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    FS:Modded 2006 Corvette Z51 2LT Lamans Blue Coupe With Chrome Z06 Wheels

    Sold! Modded 06 Z51 2LT Lemans Blue coupe with A6 transmission with Chrome Z06 Wheels plus 2 extra Chrome 18" Z06 Wheels for the rear included. Mods are L92 heads,L76 intake,228R cam,Kooks longtube headers,Magnaflow exhaust,Vararam intake,ASP underdrive pulley,professionaly modded and...

    H/C C6 vs 98 Modded Honda 800 Interceptor

    One of my friends has a modded 98 Honda 800 Interceptor with a power commander,headers/full exhaust and K/N filter. We first raced 2 times at 60mph hit and i instantly pulled 2 cars till 110 than i started pulling hard on him and ended up 6 cars easy by 140:rockon: We also raced from a low roll...

    03 Sonic Blue Cobra For Sale

    I have a beautiful 03 Sonic Blue coupe that has 32,000 miles that i am willing to sell to make way for a new Shelby i plan on purchasing this year.Below is a list of mods that are done to the car.I can e-mail pictures to anyone interested in seeing my car.I live near Fort Wayne IN. if anyone...

    F/S:2003-2004 Cobra 12" JLT Cai Kit

    SOLD!!! I have a brand new JLT 12" Cai Kit that has the flame upgrade consisting of Sonic Blue/Silver outline tips! Absolutely georgeous and in perfect condition that was only on my car for only 1 month. I am starting to demod my car to make room for the new Shelby! I bought this kit during...

    UPR K Member Kit

    Anyone have this kit that includes K Member,coil over springs and a arms? Looking for opinions on quality and especially if it is noisy. I have heard this is a good weight reduction mod but some people i have talked to that have the QA1 and AJE K Member Kits tell me they are noisy and i really...

    UPR K Member Kit

    Anyone have this kit that includes K Member,coil over springs and a arms? Looking for opinions on quality and especially if it is noisy. I have heard this is a good weight reduction mod but some people i have talked to that have the QA1 and the AJE K Member kits tell me there noisy and i really...

    Smackdown IX at Norwalk October 22

    Any terminators planning on being there this friday,i am making the trip with several other cars in my area for this event which i have heard from many people is one of the best tracks for a racing event in the country!Hope to meet up with a few fellow terminators!

    New Best and Great time and MSC V2.0

    First of all i would like to thank all the vendors,Doug and Hank and everyone else that helped put this event together!! The day started with a very gloomy outlook cloudy and cold with a very strong crosswind with drizzle at times and the track was not there but late morning the VHT crew came...

    New Best [email protected]

    New best today at Mid-Michigan Motorplex :burnout: 60ft. 1.74 1/4 11.36 MPH 128.09 Here are my mods: Ported Blower Enkei RPF1 Wheels JD's Tune 2.80 Upper 2#Lower Metco 3.5 Alt.Pulley Accufab Throttle Body JBA Headers Magnaflow Offroad X-Pipe Magnaflow Catback UPR CAI...

    Installed PHP IRS Bushings and Toe Link Bars

    I just installed Paul's IRS bushings and his much stronger Toe Link Bar system for my IRS and the cars feels much more solid in the rear with no wheelhop and my IRS does not move around side to side at WOT like it did with the stock Toe Bars. I was highly reccommended by a buddy of mine that...

    IRS Toe Link Bars

    Does anyone sell a better aftermarket IRS toe link bar for our cars i know a friend of mine just had PHP install them on his car for wheelhop issues and he said he could tell a big difference after the install but paid alot for them. Just lookin for other options out there to choose from.

    IRS to Solid Axel Swap

    Is there a link or website that someone can direct me to see what all i need to complete the swap.Any input is appreciated!!

    Re Ported My Blower Larger

    Last weekend i went up to see a couple friends Joe(Soap) and Kevin(Rev-in) about porting my blower alittle more to see if there is anymore HP to be found by opening up the bottom more. These guys took my blower off and i watched them the whole time make every cut to how i described i wanted it...

    Anyone Try a K.B Boost a Pump On a Stock Eaton

    Could this help put more fuel in our tune by adding a K.B Boost a Pump to increase the voltage alittle for more fuel. It seems to me like you could adjust it on a dyno if your tune is allitle lean and increase the voltage some to pump more fuel out just like with the K.B cars. Whats your thought...

    Updated Dyno on My New Setup

    Well over the winter i decided to add a few mods to my car and finally dynoed it today with good results. Here are my mods and numbers: Ported Blower JBA Headers Magnaflow Catback Magnaflow Offroad X-Pipe Throttle Body and Intake UPR Triple Hook Quadrant GM Synchromesh Tranny Fluid UPR...

    UPR Quadrant Question

    Last year i was using the steeda quadrant with no problems but recently i decided to install the triplehook UPR quadrant using there cable and i cannot believe how much harder it is to push my clutch down compared to the way it was before. I have it set in the middle position underneath and have...

    Anyone who has broken a halfshaft

    On a eaton car making the normal 450-500HP when your halfshaft breaks is it always the bar that breaks or has anyone had there cv joint or hub break as well. I was told the bars is what breaks most of the time unless your running excess of 600 or more horsepower than we need to upgrade the cv...

    Dyno results from comparing a 2.80 upper against a 8 pound lower

    Passing some good info for ya,myself and Haveight went to the dyno today to compare my previous 2.80 pulley results from a few weeks ago to installing my stock upper pulley back on and installing a 8 pound lower to compare boost levels and dyno differences between the two and to somewhat of a...

    Anyone running no cats with a Magnaflow Catback

    I am considering cutting my cats out and welding a piece of pipe in place of the cats with MIL eliminators,i know it will be alittle louder but does a offroad pipe sound good with the Magnaflow Catback?

    SAE vs STD vs Actual HP Readings

    Doing alittle research just thought i would pass this on to you: SAE uses a barometer reading of 29.23 and a temperature of 77 degrees for part of its correction factor. STD uses a barometer reading of 29.92 and a temperature of 60 degrees for part of its correction factor and is usually...

    03 Pistons and Rods

    I have a friend that has a 96 Cobra with a Vortech installed and wants to know will the 03 rods and pistons work on this car and be balanced properly? Thanks!

    Apten Dyno Results

    After installing my ported blower yesterday i made a dyno appointment today and i am extremely happy with the results. First of all with these numbers i made today there was no ice,no tricks just ported power :beer: My car made: 520.6HP STD 502.4TQ STD 505.2HP SAE 487.5TQ SAE I would...

    Differences between Magnum Power and Ported Eaton

    What are the main differences between these 2 blowers,I have read where the Magnum Power Blower is almost identical to our stock Eaton with a different casing making it flow to a 120 producing a estimated 70HP and the ported Eaton is just what it says it ported producing nearly 35HP with our...

    New best 60ft. with Eagle F1 GS D3's

    Last week i just installed the new Eagle F1 GS-D3 285 40 17 on my stock rims so today i went to the track and ran a new best [email protected] with a 1.83 60ft. leaving just above idle. My previous best with the 315 Nitto drag radials was a 1.91 leaving just above idle so needless to say i am very...

    Michigan Performance Challenge!

    This Saturday is the 2nd annual Michigan Performance Challenge at Mid-Michigan Motorplex in Stanton MI. This event is open to everyone not just Lightnings,they have invited us 03 Cobra guys,corvette club,viper club and many other car car clubs.The gates open at 8:30 and the field i believe is...