavid

    Paintball Enthusiasts

    Paintball Enthusiasts look Pictures in link. For sale *SmartParts Ion Dye Grips CP Razor Drop Black CP Universal On/Off Adaptor Black Kilareaction magnetic ball detents Eclipse QEV New Desginz Blade Roller Trigger Red Smart Parts Ion Q-Lock Low Rise Locking Feed Neck Black...
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    Holy SH-- flying armbar

    YouTube - Flying armbar - armlock voador That's nuts, to think most people have trouble pulling off an armbar while wrestling.
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    Midget Muay Thai HAHAHA

    YouTube - Dwarf Midgets Killer Muay Thai Boxing Nasty Fighting I'm going to hell.
  25. SVTDavid

    To all you (tobacco) smokers out there

    I lol'd.