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  1. Vanride69

    Video Request

    There was a video from like 2003 or 2004 titled: Mike-HKS' Procharged Z06 Vs. Griffen's KB Cobra I also found it listed under: 550rwhp z vs a 611 rwhp 03 cobra It had a pretty cool intro with music while showing stats on the two rides. I tried the normal routes to find it and...
  2. Vanride69

    the new 07 camaro

    this is what it should look like: click click click sorry if I got anyones hopes up, but this is by far the sexiest camaro design. It has a lot of newer technology including driveline and electronics but maintains old school appeal in body even though it incorporates the newer C6...
  3. Vanride69

    How to post on a forum video--

    this is for all of you who need to learn how to post threads on this site. please pay careful attention all you reposters.
  4. Vanride69

    check out my new ride. Traded a magic cow for it.
  5. Vanride69

    badass comp video by JKDcobra

    this is to celebrate the KB 2.2 and was edited by JKDCobra from misc KB vids throughout the net. ENJOY! right click, save as
  6. Vanride69

    bike vids request....

    anyone have some badass bike vids? I formatted my drive and lost all my vids. post em if u got em. BTW--I am over 2000 posts now. YAY!!!!:coolman: :rockon:
  7. Vanride69

    Cozymel's Dallas GTG pics??

    any pics from the cozymels GTG in Dallas? post em if ya got em. thanks!
  8. Vanride69

    who owns this car?? Plano area near dallas

    I was sitting at taco bell for lunch about 30 minutes ago at parker and 75 in Plano and a DSG '03 Cobra drove by with prolly the loudest smoothest sounding exhaust EVER. It had dark wheels with a polished lip, couldnt tell what kind cuz he was driving. If this is you or someone u know, I just...
  9. Vanride69

    check out this pic

    i know this site isnt for nudity. but for those of u who limit your searches, you may not have seen this yet. And EVERY guy should see this. WORK WARNING NOT SAFE FOR WORK DO NOT OPEN AT WORK DUMBASS click here to see a REAL picture of britney's breat that popped out at one of her...
  10. Vanride69

    hey coleman---

    my buddy needs to find someone with a tuner, preferably a predator. he is going to go dybo his car and wants to change some stuff. he is willing to pay just to borrow someones for this one time. u know anyone locally who might have one that he can use for today? here is his thread in the...
  11. Vanride69

    weird MIL occurance question....

  12. Vanride69

    Fs: 95 Gsx 750

    Link to my bike for sale thread
  13. Vanride69

    my new desktop

  14. Vanride69

    TT SS Camaro vs. F4i

    holy rocketship batman! watch the vid and youll understand. lol I dont know what is up with all the F4i vs. cars here lately, but enjoy
  15. Vanride69

    check out the super bowl pic of janet **WW**

    this is a screen shot from the super bowl halftime party of Janet Jackson after Justin Timberlake rips off her top. Do not click this link if you are at work or are nuder age to view nudity.
  16. Vanride69


    I say we dallas mustang owners should all gtg for a drive since san antonio, autin, and houston are having all the fun right now! Who is with me???:D
  17. Vanride69

    white C-4 goes down....

    yesterday while helping my g/f move, I came across a white C-4 Corvette coupe just cruising. The guy was on the phone so I didnt even mess with him. Just gave him a wave and kept going. On our way back after loading up again(all we had left were the cats and a couple of pictures), we are...
  18. Vanride69

    beat a 35th SS tonight....

    on my way home from work, I saw a 35th Anniversary SS Camaro with HUGE banner sticker on the rear window saying SLP and some loud exhaust---suppose it is SLP?? LOL There was also a Mitsu 3000GT VR4 cruising near me and him but he exited with a wave before any racing commenced. I finally...
  19. Vanride69

    super funny video

    here it is i saw this a long time ago and finally found it again. Super funny!!
  20. Vanride69

    i missed another damn GTG!!

    I didnt even see the thread about El Chico's on Friday. DAMNIT!! I really want to meet some other stang owners in the area. Getting tired of hanging out with a bunch of slow cars. The only buddies I have with stangs are co-workers and they have (combined) '97 Cobra w/ NX, '82 GT stock, '92...
  21. Vanride69

    kewl video

    OMG this is kewl check it out. turn your speakers up thought cuz its really hard to hear. Watch the window carefully and you will see it. Have to see to believe.
  22. Vanride69

    Dallas boys unite!!!!

    All the people from Dallas area let me know you are here. We have a serious lack of representation from DFW on this site. We need to set up some GTG's and stuff.
  23. Vanride69

    finally beat a Cobra!!!!!

    Today on my way back home from the hobby shop, I came across a Red Cobra. Not sure the year but it was NOT an '03. No whine. It had Cobra etched in the bumper, I dont think they started that till '00 or '01 right? Anyways, I was following a few cars back for a while and he was watching...
  24. Vanride69

    my latest kill.....

    not really a kill of mine but definitely a kill. the cop lived but doesnt drive pursuit camaro anymore from what i hear, he was trying to keep up with a KB cobra and lost control....hehe J/K
  25. Vanride69

    heres a nice one...

    here is a pic of a guys tattoo from my area....funny crap!! :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: