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    So apparently someone at FSU thought it would be a good idea to make a twitter account for Jameis Winston open to the national public to ask him questions... The results are hilarious...
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    I cannot imagine what the future will be like if this becomes legal... :beer:
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    Attn: Treynor

    Looks like Ferrari is workin on a new toy for ya...
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    UGR Lamborghini Gallardo Stage 3R 2000whp

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    Koenigsegg One

    Droooooool... Koenigsegg One:1 Supercar Teased Ahead of Geneva Motor Show Debut » News "This image from Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg is a teaser of the company’s next big reveal at the Geneva Motor Show – a car with a 1:1 power to weight ratio. Making 1,340 horsepower and...
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    Man throws his 3yo off 52 story roof and then jumps...

    Wtf is wrong with people...
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    Mega Typhoon Haiyan coming: Top 12 storms to ever hit the PLANET
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    AMS just gave UGR some company...

    ALPHA OMEGA WORLD RECORD 8.25 @ 185MPH ALPHA OMEGA went to the track last night (7/11/13) to reclaim the fastest and quickest GT-R title. We’ve been tweaking and perfecting the car since the half mile even back in June where Omega took top honors with a 214mph half mile blast. OMEGA’s initial...
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    This might be proof the world is coming to an end...

    Chuck Norris lauds Tim Tebow, urges Jacksonville Jaguars to sign him - ESPN Chuck Norris Compares Himself To Tebow When Chuck Norris watches Tim Tebow, he sees a version of himself on the football field. As such, the ultimate tough guy has come to the defense of the beleaguered quarterback in...
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    This is the end

    This looks amazing!!! MNs0vQgCWY0 j463qtCRlxk
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    TX2K13 TT Aventador vs TT Gallardo vs 3Dx Evo

    Too bad they wouldn't run the Evo... OylXz7FXUOs
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    The famous TT 5.4 Mystichrome Cobra ready for TX2K13!

    The new owner Rex who bought Stacy's Supra(black 1500hp car from last year's event) bought the car and turned up the wick getting it ready to hit the streets of Tx this week... Made 1300hp(not this pull). Can't wait to see more videos of it...
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    If you're a car salesman post up!

    Seems like there is a decent amount of people in the business that post here. Might as well post up what you sell and your location in case we can help any members here out? Don't need to post your store in case that violates sponsor rules. I sell Volvo's here in NJ.
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    AMS Alpha R35 VR38 Billet Short Block coming...

    Looks like AMS is looking to step it up big time... Click on the link for pics: AMS/ALPHA Performance Engineering update: Billet VR38 Short Block | Alpha Series by Alpha Performance| Premium Nissan R35 GT-R Performance Upgrade Packages - "Behind the scenes here at AMS we are always...
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    SVTP help needed at work!

    This guy just crawled across my desk while I'm working... Good thing we're moving to a new location in a year! Lol he was actually only about a 1/2" long.
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    Zombies aren't just after your brains...

    They want your dog's too! Man Bites Dog, Eats Dog While High on 'Spice' - ABC News
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    Bachelor Party Ideas

    I'm the best man for my best friend's wedding in November and I've been designated to plan the bachelor party for it. I'm looking for some good ideas as to what to do for it? How many guys usually attend? My friend and I went over a list of people we thought should/would go and it looked to...
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    Man Dies After Eating Cocaine Hidden in Brother’s Buttocks

    Man Dies After Eating Cocaine Hidden in Brother’s Buttocks : Sandra Rose Bet that shit was fire!
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    Utah mom pleads guilty in virginity sale case

    And people say NJ is bad! Utah mom pleads guilty in virginity sale case - Yahoo! News
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    F/S: 2010 Camaro SS Auto Summit White w/ Black Stripes 13k miles

    I know this is probably the wrong site for this car but we're getting overloaded with muscle cars right now that we don't normally carry so I figured I'd list them here. 2010 Camaro SS automatic with 13,879 miles and bone stock. This car is super clean and is a one owner clean carfax...
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    F/S: 2010 Mustang GT Stock in NJ

    2010 Mustang GT Automatic with 20,490 miles and one owner no accidents. Car is mint. My dealer is just looking to unload the vehicle. Priced to sell ASAP at $21,000. Located in NJ. PM me if interested! Carfax: CARFAX Vehicle History Report on 1ZVBP8CH6A5150099
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    1800HP TT 427 LSX Dune Buggy by NRE

    This is just insanity... Pulls the front end in all 5 gears! 91afuZINDqs
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    Nissan Europe Rumor Mill: GTR Powered Super-Juke

    This could be very interesting... Although I'm still wondering how they'll cram that powertrain into the Juke. It's a very small car if you haven't sat in one(Versa-sized). Pretty cool idea though. Nissan building GT-R based 'Super Juke' (rumor) What do you get when you cross a Nissan...
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    One of the ugliest fox body's I've ever seen...

    I was driving on Friday to go meet up with my girl and saw an exact copy of my old torch red Cobra and a GT500 Super Snake in my town and was really starting to miss my old car... I got on the highway and passed a real clean C6Z06 and then saw a 2012 GTR and was thinking damn I reallllllly miss...