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    WANTED: interesting in buying a upgraded t-45 transmission

    How soon do you need one? Have a t56 (6 speed factory 03-04 cobra) coming out of a wrecked car.
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    FOR SALE: Speed of Sound A-pillar Gauge Pod for Coupe

    Rare Speed of Sound Dual Gauge Pillar Pod for coupes. All tabs intact. There are some chip marks on one pod where the gauge bezel meets, but barely noticeable when a gauge is mounted. $320 shipped
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    Remember - Support Those Who Support Your Values | FB Isn't Your Friend

    You could likely make up the difference by charging new/newish accounts for posting on the Terminators for sale section. They are either dealerships or one and done private owners.
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    Spy Shots: Ford Maverick Rattler Sits Slightly Higher in Dearborn

    Hey girl, I’ve got a Rattler if you need a ride
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    So is it basically not possible to buy a new O/R X/H Pipe anymore? (with a few exceptions)

    It’s so easy to find a way around stupid epa regulations. Just call it a mock up exhaust, scrap pipe or have an option that says “No, thanks, I will reuse my 50 state legal catalytic converters”
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    Are you ever just .... tired of being alive??

    No joke, sometimes you just need to take a big shit and get your natural detox system going. Take “Super Colon Cleanse” and do it on a day off.
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    FOR SALE: MHS Modular Headshop 4v Stage 2 S/C Camshafts ☠️

    Selling a set of brand new MHS Stage 2 Blower camshafts. Never installed with the fresh plastic smell like opening presents on Christmas morning. Would make a great Christmas present too...
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    1,700 mile F40

    Car was bought and registered in the company name. So it was a tax write off. I had a billionaire boss that did the same thing. I know because I was in charge of fixed assets.
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    FOR SALE: Hellion 3” Catalytic Converters

    Selling a pair of new, never used 3” Hellion cats. Came with a kit but slim design, universal fit. Can probably handle whatever you can throw at them, unlike other brands. $350 shipped
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    WANTED: Wtb factory or CAI for 99-01 cobra

    I have a Demolet fenderwell intake with like new air filter. Only filter to maf. No throttle body tube. This thing is huge
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    RPM Act - PFI Speed & EPA

    So many airplanes flying with no catalytic converters
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    Invisible sculpture sells for over $18,000

    I have a shipping company and need to know where to put my work bid in
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    WANTED: Rocker molding (side skirt)

    Good luck. I know of a NOS driver’s side but no passenger side
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    The cross road state Indiana

    I’ve never been a fan of Lake County. It’s a dated area stuck in the 70s/80s and you want to avoid Gary and the surrounding bubble, as well as anything north of interstate 80. So you’re pretty much stuck in this little square unless you want to go into small town country. I always enjoy going...
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    WANTED: Stock air box clamp

    Looking for the stock airbox clamp, and would also buy the round maf to cone adapter piece if someone has it. Thanks