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    Need Help in Central FL removing my 99 cobra engine =))

    Hey guys im in need of someone to help me remove my engine. I have never done this before so want the help. Willing to pay. Sending engine off for forging. Thx HMU 3523628807 PLZ ASAP
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    Looking for 99-04 Convertible Windshield Trim Piece (Painted)

    I am having trouble finding a replacement windshield trim piece for my 99 convertible. Does anyone know a ford part # or where to get one? Junk yards within 50 miles do not have it.. Here is a pic of the piece in question:
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    Spotted 2 new Ford crossovers in I75

    Spotted 2 new Ford crossovers in I75 Looks kinda like new 2015 ford flex, but rear windows differ.. wtf is this?
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    WTB 99-04 convertible mustang exterior pieces in black

    need drivers side fender, driver/pass plastic moldings that go on the sides of the windshield, etc etc let me know what you have
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    WTB 10lb nitrous bottle warmer

    in need of a bottle warmer. please PM me if you have one for sale!
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    WTB Motor Rebuild

    I am looking for someone in the Ocala/Central FL area that would be able to come to my garage and help me rebuild my motor. It is a 99 cobra and its burning coolant. My garage is big enough to do the job and I have all the tools necessary. Let me know how much you would like to get paid to do...
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    Head Gaskets Blown

    My head gaskets are slowly leaking coolant and I am having it repaired soon. My question is if it is a good idea to replace the timing chains/guides/tensioners while this is being done, and what modifications I could make to gain power while keeping the car reliable. I dont have 1200 to spend...
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    Switched 12v source inside drivers side kick panel

    Hey I am trying to wire up a AEM wideband gauge. I need to find a switched 12v source to connect the gauge to. Need the wire color code. 1999 mustang cobra vert... Cant find it on the interweb anywhere.. Help! :shrug:
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    My Cobra

    Hello all, just bought my first SVT a few months back. I have been reading a lot of threads on this website. I have found it extremely useful and I wanted to introduce myself. I am in Ocala/Dunnellon FL :banana: Pics of Cobra: What do you guys think about this 99 color combo?
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    WTB 99/01 Cobra Front Bumper

    Looking for a 99/01 cobra front bumper to replace mine, which is damaged. Email me @ [email protected] Call me 352-362-8807