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  1. 01yellercobra

    Solar Battery Tenders

    We just picked up a new off road toy. Where it's currently parked doesn't have a plug close by. I'd like to keep the battery on a tender without having to run an extension cord. Does anyone have any experience with the solar variety? I saw some units on Battery Tenders website and they're...
  2. 01yellercobra


    I received an email from a dealer I've used in the past for service and it has a recall listed. The number is 21E01. Something to do with emissions fault codes. Has anyone had this recall done? My truck is stock and still has the DPF.
  3. 01yellercobra

    Aluminum Radiator

    Decided to see if I can make it work.
  4. 01yellercobra

    Half shaft support bearings

    I'm not sure what they're actually called. I'm referring to the bearings behind the seals in the diff case. Has anyone replaced those? I need to replace one of the seals and figured since I'm there I should look into replacing the bearings as well. Is there a fancy tool to pop them out? Or is it...
  5. 01yellercobra

    Has anyone shipped something big lately?

    I have a guy interested in my Bassani headers and mid pipe. The only issue is I live in California and he lives in South Carolina. Has anyone shipped anything that big lately? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it for him to buy mine versus spending a little extra for something new.
  6. 01yellercobra

    My 04 vs Evo 9

    This was actually a couple months ago, but it came up in conversation again. I was driving back from a cars and coffee with some friends and I was being stalked by an Evo. He kept sitting at my driver side quarter panel, but I didn't think anything of it at first. Then I saw the pipes coming...
  7. 01yellercobra

    Sticky for newbies?

    Would it be possible to get a sticky together for the newbies (like me)? I'm toying with the idea of going in 2022 as it's a little late for me to work out the logistics this year. Plus if I do go I want to bring my car which means towing it. Which means finding a place to park my truck and...
  8. 01yellercobra

    I don't get the mindset

    I went to the local 1/8th mile last Friday for the test and tune. Apparently there was a guy running his mouth about how his stone stock STI on E85 was the fastest car there. I missed most of the fun as I was in the staging lanes with my daughter, but apparently he was going off in the stands...
  9. 01yellercobra

    Aftermarket Radiator with True Forged tanks

    Is anyone running an aftermarket radiator with True Forged tanks? Ideally one of the one piece tanks. I'm thinking a radiator is going to be my next upgrade, but it seems like there isn't enough room between the tanks and current radiator. I do know that the current radiator isn't stock, but...
  10. 01yellercobra

    Scan Gauge

    Which scan gauge are you guys running? I was looking at the Edge CTS2 as I don't need anything to hold a tune. I just want to monitor things. Really the only option I would want is to be able to run a regen manually. It's a 2015 F250 with the 6.7.
  11. 01yellercobra

    Catch Can

    Is anyone running a catch can on their 6.7? I never noticed any oil use in my truck, but I did find trace amounts in the pipes when I installed the bypass kit. The turbo was a little dirty too. It seems cleaning all that stuff has made the truck a little more peppy again. So I was thinking a...
  12. 01yellercobra

    Finally "modded" my truck

    I've managed to leave my truck stock since I bought it in 2015. Recently I read a post where someone mentioned the disaster kits for the 6.7's. I looked into them and naturally I started thinking I need to do this. I ended up ordering the S&S Diesel kit from someone on Amazon. It's a pretty nice...
  13. 01yellercobra

    Odds and Ends

    For those with the True Forged tanks have you found a good adhesive to hold the lexan to the lid? I've been using RTV, but eventually it starts to leak and I have to reseal it. And for those thay have deleted the EGR and and stuff how did you clean up the vacuum lines? I've been trying to find...
  14. 01yellercobra

    Which App?

    I'm curious which app you guys use to find your stations? I've been using Alternative Fueling Station, but it seems to be using having issues. It's been saying Google Maps won't load correctly and that it's for development use only. From the reviews I don't think it's going to get updated any...
  15. 01yellercobra

    Which test strips

    I just got the check additive message on my truck. I highly doubt my 60k coolant needs to be changed, but I still want to check it. Problem is I don't know which strips to use. The ones my buddy snagged from work were the wrong ones. I have the red coolant in my truck.
  16. 01yellercobra

    Black Gasket Piece

    I pulled my blower today and while looking the intercooler over I saw a black triangle....thing sticking out under the flange. I was able to pull it out pretty easily. It feels like a paper gasket. I didn't think to take a pic before pulling it out. But the spot in the pics is where I pulled it...
  17. 01yellercobra

    Snub Idler ID

    Would anyone happen to know who made this snub idler? There's no markings on it and I can't find anything similar online.
  18. 01yellercobra

    MS3 Users

    For those that are running the MS3 PnP, are you having speedometer issues? This doesn't have to be just the Terminator guys. I'm also wondering about the GT and Mach guys as well.
  19. 01yellercobra

    Would anyone happen to know...

    Is the wiring for the knock sensors used in the Mach 1 or GT's also in our wiring harness? Or are the wires not there at all? In order to run knock sensors with the MS3 you have to use the pins in the main plug. If the wires are physically in the harness then cool. If not I'll be skipping that...
  20. 01yellercobra

    Charge Wire

    Just curious if anyone has left the grey charge wire in place when swapping alternators? I watched J2 Fabs video for their big 3 install and they removed the charge wire. I was thinking it would be another path. I'm installing a 270amp alternator btw.
  21. 01yellercobra

    New GT500 intercooler pump

    Does anyone have any info on the intercooler pump in the new GT500? They had one on its side at Sema and the pump was pretty compact. It looked like it had 3/4" lines hooked up to it. I'm wondering if this might be a viable upgrade for us depending on the cost.
  22. 01yellercobra

    Old Kenne Bell kit?

    I saw this kit at a show today. It looks....weird. I thought it was the Marauder bracket kit at first, but couldn't see why it would be used on a Cobra. I spoke with the owner before I saw it up close and it is an 03 Cobra.
  23. 01yellercobra

    Just curious about why

    When I wrote the current tune for my set up I used the data from ID for the return fuel system. Naturally assuming that since I'm return now it was the way to go. The car runs and drives fine for the most part. I started thinking about the other guys that can use injector files and that they...
  24. 01yellercobra

    Cruise Control Inop

    I had a Maximum Motorsports pedal height adjuster in the car and the cruise control worked fine. I switched to the Steeda set up and the cruise control is no longer working. I checked the fuses under the dash and under the hood and they all checked good. So I replaced the clutch safety switch...
  25. 01yellercobra

    What to scale?

    So I started the WOT part of my tuning today and it's obvious I'm going to need to scale things. My load is maxed by 3300rpm and my MAF counts are around 630 at the same RPM. I want to bring the load down so I can control it at the higher RPM. IIRC I need to scale MAF transfer, engine...