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  1. ViciousJay

    Just a rumor by Dodge...

    So it looks like Dodge is back at it again with another addition in rumor, the Lightning Slayer. They are said to be kicking around just a 6.4 or going HC. What do you think?
  2. ViciousJay

    The little things that piss you off

    I swear to god my dogs drive me nuts, the times I want them to go out and come right in because I'm doing something or need to be somewhere and they take their sweet time. Then when I throw their asses out on nice day they want to spend two seconds and come right back in... what gives...
  3. ViciousJay

    Flood HELP!

    So yesterday Chicago and the burbs got ass pounded by horrible storms and I was without power for 8 hours. Well after checking on my grandma's house and parents I came home to find my basement 7" in water, thankfully I have nothing down there but the furnace and water heater which I lifted when...
  4. ViciousJay

    Name a fav thing you cannot live without

    In the event, the world fall out name something you couldn't live without. Red Lobster biscuits are something I could kill a man over, what's yours?
  5. ViciousJay

    Heads to the chopping block

    Well... duh duh dug it happened today. I had to term 3500+ employees including myself which I"m taking it with two sides. The first is pissed I got let go but the second is working in the health field I have a better chance of getting less explosive to Covid. I just found out my cousin just...
  6. ViciousJay

    Jeep GC SRT guys, need some help

    Ok, My lease is up on my Durango R/T with the next year. I work from home 90% of the time, and when I do drive (even after Covid is done) I drive 16 miles round trip to work when needed, and basically to the grocery store and pet store and maybe a walgreens. I've been considering a Jeep SRT...
  7. ViciousJay

    Buying a lease out

    Sorry guys for the dumb questions here but I've always bought my cars but my current car (2018 Dodge Durango R/T is up on it's lease in a year or so and I'm considering buying it. How does it work for buying it outright at the end? Let's say I got it for 45K it's well under it's mileage and...
  8. ViciousJay

    The Batman teaser

  9. ViciousJay

    Has the Wizard of Oz taught us something...

    I'm not here to rant throw pitchforks up or making certain claims but we've all grown up on the idea of everyone wins there's nobody left behind but on that take were we subtle messages in upbringing? I'll start with the Wizard of Oz, I don't ask you believe my analysis on this idea but I hold...
  10. ViciousJay

    The Witcher

    It came out today! I was going to binge The Watchmen but I'm on episode 3 and it's pretty badass, anyone else checking this out?
  11. ViciousJay

    Idea of moving to Dallas

    I'm inquiring about an office transfer to Dallas, if the people who live there can give me pro's and con's would be great. First off I have a corporate office there but would want to live in the burbs in a small nice area, second is it dry heat or that florida sticky weather? Third again is...
  12. ViciousJay

    Need a new phone

    Ok guys, I'm in the tech world and are still rocking a Iphone 6. Unfortunately after 5 years it's literally seen better days and it's glitchy, including the vibrate silence button no longer works and it feels like a dud. I'm not dropping 1K on a phone that all I do is make calls, text, read...
  13. ViciousJay

    SciFi Movie guys

    Ok nerds, can I ask what are some of you're favorite scifi flicks? I suppose I'll start. I love Aliens, 1 & 2, Prometheus and Covenant, as well as Interstellar. What are yours?
  14. ViciousJay

    Inside a tornado EF4

    They spiked the vehicle (TIV2) 3 ft into the ground.
  15. ViciousJay

    Ported 2020 Supra motor/BMW

    Good lord what a POS
  16. ViciousJay

    Dealing with crazy HOA's

    Sorry guys I need some advice on dealing with HOA's. About 45 min ago I woke up to my dogs flipping out as I was sleeping due to quitting my previous job and taking a contract one that provides me to do 3rd shift work which sucks working nights but it's AWESOME PAY. So I know that guys that...
  17. ViciousJay

    Jobs in the US and more

    I'm sorry I'm about to rant and I love media and how our job market is a great whole (BS) sorry I lied, but how is it we profit as an economy on things like the NFL where people complain about scale wages, hold outs and get justification and paid out provided performance, yet the working man in...
  18. ViciousJay

    it's going to the 21st in a few hours

    Anyone ready? haha
  19. ViciousJay

    HOT ONES, anyone follow?

    Love this on youtube and it's insane what people put their bodies through. Watching this is like a crack addict lol
  20. ViciousJay

    Now the GOT is down...

    Anyone who invested 8 years into GOT who were favorite characters? I always liked... 1. Sir Davos (best hand to multiple kings and didn't bitch out) 2. Lord Varys (very formal but had his little ones) 3. The Hound (badass who didn't give a ****) Anyone want to play this game?
  21. ViciousJay

    The Executive Straight Razor Shave

    Has anyone ever done it and if so is it worth it? For the guys that call it ghey here is the process
  22. ViciousJay

    The Boys NSFW (lang)

    First episode was awesome! Check it out!
  23. ViciousJay

    Thinking about life as you get older?

    To the people that are actually going to read and respond today, I told my boss to go **** himself after 2.5 years at a company I work for and having 4 bosses within that time frame. Previous to my past I worked for a company for over 13+ years, did great but was acquired and asked to move...
  24. ViciousJay

    MJW vs MGHOW

    For that don't understand, please google the terms (if not understood) but does anyone agree it's time to take time back and fight back?
  25. ViciousJay

    JOKER Trailer #1

    This looks interesting!