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  1. 35thPonyGT

    FOR SALE: Stock Blower from 2008 GT-500

    I have a stock M122 Eaton from a 2008 GT500. Really clean, only has 6k miles on it. From a coworker’s car he bought new. Planned to do the hybrid blower on my termi but went with a kenne bell. Comes with a 2.8 pulley and boost bypass solenoid $450 Local pickup in Houston area preferred...
  2. 35thPonyGT

    Alternative to the Metco 6-rib Idler Set

    So I found a cheaper and more readily available alternative to the Metco accessory drive pulley set (6-rib interior belt assembly) shown here for $300 ==> Company called Silver Horse Racing makes a oddly close idler set for the 2V GT...
  3. 35thPonyGT

    WTB: 3.2" Alternator Pulley

    EDIT: purchased new hey guys just seeing if anyone has a alternator pulley they want to get rid of before I buy new. Prefer a 3.2" but a 3.0" will work as well.
  4. 35thPonyGT

    IRS Hubs w/ ARP Studs

    I have a set of hubs with extended studs up for sale. From 04 cobra. I planned on using these for a hub swap on my mark 8 but decided against it. SOLD PM or call/text 281-6one7-8275 Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  5. 35thPonyGT

    For Sale: Billetflow IRS Brace

    Billetflow IRS brace off my cobra in good condition. Upgraded to the FRPP diff cover. Comes with all 7 bolts with their washers. $80 shipped Pm or call/text 281-617-8275
  6. 35thPonyGT

    WTB: Speed of Sound Dual Gauge Pillar Pod

    As the title says, looking for a SOS pillar pod for a '04 coupe. PM or call/text 281-6one7-8275
  7. 35thPonyGT

    Billetflow Snub Idler and Bracket

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a auxiliary idler kit off my cobra. Idler is 100mm with minimal wear and bracket in great shape. Includes all bolts and washers. $80 shipped. Call/text 281-6one7-8275 Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  8. 35thPonyGT

    WTB: Low Mile Coupe (TX)

    Update: Purchased a ‘04 Redfire. Let’s the fun begin! Hey guys. Tossing around the idea of selling my Mach 1 for a Termi. Willing to travel 1,000 miles for the right one but I am picky. I want this to be my lifelong garage queen. My cap is $23k (in cash) as of now. Especially if I need to...
  9. 35thPonyGT

    T56 Transmission Complete

    I have a Cobra T-56 trans kit I planned on putting in my Mach 1 but contemplating going for a Termi. This kit is 100% everything you need to put a 6-speed cobra tranny into a 96-04 GT/Mach 1/Cobra. T56 Transmission (10 spline) - 0 miles since rebuild. Freshened up by Steve’s Mustang in...
  10. 35thPonyGT

    WTB: IRS hubs/spindles

    Hey guys I’m looking for a set of Cobra rear hubs for my Mark VIII. Wanting to swap the bolt pattern from this euro crap. If you have the hubs on the spindle and don’t want to press them out, I’ll take the whole assembly too if we can work out a deal. PM or call/text 281-6one7-8275
  11. 35thPonyGT

    unhappy dyno tune numbers for the mach

    So i got a dyno tune done last week on the ole gal and im not too happy with the numbers received 306/320. The graph looks pretty weird too. On the top end, the car seems to fall on its face around 5200. My understanding is the knock sensors are to blame but he told me he turned down the...
  12. 35thPonyGT

    how to inspect a used T56?

    hey guys i came across a good deal on craigslist for a t56. im going to look at it tonight and wanted to get a quick run down on what to look for when buying for the Mach 1 comes with a hurt shifter, no bellhousing or harness now the lackluster details: - the guy doesnt know much about it...
  13. 35thPonyGT

    Team Z k-member with MM solid steering shaft?

    I'm trying to fix my steering in my Mach after the team z k install. I know now that I need a solid steering shaft to straighten out the wheels. Seems like only max motorsports (~$300) and flaming river ($450) makes these I emailed team z and they were unsure if the MM shaft will work. Perhaps...
  14. 35thPonyGT

    WTB: center caps

    Looking for some center caps (2.5") for the new wheels on my Mach 1 Would prefer the tribar ponies or ford racing but would totally do SVT as well. No color preference Also have some saleen caps I can trade otherwise I'll sell them with my saleens 281-6one7-8275
  15. 35thPonyGT

    iPhone 5S 32g White AT&T

    I have my iPhone 5s up for sale. Moved up to the iPhone 6 with Sprint. Completely 100% functional, never replaced the screen or anything alike. White, 32g from AT&T. With the box and headphones. I'm keeping the charger and cord. Has a privacy screen on it currently but will leave it on and let...
  16. 35thPonyGT

    Wheel into clock?

    Hey guys, so I had this killer idea of turning my old BBS RK wheel into a functioning clock. Wheel is bent beyond repair so screw it I was wanting to cut the wheel to just the face, pop out the center cap and slide in a semi-prepared 2-1/4" clock mechanism. Has anyone done this before??
  17. 35thPonyGT

    WTB kooks mid pipe

    Hey I'm about to buy some kooks long tubes. Was seeing if anyone had a used mid pipe for cobra/Mach 1. 2.5" collector 281-6one7-8275
  18. 35thPonyGT

    MM forward offset control arms

    I just bought a MM k member and control arms for the stang and don't know if the arms are the regular or forward offset! Guy didn't know either. He bought the car as a roller and was putting a pushrod race motor in Any measurements I can do outside of the car?
  19. 35thPonyGT

    WTB: (1) BBS RK wheel 18x10

    hey guys im about to pull the trigger on a set of the infamous BBS RKs but the guy only has three:bash: seeing if anyone is sitting on a RK wheel in 18x10 color doesn't matter. I'll powder coat all of them if necessary cash always on hand PM or call/text 281-6one7-8275
  20. 35thPonyGT

    WTB: (1) BBS RK 020 wheel 18x10

    hey guys im about to pull the trigger on a set of the infamous BBS RKs but the guy only has three:bash: seeing if anyone is sitting on a RK wheel in 18x10 color doesn't matter. I'll powder coat all of them if necessary cash always on hand PM or call/text 281-6one7-8275
  21. 35thPonyGT

    WTB: SCT tuner

    Im looking for a unlocked tuner for my Mach. Would prefer a x2 cause I know they are cheaper than the x3, 3015, etc. PM or call/text 281-6one7-8275
  22. 35thPonyGT

    Need h&r race springs (fronts)

    Recently bought some h&r springs but the fronts were cut and I can not have it that low Need fronts only. Part #51650.88 for solid axle 281-617-8275
  23. 35thPonyGT

    Can I clear this ticket? TX

    Hey fellas so I got a ticket tonight... Simply put, got lasered. (my escort 8500 x50 didn't pick it up) So on the hand written ticket the cop gave me, he didn't put my home city down correctly. I live in Houston but he wrote down League City (an adjacent city) Is that mess up alone good enough...
  24. 35thPonyGT

    WTB 96-99 GT procharger bracket

    As title explains, I'm looking to pick up the procharged bracket for my 1999 GT. trying to avoid spending 280$ on a new one (bracket plate part# AB018A-005) i have the 00-04 bracket for trade if applicable more bolts n goodies the merrier! PM or call/text 281-6one7-8275
  25. 35thPonyGT

    Bilstein struts popping

    So I finally installed a set of front bilstein struts i bought from a guy on svtp and have a issue with them right off the bat. There's always a small popping coming from the front suspension while going slow up and down driveways at an angle and anytime I'm going slow and turn the wheel...