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  1. Mystic03

    WANTED: t56 harness

    i do know what im looking for title says 03/04 but regardless the extra plug on 04 i didnt know but like you said im sure its oxygen sensor with more digging im sure i can find out but found one thanks.
  2. Mystic03

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    I don’t unfortunately also currently doing a terminator fox build while doing this one I’m trying to document everything I can (when I remember)
  3. Mystic03

    Pulled over for this?

  4. Mystic03

    WANTED: t56 harness

    bump still looking
  5. Mystic03

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Finishing up 6r80 swap and ms3pro, usquickshift6 second gen, sullivan lower and hpp upper with dragon tb and some id1050x injectors
  6. Mystic03

    Best single disc clutch?

    i ran ram powergrip hd held my 2.2kb car 680/620 car for years with track runs ect
  7. Mystic03

    Rattling at idle

    have you started the car and crawled under it to verify the rattle? one of my buddies had his clutch done at a brake max by a "master tech" and he told him that it was normal... i dug into it pulled the trans and turns out he didnt replace the tob sleeve and it was busted and causing the fork...
  8. Mystic03

    What did you do to your foxbody mustang today?

    Started my long time wanted terminator notch hydroboost conversion done ran most of the powertrain wiring just waiting on some parts to come in
  9. Mystic03

    OEM and Ford Racing Parts at Employee Pricing

    is this tascaford still?
  10. Mystic03

    WANTED: t56 harness

    how are they different...what pins on the harness differ from 03 to 04
  11. Mystic03

    WANTED: t56 harness

    i need 03/04
  12. Mystic03

    WANTED: t56 harness

    looking for 03/04 t56 harness
  13. Mystic03

    WANTED: iso aux idler

    found a set thank you svtp
  14. Mystic03

    WANTED: iso aux idler

    looking for aux idler metco/lfp or billetflow 100mm idler if possible but just the bracket and hardware is fine pp ready
  15. Mystic03

    87notch terminator build questions

    yeah i already have the full motor blower to pan just need a t56 and install starts ive started yanking out the wiring from the stock fox ect
  16. Mystic03

    87notch terminator build questions

    im in az but ill be using ms3pro
  17. Mystic03

    87notch terminator build questions

    hello all im about to start my terminator swap in my notch before i go balls deep i want to get an idea and advice from the experienced. what would you do different to make the swap easier for you. i have all wiring from interior to engine but i plan on just using powertrain ecu and wiring and...
  18. Mystic03

    Man In Wheelchair Brandishing Knife Shot 9 Times

    dude pulled up to the wrong hombre
  19. Mystic03

    WANTED: T56 bell housing

    prob best to get a quicktime
  20. Mystic03

    6r80 swap questions.

    what modifications did you have to do to the tunnel to get the shifter to sit factory mine sits too high and is crooked
  21. Mystic03

    04 6r80 swap cobra

    kinda stuck on my oem shifter as it seems to either sit too high or off center. members that used the oem auto shifter what process did you do to make everything fit
  22. Mystic03

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Been some time since I’ve posted but cars evolved quite a bit
  23. Mystic03

    FS: BNIB - Speedhut SVT Oil Pressure Gauge

    Shoot me a text bud 5203700198
  24. Mystic03

    Anyone run holley efi?

    Ive talked to him on facebook about it just seeing if anyone has pics ect