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    Homemade Jet-Powered Tesla

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    To Our Elite Thirty Brothers in Arms

    To Our Elite Thirty Brothers in Arms of Seal Team 6 - we are humbled and give ever thanks for your eternal sacrifice for our country. A gift we can never repay.
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    New personal record - 154* IAT2!

    Damn is it hot, just feathering it home on the gas. Record IAT2's 154*. IAT1's past 170* in stop and go.
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    KC -Worth it or not, street only

    Is the Killer Chiller worth it on the street? Running a 2.90/4# Posi port, seeing 16.5# of boost and 140* IAT2's here in the southeast recently but typically under 125*. Anything over 95* ambient, the timing pull is killing it. Looking at the weather in the SE, it seems that the KC is a...
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    Show and Shine

    Finally posted some pics in the "show and shine" section. If anyone wants a look - HERE.
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    2003 Cobra Zinc Yellow

    Not bad for a 58K mile daily driver.
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    Hood Pins - Rice or Not Rice?

    Just as the title says - Hood Pins - Rice or Not Rice? I don't want to screw up my car. : )
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    Canton 7qt oil pan - using the '07 F-150 dipstick

    Hey, I just ordered a Canton 13-784a oil pan, windage tray, bolt/stud kit and the '07 F-150 dipstick as recommended (by Canton). I've seen several different threads but no general consensus. When using this dipstick, what is the capacity at max? I've heard 7-9 quarts is what people are...
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    Tired of the heat exchanger getting beat up - what about this?

    Tired of the heat exchanger getting beat up - what about this? JUST the lower. I think it looks pretty good.
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    Quote please - M-2300-X Cobra R Brakes (Front)

    Hi, I need a Quote please - M-2300-X Cobra R Brakes (Front) with shipping to zip 28079. Any chance to get them red powdercoated? Thanks!
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    Size fiittings/hose for the driver' side PCV?

    Hi Guys, my driver's side pcv hose is being sucked flat by vacuum. I was wondering what fittings/part numbers I would need to replace that with an Earl's braided stainless steel setup. I think it's a -6an hose (just guessing) and I have a older JLT oil seperator connected to the valve cover...
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    New shocks/struts with Steeda sport springs or stock?

    Hi, I bought the Steeda sport springs and was wondering what might be the best struts/shock to run with them. Should I get some HD Blisteins and have them valved at 750/720? Is it even worth it or should I just use the stock shocks/struts. I'm running a daily driver and looking for a...
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    2003 Cobra vs. SL600 v12

    On my way to work, getting off the thruway exit. Stop at the light at the end of the exit where it's a two lane left turn. Glance to the left and up pulls this bright red SL600 next to me. Can't tell what year but seems to be 3 years old or less, has a big V12 badge on the side. The light...
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    The Bible - Fact, Fiction or Both (explain?)

    The Bible - Fact, Fiction or Both (explain?)
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    Where is the extra bung for the a/f sensor on a MRT H pipe?

    Hey, I'm trying to install my a/f and looking for the well advertized and hard to find extra bung for the sensor. I hear it's pre-cat but I swear it isn't there. A pic would be great. thx!
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    New Mod - Aeroforce 3.5 bar map sensor

    Just installed the Aeroforce 3.5 bar map sensor. Works very good, fairly easy to install and is accurate. Have the overlay on the stock gauge as well and they correlate to the same readings. Wanted to see the max boost readings and see if it's over 16 lbs (overlay's limit). I can take some...
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    Putting on 315/35ZR-17's on 10.5" rims - Doing it right

    Hi, 540hp here so the Goodyear 315/35ZR-17's and the MM rounded head bolts arrived. Doing a little more research I have discovered that 3/8" spacers are needed (right? I know technically I can get away without studs but I want the extra support.), looking on the MM site got them in the...
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    Got the power, need help with suspension and handling

    Hi everyone, the ported Eaton (thx Posi!) 2.90/4# is in and now the cobra wheel hops in three gears, traction is non-existent and heat soak is an issue. Cooling mods are on the way (Lethal Performance Intercooler coolant Reservoir, AFCO 03-04 Cobra PRO SERIES Heat Exchanger). As...
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    Running dual Ford GT pumps - batt to pumps wire upgrade?

    Hi, Using dual GT pumps I have the dual FPDM upgrade - with the Lethal Performance wire harness. Do I need to run a wire from the batt to the fuel system or is just the dual fpdm wire harness ok? Also have a Fore hat and the extra FPDM (of course), uscar 60lb injectors. Also, should I be...
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    Eaton Supercharger Porting Comparison: Boost or Pulley

    What do you want for comparing supercharger ports? Equal levels of boost or equal pulleys (external)?
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    ProjectV1 - ValentineOne hardwire

    The weekend project is done. I've searched through the posts and thanks to everyone's ideas. Hardwired, no splicing of wires, can all be undone seamlessly. Mounted as high as possible, best spot. After ANOTHER ticket last week, it was time. Maybe the beep will just remind me that officer...
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    Fuel System for ported eaton, Whipple 2.3

    Alright, I am sending my newly aquired eaton to POSI for a port. Time for some supporting mods. Going 2.90 upper, 4lb lower, got a BA2400 on the way. I'll be needing some fuel mods. It is either a BAP or I go all out maybe in prep for a Whipple 2.3 later. FRPP LU60 injectors hi impedance...
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    Eaton porting experts - what should I go with?

    I need more power but I don't see me ever going twins screw (I know - LOL!). A friend of mine is shopping for an AMG and I CANNOT lose! Steigmeier stage 4 looks to be the best bang for the buck but what about stage 5? I see some people are having issues with the aftermarket throttle...
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    Xcal2 -3 Spark Advance - how to?

    OK, bought an XCal3, have a k&n now, borla exhaust coming soon. Probably a dual Aeroforce gauge setup and some wideband o2 kit (if needed). Is there a way to calculate air-fuel from data logging on just odb? Hints on setting the spark advance with just a stock (no analog, extra sensors)...