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  1. Av3ng3d

    Borg S475 anyone?

    Does anyone have any sort of experience with this turbo? I’m trying to plan out a turbo build, and want to keep spoolup as reasonable as possible for a mostly street but occasional drag 6spd car. Specifically looking at the Borg S475 75/96 with 1.15 Hot side as an alternative to the precision...
  2. Av3ng3d

    2.3 TVS ethanol results

    Just sharing my dyno results. Had the car tuned yesterday. VMP TVS Gen 2 Stock engine Stock manifolds 3.0/4# pulley combo Tuned on VP X85 ethanol VMP GT500 single blade throttle body Crusher intake with GT500 MAF DW 1000’s Lethal Performance budget “plus” return fuel system with 465lph’s...
  3. Av3ng3d

    FS: New VMP TVS 2.3 elbow/plenum

    I have a brand new unused TB elbow for a VMP TVS 2.3. This elbow is to be used with a stock or BBK twin blade throttle body. Only opened the box to take pictures. Ended up going with a GT500 tb so I have no use for this. Asking $115 shipped + pp fees. Half of what VMP gets for them brand new...
  4. Av3ng3d

    Stock fuel hat & pumps

    I have a Stock fuel hat and good factory pumps. No sending unit. $130 shipped. Buyer to cover pp fees. Thanks
  5. Av3ng3d

    FS: Like new JLT RAI setup with SCT 2600 Maf

    Like new JLT RAI & SCT BA2600 maf setup. Bought this towards the end of last race season. Theres not much use on these at all maybe 100 miles at most. I ended up upgrading to a new blower/tb setup this winter and need to upgrade. These are in great shape.Paid $500 for a couple months ago...
  6. Av3ng3d

    F/S Fore Fuel Hat with GT Pumps dual FPDMs, KB BAP, 60lb injectors, BBK intake

    I have a few parts for sale. Car is getting a major overhaul this winter so there's no need for these. Fore fuel hat with improved Ford GT pumps, socks, and dual FPDM's *****SOLD***** C&L Polished intake pipe with Maf adapter and filter. Filter is not the greatest looking but works $120...
  7. Av3ng3d

    Bought a TVS, suggestions on fuel setup?

    I have a 2.3 TVS on the way and need some suggestions on how I should go about the fuel setup for the car. I have until the spring to get everything sorted. My goal for the car next season is 700whp and low to mid 10’s on e85. I would rather avoid going return setup for the cost factor if...
  8. Av3ng3d

    Posi Port Eaton #319

    *Blower is now off the car with updated pictures* The season has come to an end and I am moving on from the Posi ported Eaton to upgrade to something bigger. My car made 540whp/580wtq on stock exhaust manifolds and went [email protected] with it. That was done with a 1.59 60’. I’m pretty confident...
  9. Av3ng3d

    WTB: Metco 4# crank pulley

    looking for a Metco 4# crank pulley. Don't need the hub, just the pulley ring only. Thanks.
  10. Av3ng3d

    How far would 60lb injectors get me on E85?

    I have an appointment to get my terminator tuned this weekend. It just crossed my mind that I have an e85 station nearby so switching over from 93 may be a viable option IF my setup will support it. The car is on a posi port Eaton with port matched plenum and ported bbk throttle body, 60lb...
  11. Av3ng3d

    Metco 8lb crank pulley ring

    Selling a Metco 8lb crank pulley ring. No longer needed. Great if combined with the stock upper to limit belt slip and still raise boost to roughly 14psi. Would make for some nice torque also. $55 shipped anywhere in the US
  12. Av3ng3d

    Ported Eaton 2.93/8# combo, switch?

