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  1. Phil04Cobra

    New edge rad support covers

    Hey guys , I posted up an thread in the terminator section about this too but thought I would share here as well. Over the past while I've been working developing this rad support cover for my 04 Cobra and finally have a finished product. It's laser cut from 18 gauge aluminum , I make the...
  2. Phil04Cobra

    Custom built rad support cover

    Hey guys. Just thought I would share my custom rad support cover I designed and built for my 04 svt Cobra . I have spent quite a bit of time on this over the last 8 months and it has finally paid off . It's laser cut from 18 gauge aluminum and I am making more units in the near future . Here...
  3. Phil04Cobra

    3.4 whipple for sale

    Hey guys , Just posting an updated add of my 3.4 whipple for the 03/04 cobra The blower is in excellent condition with 5000 miles on . It recently had an oil change and the rotors look to be in great condition . reason for selling is because i decided not to install on my car because i want...
  4. Phil04Cobra

    3.4 whipple / terminator parts

    Selling a 3.4 whipple with standard inlet plenum with 5000 miles on it. Blower has been serviced recently . Willing to part out or sell everything as a kit . Will ship . Parts list and pricing 3.4 whipple $3700 3 pulleys (Whipple) 3" 3.375" 3.5" $120 each Accufab polished throttle body...
  5. Phil04Cobra

    Eaton truetrac issues.

    I recently rebuilt my entire irs with the ftbr kit along with a new eaton truetrac diff , ford racing gears and ford racing diff cover. I had a reputable shop install the gears and differential Into the carrier then put it in the car myself At first it was great with no noises except for a...
  6. Phil04Cobra

    Cracked intercooler ?

    Hey guys. I had some coolant shoot out of my intercooler tank the last couple times I got into boost. I have a aftermarket tank . I did a hard pull tonight playing with a supercharged camaro and noticed some coolant spray on my windshield afterwards. The rubber gasket under the tank...
  7. Phil04Cobra

    Where is my coolant going ?

    Hey guys. This has been going on for a while now. Long story short , I burped the system as per the reisch instructions , topped it up after some driving , and topped up again at crossover after letting it sit overnight . Tonight I drove the car for quite a while , stopped and shut the...
  8. Phil04Cobra

    Will a 15" weld rts work with ftbr toe links

    Hey guys I looked around and couldn't find any info on this. I know I will have to grind the knuckle down to run a 15" but will it clear with the bigger toe links ? Has anyone run a 15" with the upgraded deluxe toe links from FTBR ? If so are there any additional mods to make them work? I...
  9. Phil04Cobra

    Check out these MT' s

    These have about 300 miles on them. I haven't been babying them but i haven't been really hard on them either . My last set of mickeys didn't do this . I recently rebuilt my entire irs with the FTBR kit and had it aligned but i did find a retaining nut was loose on the passenger side after...
  10. Phil04Cobra

    Cobra sparatically hesitating/cutting out

    I don't even know where to start with this but my car has been doing this for quite some time now on and off . I have been having ongoing issues with alternators and the last one I had before It failed on the dyno seemed to cure the problem . I sent it back on warrantee work and put it back on...
  11. Phil04Cobra

    Metallic silver questions .

    Hey guys . I am currently getting ready to take most of the plastic pieces off my 04 cobra to get painted as they have a few imperfections. I'm kind of concerned that after I get it painted that it won't match perfectly . I plan on doing a paint correction to the rest of the car before putting...
  12. Phil04Cobra

    WTB Borla Singer catback

    Let me know if you have stingers for a 04 cobra . Will pay shipping .
  13. Phil04Cobra

    Rear spoiler and side scoop removal

    I am removing both bumper covers , side skirts , side scoops and rear spoiler to get them painted . I was wondering what I have to do to get the rear spoiler and side skirts off ? I hear that you just pull the side scoops off by hand ? I took all the nuts off the spoiler and it still wont...
  14. Phil04Cobra

    IRS Build

    I am getting ready to start ordering parts for my IRS build and was wondering if I am missing anything . I am going with the full ftbr kit , level 5 dss halfshafts , lpw diff cover and new gears . I hear a solid pinion spacer is also a good upgrade while i'm in there . I am torn on what gears to...
  15. Phil04Cobra

    4v Aluminator short block info?

    Hey guys . I was wondering what information is out there on the Ford Racing aluminator ? I have had one in my car for 2 years now and have had good luck so far with my setup . I am not even close to pushing its capabilities . They are warranted at 700hp for 12 months or 12k miles and are...
  16. Phil04Cobra

    Sparatic overheating issue

    I have been having a overheating issue for a little while now , it started doing it out of nowhere . It seems to happen after I drive on the highway then come to a stop . I can burp the system , then drive it around town for hours , stopping , idling , doing some wide open throttle in 1st and...
  17. Phil04Cobra

    Factory digital tach

    Did anyone else know that these cars had a built in digital tach? along with a bunch of other output readings . I found out a couple days ago and was quite surprised by it . It might be old news to a lot of you guys but I thought it was pretty cool . For those of you who don't know i'll...
  18. Phil04Cobra

    Who has broke a halfshaft at the track ?

    I did a quick search and couldn't really find an answer for my specific application . I'm wondering if I will be safe with M/T ET streets launching at around 3500 rpm . I have to drive 2 hours each way and I'm contemplating trailering the car . We still don't have a track where I live . The car...
  19. Phil04Cobra

    Bosch wideband sensor issues

    I am having bosch sensors stop working after about a month of use . I just bought a zeitronix zt-3 wideband with the bosch sensor about 3 months ago and have gone through two sensors already . When I had my car tuned my tuner adjusted the a/f to about 11.7 at WOT on his wideband(mustangdyno) and...
  20. Phil04Cobra

    Another over heating cobra

    I have done a lot of research and there are a ton of overheating threads on here but not many of them follow up with a solution . Today I put my car on the dyno at a car show to do a few pulls and everything went smooth . I took the car home after and let it sit for 3 or 4 hours and then...
  21. Phil04Cobra

    Wtb CCW classics

    looking for a set of 18" Classics . All black , or polished lip with black centers .. Let me know what ya got .
  22. Phil04Cobra

    race gas in a GT Mustang by mistake

    Someone I know accidently put race gas in their mustang gt . Its a stock 04 . I am not sure of the octane level or if it was leaded or non leaded but what would the consequences be ? The car stopped running a short time after it was put it the tank . I know it would require a tune if it were...
  23. Phil04Cobra

    Zex Blackout nitrous kit on my 04 Cobra??

    I am thinking about putting this kit on my 04 Cobra . I have an aluminator short block , stock heads , ported eaton , 2.76 upper , 4lb lower . The car also has full exhaust with ported dragon plenum and throttle body , return fuel system with 60lb injectors . I would probably just do a 100 shot...
  24. Phil04Cobra

    custom line lock switch

    So I installed a Slp line lock on my 04 Cobra and I wasn't really happy with the switch that was provided . I didn't want to drill holes in my interior , so I picked up a switch with a guard over it and made a bezel to fit in the coin holder to mount the switch . Check out the pics and tell me...
  25. Phil04Cobra

    aem digital a/f

    Does anyone have any problems with the accuracy on these? On my dyno sheets my a/f is at 11.7 across the whole rpm range , when I go wot on the street my aem pegs out at 10.0 . I replaced the censor with a new one and same thing . Would I be better off with a mechanical gauge rather than digital...