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    John Wick: Chapter 2

    Anyone else see it yet? Shit was ****ing brutal.
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    Ford GT makes 647 HP/550 TQ, weighs 3054 lbs, has top of 216 There's a full spec sheet at the bottom of the article. edit: used too many characters in thread title, it should read 216 not 21 lol.
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    2017 Ford Raptor HP and TQ Confirmed
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    Universal Borla Mufflers

    Has anyone bought a pair of universal Borla S-type mufflers and had them welded in in place of the factory ones? How different would it sound compared to the Borla S-type axle back kit? I've always loved the way Borlas sound but $700+ for a simple rear section exhaust is just obscene.
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    2017 Lincoln MKZ Gets 400 HP Turbo V6, AWD system from Focus RS Looks a bit Jaguar-esque in the front but I like it.
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    TVR gearing up with Cosworth-tuned Mustang engines This sounds awesome.
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    Heel and Toe Downshifting

    For those of you who do this in this in their Mustangs - what's your secret? I can't seem to figure out how to pull it off without contorting my ankle in an impossible way. I've had two S197s and two New Edge Mustangs and the story has always been the same. The positioning of the gas and brake...
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    Under the skin of a McLaren P1 (56k warning....hehe)

    No idea what kind of work was being done here. Enjoy.
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    Ford Focus RS = 345 HP
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    Koenigsegg Regera

    This thing is absolutely ridiculous. From Car & Driver: :uh oh:
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    Shelby GT350 looks good in Triple Yellow @ Chicago Auto Show

    Some photo galleries (can't attach pics from them): Road and Track Gallery
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    Shelby GT350R
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    2017 Ford F-150 Raptor It's got a 10-speed auto :eek:
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    New Ford GT

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    2016 Cadillac ATS-V

    Source. 450 HP, 6-speed manual. Want!
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    Hellcat Priced at $59k

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    2015 Mustang Order Guide I like the option of 275 rear tires on the 50th anniversary model, as well as the various wheel designs.
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    Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Lines

    I understand that these are probably total newb questions to ask. But what do these do and why should I get one? What are the pros and cons? Would I still benefit from one if I still had the stock clutch? I've seen this mentioned a few times here along with claims that it improves shift...
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    Good place to go to for gear install?

    Hey all, I'm new to GA and stationed in Fort Gordon for the next couple of years. Love the state so far! Anyway, my 2012 Mustang is in desperate need of a gear swap and I was wondering if any of you knew a place where I could take my car to get new gears installed. Preferably in the Augusta area.
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    Anybody here with an MGW shifter? I'm getting stationed in Augusta and I just found out they are located there, thinking of heading up and getting one made for my car. Are they worth the $400 or would I be better off with a cheaper bracket + short shifter combo (i.e. Barton)?
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    Has anyone gotten LASIK surgery while active duty? If so, was it covered by Tricare? I'm considering doing it when I get to Ft. Gordon but I don't know how that process would work.
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    Got orders to Ft. Gordon

    Finally got orders to my first duty station after 18 months in training status. Still not done though, gonna spend a few months at Goodfellow AFB first before heading to Ft. Gordon at the end of March. What is there to do out there in Augusta? Anyone in the area?
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    Nekrogoblikon - No One Survives

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    Mercedes-Benz loses their shit, introduces G65 AMG

    Mercedes introduces 2013 G-Class, including 612-HP G65 AMG Anyone want a 612 HP barn door?
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    WTB: Magnaflow catted X-pipe for 99-04 GT

    Anyone have a used one I can grab?