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  1. 365 Saleen

    Tales from the "Dark Side".

    Throughout my career of 40 or so years, I have worked for several Ford Dealerships, in 5 different States, ran my own Ford Performance shop for 7 years, worked at various independent and performance shops. This is my first foray into working for a non Ford Dealership. (in the classic sense) In...
  2. 365 Saleen

    New to SVTP

    New to forum. I don't have a SVT or Cobra, but I do have a 89" Saleen. Found the "Foxbody" part of this forum and thought I would drop a picture of my drag car.
  3. 365 Saleen

    New here, not new to Mustangs/Fords/Performance

    89' Saleen Mustang turned Drag Racer