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  1. buddha93

    Well sh*t, engine tapping

    So took the car for a spin over the weekend, not much fanfare, romped on it a few times and later noticed a misfire of sorts with certain throttle postions, but drove fine otherwise. Then I heard the significant tapping under the car, drivers side towards the back. I can say with pretty much...
  2. buddha93

    FOR SALE: Roush Race Red rear window louvers

    As the title says, has a foam padded blackout that covers the inside. Selling the strut tower covers seperately. $125
  3. buddha93

    SW Catalytic H-pipe

    Anyone get these to pass emissions and/or monitor readiness? I've got a solid tuner, everything turned on with no CEL, but I don't drive the car enough to get the monitors to reset in a decent amount of time. Car currently has LT Stainless Works headers on it, would like to just swap out the...
  4. buddha93

    Novi 2k, R331 Cobra

    I've owned this car since 2002, has been garage kept this entire time, I've put about 4k miles on it since owning it. The blower and transmission/clutch have less than 500 miles on them.......engine maybe a few thousand. Also included is the numbers matching drive-train if you wish to put this...
  5. buddha93

    Selling the 93' and buying this!

    Ford : Mustang | eBay :bash:
  6. buddha93

    Flow-matched 50lb injectors
  7. buddha93

    Flow-matched 50lb injectors

    I've got a low mileage set of 50lb injectors for sale. These are for a Fox car, or EV1 as everyone knows them by. They have about 2500 miles on them. I still have the flow sheets and paper work they came with. $300 shipped [email protected]
  8. buddha93

    50lb flow matched injectors, EV1

    $300 shipped. About 2500 miles on them. They are still on the car, I'll have them off by next week. [email protected]
  9. buddha93

    You just can't win WillyB93!

    Saw the two low mileage cars being offered by a dealership. Both the wrong color and neither has black cloth. Just had to give you a litte crap.:poke:
  10. buddha93

    Good Guys Mustang

    A buddy of mine opened up a "Man Cave" for him and his partner to screw around with old cars, newer cars, etc. Anyway, they had a sort of a house warming/car show and this pulled up: In Progress - Current Projects - 'Boss Snake' - 2010 Goodguys Give Away Car I have to say, it's pretty...
  11. buddha93

    WillyB93, black on black

    You may have already seen this one, not sure: 1993 Cobra Registry :: View topic - Black, Black cloth on Craigs list I know no sunroof, but just in case.
  12. buddha93

    Kurgan's old car up for sale again

    Ford : Mustang - eBay (item 280624313852 end time Feb-08-11 15:20:06 PST)
  13. buddha93

    Headlight haze?

    Those of you with low mileage cars, or ones that stay garaged for long periods of time, do your headlights develop a light haze on them? I'm not talking of the yellowing of the lenses, or anything like that. My black car over a period of just a few months develops a white haze on the...
  14. buddha93

    Saw this black one for sale

    YouTube - 1993 Cobra *For Sale!* Black with 44k on the odometer. I think I've heard about this one, but I can't say for sure. The only reason I posted it is that I noticed he's NM which would make this an extremely rust-free car. Looks waaaaaaaaay clean and very stock.
  15. buddha93

    93 Cobra haters

    Funny thread over on the Corral. Guys getting all bent out of shape about 93' Cobras and what's the big damn deal: $53,000 1993 cobra - : Ford Mustang Forums I think that for the most part, those of us who have one don't think they're a big deal, just like'em for what they...
  16. buddha93

    Let me ride shotgun!

    Hell ya! YouTube - Impressive driving from Ken Block (Gymkhana 3.2) 2011 Ford Fiesta
  17. buddha93

    Good buy IMO

    Saw this one listed today. It needs a few things, but what do you expect for 109k miles. It has potential to be a money maker for someone with a spare OEM type drivetrain. Hell, the shortblock in this thing is over 4k if you were to assemble it yourself. Too bad the tranny has...
  18. buddha93

    Almost lost the 93'.......ACK!!!!!!!

    So my wife's birthday is today and we're were getting ready to leave for dinner. My cell phone rings, and it's a friend on the other end. I'm guessig he has a Mustang question for me, as he owns a 93 Limited and isn't too savy under the hood. So I say "What's up?", and he responds,"Well...
  19. buddha93

    Thinking of unloading the Kenne Bell.....

    The blower that is, not the car. This was my intention in the beginning, but when the car got here, it was so damn nice I didn't want to touch it. I'm thinking of tossing some money towards the Novi car, so I'm considering funding it this way for the right price. I don't know, waddya you...
  20. buddha93

    Favorite 93' Cobra color?

    I've been having a discussion on this and was wondering others opinions.
  21. buddha93

    Somebody get a hell of a deal!

    Ford : Mustang: eBay Motors (item 390227487034 end time Aug-25-10 19:15:00 PDT) I'm sure some of you guys have seen this one up for auction a few times. Even with some of the missinng OEM stuff, this is a steal at that price. You could sell the aftermarket stuff off of it and go buy the...
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  23. buddha93

    Un-cut OEM exhaust on Ebay

    This is the second time the guy has listed these. I would put this item up at the top of the list of hard if not impossible to find items for our cars. I spoke to him 3 months ago when he listed them the last time. Pretty funny guy, straight shooter, and more importantly knows exactly what he...
  24. buddha93

    Selling the Vibrant 93'......maybe

    Well, it's been a good week and a bad week. Good because I got a really nice black 93'. Bad because I just wasted a freshly built 331. :cuss: I'm a dumbass! So since the motor has to come out anyway, I'm thinking of selling it if the interest is there. I can put it back to 99% stock fairly...
  25. buddha93

    1993 Cobra FS- oil change from Hell!!!!!!!

    Ok, to make a long story short, I did an oil change on the Cobra this week. Unfortunately, when I did, the old filter o-ring stuck to the block and I didn't catch it. Fired it up, pulled it out of the garage only to see my oil pressure going whacko. Shut it off, but the damage is done. **** me...