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  1. trxcobra

    FOR SALE: ‘87 LX notchback, low mileage ge

    As you know, carfax can be a little spotty from the early days but from what I can tell I am the 4th owner. I can send along any info that you need, just let me know. I am quite certain this is the original motor. These are the actual Pony R wheels, not from LMR according to prior owner...
  2. trxcobra

    FOR SALE: ‘87 LX notchback, low mileage ge

    Thank you! It really is a special car. Haven’t really come across one like it in my area and will probably be kicking myself in a few years !
  3. trxcobra

    FOR SALE: ‘87 LX notchback, low mileage ge

    Thanks! The car was NOT a radio delete car. It retains speakers and wiring, but the faceplate was removed. I do not have the original speedo. I have the window sticker, along with marti report and a stack of receipts from over the years for majority of the modifications and dyno sheet. I...
  4. trxcobra

    FOR SALE: ‘87 LX notchback, low mileage ge

    I have floated this idea way too many times, but it’s time to let my 32k mile ‘87 coupe go. Absolutely love the car and consider it nearly irreplaceable, but I’ve only put a few hundred miles on it in the last two years and have other cars on my mind. Here is a brief description, shoot me a...
  5. trxcobra

    Housing market is still solid in my neck of the woods!

    For younger people like myself looking to get into a first single family home, the market is pretty discouraging. Lot of unknowns in the years ahead it seems... dropping $600k+ on something that needs work or doesn't have the space I desire is really unappealing. We have a small beach condo...
  6. trxcobra

    Permanent lock downs coming.

    The way that document is written makes it very difficult to believe it is true. I'll believe it when I see it. lol
  7. trxcobra

    1998 Cobra NA 441 rwhp

    Gorgeous and I love the engine setup. Impressive numbers... Similar mod list on my '99 (though I am stroked to 5.0L and do not have an FR500 intake), and you have me beat by 40whp!
  8. trxcobra

    30 year old virgin

    Nice pickup OP. Any clean foxbody seems like a safe toy to invest in these days. There is a serious buzz around LX coupes, and many clean 5spd examples have been selling right in line with comparable '93 cobras. I think it might actually be easier to go out and find a clean, rust free cobra...
  9. trxcobra

    Lenders to finance 4th gen F-body

    Digital Federal Credit Union has been good to me in the past for loans on older cars
  10. trxcobra

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    How the hell is Pfizer taking as much of a beating as it has the last ~12 weeks? One of my biggest holdings and boggles my mind sometimes. At least the dividend is good.
  11. trxcobra

    GNC - What's up?

    Interesting, to be honest I always thought of Supplement Superstores as essentially an unofficial 1st Phorm storefront so I am not necessarily surprised, but nobody likes having stuff pushed on them. That was Andy and his partner's first business and essentially a stepping stone to what 1st...
  12. trxcobra

    GNC - What's up? is my go-to. I have been working with the brand for about a year and they are grounded in quality products, hard work and helping others. Customer service is 2nd to none and they have built a somewhat cult-like following full of motivated people. Not trying to sell you guys...
  13. trxcobra

    Chasing dream cars

    Owning a car like that at a ripe young age is definitely better than waiting until you're middle aged or older. I highly doubt you will regret it, since it sounds like it won't be a major burden financially. Vipers are also insulated from depreciation. Live your life!
  14. trxcobra

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    same here.. up about 110% in two weeks. It was a small enough investment where I think I will just let it sit and see what happens.
  15. trxcobra

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Another thanks for the tip on IZEA... my only regret is that I didn't buy more!
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    Thanks a ton!!
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    Hi - looking for a carfax please and thank you! Porsche 996 Turbo WP0AB29981S686225 Thanks! [email protected] Kyle
  18. trxcobra

    LX Coupe Pricing

    Tried highlighting it in the image, but the seller states that it sold for asking price.
  19. trxcobra

    LX Coupe Pricing

    No signs of the market slowing down. Spotted this clean, 38k mile Bimini blue car for sale earlier this past weekend. Sold in 24 hours @ $32,900
  20. trxcobra

    LX Coupe Pricing

    My '87 Coupe that rarely gets driven, unfortunately!
  21. trxcobra

    LX Coupe Pricing

    There are a lot of different opinions on LX coupe value these days - I have personally seen a handful of very clean, tastefully modded or stock, sub-100k mile cars sell in the $20 - 30k range this year. Mileage is important but condition definitely trumps it, and bone stock is typically the most...
  22. trxcobra

    Just a Viper in the Fall.

    Awesome GTS. My brother picked up an '02 this year that has turned out to be a real headache/moneypit unfortunately. This has always been one of my favorite cars. Those wheels look great!