    I purchased a posi ported Eaton Cobra that has not been driven/tuned since getting the posi port put on it. Anyways, I measured the lower pulley and it turned out to be a 8lb metco lower! Upper pulley is a 2.93. I've already established through research that this combo will overspin the eaton...
  13. Av3ng3d

    Supercharger Belt size help

    Hi guys I checked out the belt chart at and just wanted to verify this information is correct before purchasing a belt for my setup. I recently purchased the car and want to get a new belt on it before sending it off for a tune for the posi...
  14. Av3ng3d

    Wtb: 60lb injectors, KB BAP, SCT BA2600 Maf

    Hello all, just searching for a few parts to get the full potential out of my ported Eaton. I'm in need of 60lb injectors, Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump, and also a SCT BA-2600 MAF. Just seeing what is out there before buying new.
  15. Av3ng3d

    10.5" wheel up front possible?

    So I'm in the process of trying to find some wheels for my terminator which has proven to be a painstaking process. I've narrowed it down to one specific wheel, however I'm running into an issue. They offer the wheel in 18x9.5 +22 and 18x10.5 +22. The 18x9.5 is out of stock everywhere across the...
  16. Av3ng3d

    WTB: Cobra below $23k (pref OW)

    I have someone purchasing my Evo and will be in the market for a terminator very soon. Im looking for something along the lines of sub 70k miles and must be a hardtop. What I really want is oxford white, but would consider a SB, DSG, Redfire, Mystichrome, or CO. Closest to New England would be...
  17. Av3ng3d

    WTB: Terminator coupe $20k and under

    I have a friend who is looking for an 03/04 Cobra. Very serious about buying. He's already approved from his bank and ready to purchase. The car needs to be a coupe (no convertibles, sorry) and also any color is fine other than yellow. Must have a clean title. We are in the New England area so...
  18. Av3ng3d

    WTB: 03/04 Cobra in New England

    Posting this up for a very good friend who is searching for an 03/04 Cobra. He's already been approved to spend $20k so that is his limit. Anything besides a convertible or yellow is fine. Mileage isn't a huge concern however the lower the better. Please send me a PM if you have something.
  19. Av3ng3d

    Smokin Stangs tomorrow at NED

    Whose going to be there? It's a two hour ride for me and I want to make sure it's worth the gas. Hoping there is a good showing.
  20. Av3ng3d

    FS/FT: Modded & restored 1997 Talon TSi AWD. Holset turbo, 6bolted, etc

    I'm coming to the end of a DSM build that I have been doing over the winter. The car is a black 97 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. 5 speed with rare black leather out of a 99 Eclipse GSX. It's in excellent shape and was brought up north from southern Maryland. ZERO rust. This car is probably the cleanest...
  21. Av3ng3d

    Feeler: WTT rather nice DSM for a Cobra or New edge GT

    This is probably going to spark zero interest on a Mustang forum but hell I figure why not try. Right now I'm in the process of building what is personally the nicest DSM I have ever built. I've owned roughly 15 of these cars and they can be rather addicting. Some of you may be familiar with...
  22. Av3ng3d

    The Reaper is out? Oct Photoshoot

    I grabbed the trusty iPhone, drove to the local cemetery, and snapped a few last pictures before I put the car away for the winter and start tearing it apart for a turbo or blower setup. The location seemed fitting for the time of year. Hopefully no bad karma rubs off on the car or something...
  23. Av3ng3d

    98 Mustang Cobra Black on Black on Black

    Hate to do this but my buddy is selling his Evo VIII and I want it.:D 98 Cobra with fresh black metallic paint. Black leather, 115k miles and climbing (Car is daily driven) Paint is about 3 months old. The car isn't cosmetically perfect, but it's close. I get loads of compliments at car...
  24. Av3ng3d

    Do these dyno numbers sound realistic?

    I put my car on a Mustang Dyno some time ago. It made 249whp/251wtq. My mods are.. BBK throttle body BBK CAI BBK Under drive pully Aluminum driveshaft Mac offroad h-pipe and catback Adjustable clutch cable Ram II clutch BBK weld in sub frame connectors Eaton Posi Superior Axles...
  25. Av3ng3d

    Mustang/Specialty Ford Dyno Day

    When: Sunday August 4th 11:00AM until However long it takes to dyno all entries. Where: Dynotech Tuning 20 Hollister Road Seekonk, Massachusetts (Roughly 5 minutes from Providence,RI) All Mustang's and SVT vehicles are welcome to participate...