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  1. B746

    Bolt on 2v vs. 2013 v6 mustang

    To mexico again. This time I encountered a very healthy 2013 v6. We did a couple roll races on the highway, and I was incredibly shocked to say the least. We were damn near neck and neck, with him edging me out in the top end. He was a great sport, and agreed to give me a dig (finally, a dig!)...
  2. B746

    2V vs 392 charger and another 2V

    So I went to Mexico again (I get great gas mileage) to have some fun. I met a lot of people, but for some reason no one wanted to dig race. Everyone wanted 40 or 60 rolls which of course is just stupid for me in a 2V. I only got one dig race, and it was against a 392 charger with unknown mods...
  3. B746

    Death to a GSXR

    Took the B out to see if I fixed my misfire (seems okay) and if I could get a little racing in. In an hour of cruising (in Mexico of course) I couldn't find anything. Finally, on my way home, a wild gsxr appeared...Of course, we all knew I'd lose, but he pulled up, revved, and told me to slow...
  4. B746

    Modded 5.0 vs Procharged 3V

    So my friend convinced me to pull the Bullitt out of storage to go see how crazy the race scene has become IN MEXICO. He drives the procharged 3v. I ran into this ridiculous kid in a 5.0. He was on drugs or something, and I only got his mods out of him piece by piece. Anyway, I raced him from a...
  5. B746

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

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  6. B746

    Those knowledgeable with the new 5.0s please enter..

    I ran into a new 5.0, driven by an older gentlemen. It didn't seem out of the ordinary (nothing really stood out about the car, looked factory). He asked me what I had done to mine, and so I asked him the same. His reply confused me, and I was wondering if someone here could enlighten me. He...
  7. B746

    2V vs Evo MR

    Okay guys, so I really wanted to run today so down to Mexico I went. Sorry for the wind noise. I even told the misses to keep it in the car lol. Three hours, and no races later, a wild Evo MR appears. He was driving "aggressively", so catching up to him was not easy. When I finally did, he put...
  8. B746

    2014 camaro ss vs 2v

    Sorry for the night runs in Mexico. So the lady and I were headed home for the night when I ran into a very pretty '01 bullitt. Seeing a fellow B, I really wanted to see how we'd compare, but no matter what I did, he simply wouldn't race me. Disappointed, I decided to drive along, and the other...