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  1. 93 347 Cobra

    CFHP for '22 Availability

    Any ideas on how availability will be impacted for '22? If the run size is reduced does it mean that a higher % of the run will have them? And how does a small dealership's odds of getting a CFHP car contrast with a high-volume dealership?
  2. 93 347 Cobra

    Corvette Owners having issues with their DCTs, GT500 owners impacted also? They seem to be having some semi-serious issues with the Tremec DCT 8-speed. Any GT500 guys seeing the same?
  3. 93 347 Cobra

    2022 Mustang V8s getting horsepower drop, GT500 impacted???

    Stricter emissions for the 2022s, 10hp cut across the board. No mention of GT500. Anybody got any info?
  4. 93 347 Cobra

    How's the sound system? Base and B&O

    The regular Shaker was pretty good on the 13-14 cars. It sounded better than the Sony in my Taurus SHO. How's the regular sound system on the 20+ cars?
  5. 93 347 Cobra

    No Recaros for me

    Sat in a 2020 a couple of weeks ago and those Recaros are super tight on my shoulders and lats. Very different feel from the 13-14 cars. Talked to a forum friend and he said he had heard the same from another owner who had both cars. Edmunds long-term car had two different staffers comment the...
  6. 93 347 Cobra

    Questions about options...

    The Ford configurator is no longer listing what all is included with the electronics pack, what all is included besides heated/cooled standard seats and B&O sound system? Also, how hard are the CFHP or CFTP wheels to find and how expensive are they through a place like AutoNation or Tasca...
  7. 93 347 Cobra

    Motor Trend Track Comparison between C8 and GT500 at VIR Clearly they're doing a head-to-head episode between the two and the article is a teaser with no track or acceleration/braking/figure-8 times but the base GT500 and C8 are roughly comparable around...
  8. 93 347 Cobra

    Car and Driver tests GT500. Runs [email protected]

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: 3.6 Seconds to 60 MPH in Our Testing Ran on an un-prepped surface. 0-60 3.6. Ran 0-150 in 15.1, they say 2.8 seconds faster than a Redeye and 3.2 faster than a ZL1. 0-150 2020 GT500 15.1 Hellcat Redeye 17.9 Camaro ZL1 18.3 2013 GT500 17.7 I don't think a Demon on...
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    This car will be the poor man's McLaren...

    Get ready for ADMs that push the first retail cars to the 100K range. After digesting this car's specs combined with a few anecdotes it's clear this thing is gonna break the internet. Ford is soft-pedaling a "mid-3" 0-60, unless they're going super conservative on the launch control to protect...
  10. 93 347 Cobra

    Dual CJ65 Throttle Body, SCT Xcal 4, JLT Oil Separator For Sale

    Throttle Body and separator are sold. XCal4 still available. $280 Shipped (comes with new Micro-usb cable) Shoot me a pm if interested. Also have 3.73 ring and pinion in Ford Racing box (1000 miles), and Ford Racing res delete (FR forgot one of the band clamp fasteners, will call on Monday...
  11. 93 347 Cobra

    Will Ford ever bring back the glass roof as an option on Mustangs?

    I don't know that they sold very many in the years they were offered but I think it has more to do with exposure than desirability. If you've ever sat in a glass roof car you'll know what I'm talking about. I just sold my glass-roof '14 GT500 last week and can't wait for the day I pick up Ford's...
  12. 93 347 Cobra

    Concealed-carry permit holder shot and killed while reaching for wallet Wow. The guy reached for his i.d. and got shot dead.
  13. 93 347 Cobra

    Is it better to sell or dispose of 2 Stock F1 Rear Tires that have been patched?

    I hate to dispose of them as they have 90%+ treadwear remaining. Punctured by a nail in each, not in sidewall or close to shoulder of tire. Had them patched at a Goodyear Tire Center per Goodyear recommendations just in case they were needed later. Now they're taking up too much space and...
  14. 93 347 Cobra

    Did Ford pull a massive April Fool's joke? Ford GT program to switch to V8s... This was posted on April 1st so I'm taking it with a grain of salt. Thoughts?
  15. 93 347 Cobra

    Help!! Need supercharger belt routing diagram!

    I'm replacing my supercharger belt this evening and can't seem to find the diagram that someone posted on here recently. It may have been Snoopy but I can't remember. I need this replaced before I run the Colorado Mile tomorrow otherwise I'll be messing around with this while I'm there...
  16. 93 347 Cobra

    My foray into automotive journalism re: taking my 2014 to the 1/2 mile

    I was asked by an acquaintance (not on this site, Audi guy) to write about my experience at the Pike's Peak Airstrip Attack 1/2 Mile event a while back so I obliged with a blog entry. It's a low-traffic blog site and it was posted a while ago but I figured I'd share with you Shelby brothers...
  17. 93 347 Cobra

    Belt slip on stock boost?

    So I ran a 1/2 mile event about 6-weeks back and noticed that I had a slight coating of black dust on my blower snout. The car is a little over 2-years old with 14K miles and the pulleys have never been touched. BiminiLX was kind enough to respond in another thread that belt stretch was the...
  18. 93 347 Cobra

    Running a 1/2 Mile event on Saturday. Any suggestions?

    On Saturday I'm signed up for a half-mile event and there are at least two of us from this 13-14 forum running between the two days. On the event roster there are two additional 13-14 GT500s running. I'm planning on putting the car in sport mode then starting in 2nd at the 40-50mph starting...
  19. 93 347 Cobra

    Finally got my 3.73s installed!

    I took my car into a drivetrain shop and the owner is a classic Ford guy. It took them the whole morning but it was fine because I was able to get work done remotely while I waited. The car feels worlds better than with the 3.31s! This is really how it should have come from the factory. The...
  20. 93 347 Cobra

    Ford OE 3.73 gear swap install kit

    So there's been quite a bit of talk lately about gear swaps on these cars and I'm a firm believer that gear swaps are one of the first mods that should be done. With that in mind I recently I ordered the OE part number CR3Z-4209B 3.73 ring and pinion that is supposedly specific for 2013-2014...
  21. 93 347 Cobra

    Benefits of changing diff cover?

    I've been researching rear end upgrades on here in preparation for my transition to 3.73s and came across an interesting comment in one of the threads. The rear diff covers on our cars have cooling fins to keep temps down at speed. Mine is a non-track pack car so I don't have the dedicated...
  22. 93 347 Cobra

    ECU reset procedure for TB install?

    So I finally squeezed the trigger on unplugging the intake tract and installed an FRPP 65mm throttle body, FRPP res delete, and Airaid blue filter. I didn't disconnect the battery during or after the install, I buttoned everything up and the car started up and idled perfectly. Am I supposed...
  23. 93 347 Cobra

    Next SVT GT350 to get Carbon Fiber wheels

    Disclaimer: I don't have ANY inside sources at Ford. This is open-source intel analysis. The technology that Ford will be using is discussed here: The "car" that is discussed that hasn't been officially announced yet is none other than the new SVT. Take the...
  24. 93 347 Cobra

    Thoughts on the new Lincoln MKC

    So I'm going for a few jobs that will require me to purchase my own work car, car allowance will be provided (Keeping GT500 also). I want a small SUV and am considering the 2015 MKC with the 2.3 Ecoboost that'll also be in the new Mustang. The Escape would work but they're a dime a dozen and I'd...