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    Air filter options for turbo cobra

    Lots of different opinions out there on filters, this is a street car so not interested in a mesh or turbo guard. Whats everyone using, thoughts opinions, issues wirh restriction etc. Currently on a pt7675 with room to breathe on 1000hp.
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    Charge pipe question, 2.5 to 3in

    I have a hellion turbo kit and the ic is 2.5 out and charge pipe is 2.5 to tb. I want to make a 3 in pipe in the bay at the least mainly for looks as the 2.5 looks puny. If i do this is it better to leave the maf in the 2.5 in pipe inside the fender where it is currently or continue the 3in as...
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    04 cobra short block, and diamond pistons

    I have my stock shortblock out of my cobra for sale 60k miles, it detonated during a run and chipped #1 piston, i also have a set of diamond pistons for sale with light valve tap, will show in pic. Looking for $1600 for both + shipping. Im located in Nashville TN 37207 Sorry pics are out...
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    Adjustable secondary cam gears?

    Im in the process of building my cobra engine and am stuck at degreeing the cams, i do not want to grind the gears, i already bought the tfs crank gears but also want secondary gears to fine tune, cloyes was the go to but are no longer available, i have found the ones at L&M but didnt know if...
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    Convert single turbo to twins with same piping?

    Hey guys i have a hellion single turbo cobra with pte 7675 running on e85, 750hp at 20 psi, currently having a new shortblock built. My question is since i already have everything done with the single setup would it be possible to cut the crossover pipe down a little bit and basically Y pipe...
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    New pistons for turbo cobra

    I am going to do a rebuild on my 04 corbra, has a hellion sigle kit on it at 784hp at 17lbs on e-85, my goal is to get it to 850ish on 20-22psi after the rebuild. Im getting a teksid block, i will reuse the crank and rods with arp bolts but im going to get new pistons .020 over. Anyone have any...
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    Looking for 5.0 stroker kit for 04 turbo cobra

    Im looking to build a 5.0 stroker for my turbo cobra, im currently at 784 on stock short block on low boost (17lbs). What kits are reasonably priced for at least 1000hp, preferably a little more since that will be achieved with my setup easily? Any experience and opinions on some brands and...
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    Looking for a reasonably priced tire for 800hp.

    Right now i have 305 MT et streets on my 19x11 true forged wheels that are on my 04 turbo cobra at 800hp. Since i daily it im looking for a more streetable tire then the drag radials because i do sometimes get caught in the rain. Also since its a dd i would like a tire with decent tread wear...
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    19 inch rim, will 325s fit with irs?

    I currently have 305 mt et streets on my turbo cobra and the hook good. Im looking to possibly go to a little bigger street tire to keep cost down and similar traction. 315s seem to be hard to find for 19in rim but there seem to be a bit more options in 305 and 325. Will 325s fit without...
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    Turbo 04 coupler

    I have a 04 cobra with a hellion single turbo setup, my coupler that goes from the throttle body to the xharge pipe has a tear in it and needs to be replaced. I tried searching and not finding much luck other then to pay hellion 100 for theirs, i know there are $30 ones out there i just dont...
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    WTB Cobra built engine

    Im looking to purchase a 03 04 Cobra preferably with a built engine. An aftermarket blower is a must, coupe only and no ZY or OW. Top colors being TR RF and DSG. No more then 70k miles price around 20-21k. Im in Nashville, pm me or text me 3864798609.
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    WTB ported eaton

    Im looking for a ported eaton and possibly plenum and throttle body as well. Im in nashville, text is preferred 3864798609. Let me know what you have.
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    WTB Dragon setup

    WTB Dragon setup or another sbtb+inlet Im looking for a Dragon or another sbtb Throttle body and plenum setup for my 04 cobra. Text of preference 3864798609
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    Hit rev limiter now wont run

    Hello i am having an issue with my 04 cobra that i just bought 3 weeks ago. It has 64k miles on it had some overheating issues to work out but other then that has been running great for me. On my way home this week i revved my engine at one of my buddies on other side of highway and hit the rev...
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    WTB 03-04 cobra

    WTB 03-04 cobra coupe Im looking for a terminator under 100k miles for around 15-18k. Coupes only, no white or ZY. Im located in Nashville TN, willing to travel to surrounding states within 3-400 miles max if need be. Pm or text/call 368479860nine
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    V8 Fiero

    I have my V8 Fiero project for sale. I am in Nashville TN. If you have any questions or if you know anyone that might be interested please dont hesitate to get ahold of me. 3864798609 text is preferred. V8 Fiero - $2200 obo
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    Mustang repair shop near nashville tn

    I live nashville and my fox is having a problem that i just cant figure out, the only place I know of near here is delk performace and ive read some horror stories about them so im kinda iffy about them, does anyone know of any other place close by that is good with mustangs?