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  1. Rudders331cobra

    For sale 1995 cobra

    Well up forsale is my 1995 cobra. Has about 91k on her. Full mods in sig. Asking 11.5 Obo. Have attached the craigslist ad as well Thanks
  2. Rudders331cobra

    First time making a Gopro vid!

    I need a lot of work, but I thought I would share!
  3. Rudders331cobra

    Best price for a Bfg g-force T/A DR

    I am looking for a set of these tires in 295/35/18. What can you guys do?
  4. Rudders331cobra

    Gotta love this country

    This made my morning.
  5. Rudders331cobra

    Moms house got robbed.

    So I get a call from my mom, to hear last night the house was robbed. My brother was coming in late and two men held him at gun point, and proceeded to take three tv's, the sound system, and her jewel she has been collecting for years that was passed down from her mother who just passed. The...
  6. Rudders331cobra

    R.i.p granny

    I knew it was only a matter of time before granny would end up with The Lord above. She had a 2nd stroke at the age of 101. She was a strong lady seen a lot and been through a lot. The good thing is today, I spoke with my mom who is in NewYork and I told her I wanted to talk to her. Even...
  7. Rudders331cobra

    Finally got a cobra

    Though it may not be a terminator, I have finally gotten my hands on a 95 cobra. I will be picking it up tomorrow. Here is a crappy cell pic. Will update as I take more pics.
  8. Rudders331cobra

    Name change

    Would like to see if possible I can change my to Rudders331cobra. Since I no longer own my bullitt. Thanks
  9. Rudders331cobra

    Mustang Bullitt 4sale

    Selling my 2001 Mustang bullitt Dark Highland Green (DHG) The car runs perfect no issues what so ever. It currently has 76k miles on her. The car has aftermarker UPR coilver adjustable springs up from with tubular A-arms and ball joints. The solid rear axle was taken out in favor for a 1999cobra...
  10. Rudders331cobra

    You wanna battle me? Happy Monday STVP Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  11. Rudders331cobra

    The original jean Claude van-damnuuhhhhh

    Thought I would share for some pre Sunday fun day laughs Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  12. Rudders331cobra

    3yr old hot-wheels collection

    Son was lining up cars, he has a toy camera and wanted to take photos. So I helped him. Thought it would be cool to share, since he is already a car lover. ]
  13. Rudders331cobra

    Thought you all might enjoy

    dude was beasting Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. Rudders331cobra

    Ghost recon future soldier

    Anyone pickup this game? Just got it or 360. Trying to see if we can get some svtp peeps on there to get some clans started. Game is pretty good. Screen name is XxbzerkerxX. :rockon:
  15. Rudders331cobra

    mild cleaning on 2917

    Decided to clean her up. I took better quality photos this time around. The first pic is when i first got her, the other phots show some what of a progress, I put some coilovers on her, and some hr ss springs that came with the irs. Chin spoiler will go on soon. Soon i will order the FTBR...
  16. Rudders331cobra

    Girl proposes after two weeks

    Crazy girl proposes to her boyfriend of two weeks (Video) : theCHIVE Seen this thought it would be funny. Did not see on here so hopefully it's not repost
  17. Rudders331cobra

    Finally new shoes on #2917

    After months on jack stands, my wheels came in. Got them from OE wheels llc. Kept the bullit theme going. I had an IRS installed not to long ago with hr springs out back. About to purchase mm tubular a arms and coil overs in the next couple of weeks. I will keep everyone posted, as I do...
  18. Rudders331cobra

    How to get to a 324ci

    Hello all. Hope your thanksgiving was filling and you got lots of goodies on black friday. Just wanted to get a start off to see how I can achieve a 324ci for my 01 bullitt. Should I keep the stock block or go after market? --- I am here:,-78.752931
  19. Rudders331cobra

    01 bullitt fs

    Selling 01 bullitt #2917 DHG 74k. Very clean car only owned for couple of months. Due to economy wife lost a lot hours so I have to sell the car. Has flows h pipe no cats. Looking to get 9200 for her. Hate to see her go but I have more important things to pay for. Email me @...
  20. Rudders331cobra

    To get to 300rwhp

    Just wanted some insight just recently started modding the 01 bullitt. it has h-pipe and flows as of right now. I want to get to 300 rwhp i am planning on keeping it2v and will be getting long-tubes by the fall. Just wanted some help and what worked for attain 300+ and also what gear 4.10 or...
  21. Rudders331cobra

    Paint suggestions for 01 bullitt

    :idea: Well trying to decide on if i should keep the stock DHG on my 01 Bullitt, it had some work done to the door a couple of years ago. Just wnated to get some opinions on colors that i should go with? I was thinking of a dark Matte green finish but i am open to fellow members input.