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  1. bullittbuild

    Can someone please photoshop this please

    I have been debating on painting the whole bike black. Could someone photoshop the tank all black and the silver plastics black. Leave the red GSX-R and the wheels red. Please and thank you
  2. bullittbuild

    true blue slammed on 18x11.5" iforged content

    Here she is all cleaned up
  3. bullittbuild

    Bullitt Build For Sale

    Help me move her...
  4. bullittbuild

    more pics of the bullitt as requested... *iforged content*

    here are a few more pics. I will get some better ones this weekend.
  5. bullittbuild

    well fellas the bullittbuild is back after 4 years

    I went and picked it up Friday. It's been 4 years but I pulled her back from Wisconsin. Here are a few pics many more to come.
  6. bullittbuild

    Bullittbuild bullitt

    For those of you who are interested in getting wheels made and unsure of fitment I was the test dummy. I had 18x11.5 rear wheels made and guessed at back spacing. It is very tight with a 335 but perfect. No hammer was necessary. The back spacing is 7.5" on a 99-04 live axle here is a pic.
  7. bullittbuild

    2003 Sonic Blue bolt on cobra

  8. bullittbuild

    Local 370 ci Twin Turbo RX-7

    The BeasTT RX-7 911 HP - YouTube car looks awesome with fr500's
  9. bullittbuild

    Bolt on 100 shot 99 Z28 vs pullied 04 cobra

    04 Cobra vs 99 Camaro Z28 - YouTube
  10. bullittbuild

    To trade or not to trade HELP ME OUT

    My car For this
  11. bullittbuild

    Should I trade my car for this?

    Question I have been throwing around is should I trade my car for this 96 turbo cobra For this cobra 1996 Cobra
  12. bullittbuild

    BULLITT is back new look

    Well other than new wheels I just had the fenders shaved no more emblems or antenna, here are some pics from a car show Saturday and a funny pic at the end. Here is the funny one
  13. bullittbuild

    HELP car wont idle

    So car was apart this winter for fuel system and few other updates. I went return style fuel system with a1000 pump, 80 lb injectors, and changed from pmas mass air to sct ba3000. I got a start up tune from Tim Barth car ran pretty decent but I always had a p1121 tps inconsistent with mass air...
  14. bullittbuild

    Email start up tune help

    You can't click the attachment in your email and open view it correct? You can only download it to your tuner?
  15. bullittbuild

    Some quick engine shots

    No idea on power yet the car needs tuned I just got it back. Should be interesting.
  16. bullittbuild

    Has anyone ever saw this? I have never known anyone to do this.

    Twin charger for 03-04 cobra
  17. bullittbuild

    Well here it is iForged Bullitt

    Here you guys go, car isn't really driveable needs startup tune and tune but none the less here are some shitty cell phone pics for the time being.
  18. bullittbuild

    Should I be pissed? *iForged content* need advice

    Ok so here is the deal, I waited and waited on wheels. Well they finally show up yesterday but when the UPS guy was hanging them to me he says "Might want to check this one the box is open." Clearly someone had cut the tape and examined the wheel prior to me getting it. So I take the wheels...
  19. bullittbuild

    Just a little teaser till wheels get here

    I'll post some more as soon as the car is rolling again.
  20. bullittbuild

    Is this guy a member here? 2007 King of the street turbo cobra

    2007 Nitto Tire King of the Street | 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine Article at 2007 Nitto King Of The Street 2003 Mustang Cobra Photo 14 2007 Nitto Tire King of the Street - Eric Chappa - 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine
  21. bullittbuild

    SICK GT500's

  22. bullittbuild

    Ford Mustang Compilation

    I think that may be the ford gt that set the texas mile record. YouTube - Ford Mustang Compilation
  23. bullittbuild

    Guy smacks the wrong girl