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    Borg S475 anyone?

    I have a pte 7675 with a t56 now and i did not like the amount of lag it had personally, new motor has more compression so will see how that changes things.
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    Air filter options for turbo cobra

    Has anyone had any problems with having too small of a filter and it becoming a restriction for cfm on the top end over a turbo guard or a very large filter? I can find the 6in cone filters but wanted to know if im leaving much on the table vs going bigger?
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    Air filter options for turbo cobra

    I have the space for a 6in cone filter currently due to the coolant bypass, i tried to put on a 10in filter but would need to modify some things to get it to work.
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    Air filter options for turbo cobra

    Lots of different opinions out there on filters, this is a street car so not interested in a mesh or turbo guard. Whats everyone using, thoughts opinions, issues wirh restriction etc. Currently on a pt7675 with room to breathe on 1000hp.
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    Charge pipe question, 2.5 to 3in

    Im honestly not sure of the hp rating of the intercooler, its the one that came with the hellion kit, i was in mid 700s with the stock engine and dont see the power jumping up too significantly with the compression bump in the new one, we will see what it makes and may change out down the road...
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    Charge pipe question, 2.5 to 3in

    Im using a VMP HPX maf, dont plan on going higher then 24ish psi, in the 8-900hp range if that helps with some more info. Pic is a mock up unwelded, will get more pics when welded up
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    Charge pipe question, 2.5 to 3in

    I intend to pur the maf in the straight after the bend from fender and before the bend to throttle body, does its orientation in the pipe matter at all up down or side? I wanted to pur on bottom side so not visible
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    Charge pipe question, 2.5 to 3in

    Im finishing up the install of new motor, already have slot style and getting tuned when done so none of thats a variable really.
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    Charge pipe question, 2.5 to 3in

    I have a hellion turbo kit and the ic is 2.5 out and charge pipe is 2.5 to tb. I want to make a 3 in pipe in the bay at the least mainly for looks as the 2.5 looks puny. If i do this is it better to leave the maf in the 2.5 in pipe inside the fender where it is currently or continue the 3in as...
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    04 cobra short block, and diamond pistons

    I have my stock shortblock out of my cobra for sale 60k miles, it detonated during a run and chipped #1 piston, i also have a set of diamond pistons for sale with light valve tap, will show in pic. Looking for $1600 for both + shipping. Im located in Nashville TN 37207 Sorry pics are out...
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    Adjustable secondary cam gears?

    Ok does anyone have any experience with the l&m i cant find were anyone has talked about them?
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    Adjustable secondary cam gears?

    Im in the process of building my cobra engine and am stuck at degreeing the cams, i do not want to grind the gears, i already bought the tfs crank gears but also want secondary gears to fine tune, cloyes was the go to but are no longer available, i have found the ones at L&M but didnt know if...
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    Comp Turbo Oil Less Thoughts?

    I have seen them, i am interested in this as well, im currently running a pte7675 so do not want to downgrade but the oil less is intriguing.
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    Installing ATS Brembos on the Cobra.

    Love the thread, glad to hear the feedback as well. Also interested to see if you proceed to do something similar with the rears!
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    Used Turbo Kits? Compound boost?

    Good info up there!
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    Convert single turbo to twins with same piping?

    Im thinking smaller twin like 55 or 58 bb which should spool decently quick, i already have custom bullet cams, also just put in a built trans so no auto. Not sure that i would consider it a waste of time and or money, spool is kind of a hopeful by product of going twins really. Im not afraid...
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    Wiggins style Clamshell clamps now in stock >>

    Csn you post new pic of installed, the other isnt showing up.
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    NEW!! Billet Primary Chain Tensioners for all 4V DOHC SVT Ford Modular

    I know some people mod stock ones so they dont lock up under a 2 step, do these fix that?
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    Convert single turbo to twins with same piping?

    I just redid my intercooler setup so id really like to stay with it, i cant pipe twins together into a single pipe before intercooler? I believe my crossover is a 4 inch, if i y piped off that with 2 3 inch pipes should flow enough wouldnt it, thats bigger then hellion twin kit? No wanting...
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    Convert single turbo to twins with same piping?

    Hey guys i have a hellion single turbo cobra with pte 7675 running on e85, 750hp at 20 psi, currently having a new shortblock built. My question is since i already have everything done with the single setup would it be possible to cut the crossover pipe down a little bit and basically Y pipe...
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    Trustworthy tuning options

    Whod you go with?
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    That would still allow for obd2 to be read for emissions, i havent done too much research on it but everything i have been reading said that the aftermarker ecus wouldnt be obd2 compatible. Im trying to get into a boat where i dont need to get a tuner involved to make changes to my setup.
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    Would also like to know this for a 04 cobra, turbo setup, wanting to keep street features and obd2 for inspections if possible?
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    Rear gear selection...

    I know its an old thread but howd the 3.55s do with the 76mm on the 6 speed? Im running a 3.15 now and its real sluggish around town but i have 0 traction issues holding 780whp on 305/35/19 et streets.